In Pursuit of the Simplest Thing.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

In Pursuit of the Simplest Thing.

There is something that is so simple that it cannot be analyzed. It cannot be taken apart for the parts to be compared. It might separate itself into everything that can be imagined but it remains itself at a place or point beyond its qualities and creations. Religion is an attempt at explaining it or creating a medium of access to it. Metaphysics is a science which can grant some insight into conditions and positions and paths that might be taken. Religion has metaphysics in it.

For some few there are understandings possible concerning occult operations and the determinant of one’s direction and conclusion in this field are the result of the degree of virtue in the one who inquires. One might say this is the key entire and a key one would be foolish to journey without. Virtue is no easy thing to accomplish in these times. Despite appearances, this is a dark age.

I have a large collection of texts from every religion and science mentioned here and some that have not been but are adjuncts of those mentioned. My collection is small compared to what has been and is available. There are larger collections in many places and in the Vatican there is a much larger collection still. In temples and libraries across the world there are collections of texts that no one could read in an ordinary lifetime and I speak of just one of any religion or area of metaphysics… or the realm of what is occult. The information concerning all of these subjects that is contained in this simple thing dwarfs the manifest collection of texts in this and any world the way the Sun dwarfs a microbe.

This simple thing from which emerges the vast complexity of existence is a living, conscious thing. It knows right where you are this very minute, where you have been and where you are headed. It knows what you are thinking. It knows of things within you that you have no awareness of. When you approach it, it recedes. It continues to recede as you approach and that is ‘the path’. Though you think that you are charting a course or studying a mystery you are actually being led. In the process of this, phenomena appear to draw the mind away from the focus upon the thing under consideration. The leading and the projection are both actions of this simple thing.

Though it appears one is approaching something external, something internal is actually approaching. Even when moving within, the thing they pursue is moving behind them in pursuit of itself. Many souls have pondered these things and most have spent some moments contemplating the nature of their existence. In most cases they have given more thought to what they plan on eating and accomplishing than they do upon that upon which their existence hinges. They spend their brief hours repeating the cycle of appetites. If you had access to time lapse photography of a life you would see an interesting loop. Something would uncurl and then curl up again.

Even if one had the most brilliant mind one could not uncover the secret of the texts concerning the single thing that is the object and question of all religious, metaphysical and occult pursuit. The secret that wraps itself in and hides behind the words is guarded by agencies that are projections of this simple thing. Comprehension is not possible unless it is granted. It would therefore seem wise to seek the necessary permissions first. Some have found many curious potencies and possibilities in their inquiries into this simple thing. Unfortunately for most, the result of the information discovered results in bondage or destruction because the necessary virtue or protection was not there.

All power and all knowledge of the application and control of power exist within this simple thing and only this simple thing can safely practice any of it. There are those who have reached the heights of what is possible for a human being but they have done so by permission and it was accomplished by this simple thing, not by them. There has never been a human being who has achieved anything on their own. They have done it through the agency of the power of the simple thing. They have done good, or evil or anything that they have done by some agency of the power of this simple thing.

As you read these words this simple thing is aware of all that you think concerning this or anything. As you read any words, or watch, or touch, or hear or smell or taste anything it is aware of you doing so.

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Books are here for a reason. Everything is here for a reason, no matter how trivial the thing may be. It is all the result of an act of creation; directly from this simple thing or through any of the agencies expressing the power of this simple thing and that includes you.

There is what you know… and that determines exactly where you are right now. I should more properly have said, “What you think you know.” There is a reason why the name Adam translates into “namer of things”.

No one who has sincerely pursued this simple thing has been left wanting. Throughout history and throughout the world of today, there are and have been many brilliant minds and deep thinkers who have filled the void with words. They rarely found that simple thing. What they found was what reputation they have as someone wise in a subject they did not, or do not, fully comprehend. Time and time again this simple thing has confounded these august personages by selecting those who do not know what they know, who sometimes could not read or write and who expressed themselves in the simplest terms and transformed the world.

Since this power is the source of all power it is not possible for anything to harm the ones about which I speak. Tales are told of trials and executions and the like. One would be much profited by realizing that the world lies. Not a single tale told about any of these souls is true in the manner in which it is given by the agency of words. There is a great deal more and less to all of it.

One has only to pursue this simple thing within them and to do so with surrender, humility and awe and they will understand much that they do not understand now. It comes down to what is important to anyone. What is the value of anything achieved in a life that will end and leave the consciousness of the life without the possession of any thing but what it is in itself? What is the good of any wealth or temporary power or position; any award, any favor, any appearance when it will soon be gone? What gift could possible match the capacity to love? What is there in life that can compete with the possibility of eternity? What is this thing that deceives us through an entire life and leaves us so perplexed at its end? What joy could possibly exceed the possession of a natural generosity to all things? What possession could grant a security as great as the security of divine protection?

There is many a Fata Morgana on the trackless sands. Beautiful women are draped like cobwebs in leather booths; across the globe they dine and dance in the exclusive clubs of the world. Powerful men and women work their magic upon each other. Their fountain pens execute death warrants upon the population of the world. Their greatest pleasure is in the exclusivity of their position. It could be said that the chief joy is that they possess what you do not. It has no value unless it is denied to someone else.

They do not have this simple thing and the time will come that they will yearn for this more than for anything they have had or ever desired. The time to find that simple thing is always now and the possibility exists for as long as you are here. There is no injury you have done until this moment that cannot be undone by this simple thing. The gift of forgiveness is beyond anyone’s capacity to understand. It is best to just accept that it is so. It’s a very simple thing.

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