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(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
When my son Peter (The CrazyComposer) was a wee lad, he shocked me by using the ‘f’ word in front of me. He knew it was a forbidden word in our household and was punished for using it. The punishment was having his potty mouth washed out with soap. He took great pleasure telling this to his little friends, thinking it made him some kind of a hero.

His friend Gregory broadcasted it all over the neighbourhood…. telling all the kids that “Peter said the ‘f’ word and got punished for it…. don’t say the ‘f’ word in front of Peter’s dad…. Before you knew it, every kid on the block was saying the ‘f’ word… but in a sentence…. “Don’t say ‘f’ in front of Peter’s dad or he’ll wash your mouth out with soap”… clever lil devils…..
We are way past that now in our lives…. there are other words that are forbidden. It is forbidden by law in Israel to call somebody a nazi or call any government action a nazi action. Is there any other way to describe the brutal elimination of an entire family in occupied Palestine by the Israeli Air Force…. as they slept in their beds at home? Rather than stopping such crimes against humanity, they make it a crime to compare it to a war crime of the nazis…
Forbidden as I am, as an Israeli citizen, to use such words, I will allow my friend Khalid Amayreh, who is a Palestinian, describe the situation and use the ‘n’ word that I’m not allowed to use…..

Nazi acts…by Jewish hands

Comment by Khalid Amayreh in Occupied E. Jerusalem

There is no doubt that the cold-blooded extermination by the Israeli air-force of an entire Palestinian family in Gaza on Friday, 15, was a monstrous crime not unlike Nazi atrocities during World War II.

The only difference lies in the fact that the Nazis did it “wholesale” while their ideological descendants, the Zionists, are doing the same thing by retail.

What else can be said about the deliberate and premeditated bombing from high altitudes of a residential home and the annihilation of a man, his wife and their three children who were asleep in the dead of night?

We all know that F-16 fighters and other state-of-the-art machines of death were designed to be used against powerful armies. However, using them against brick houses where innocent people live is just beyond the pale of human morality. It is not an expression of power, it is rather an expression of cowardice and monstrosity.

It is a heinous crime added to a long list of Nazi-like crimes perpetrated by the Jewish state which can be said with little exaggeration to represent the Nazis of our time.

I know that there are many decent Israeli citizens and other Jews who are kind-hearted and peace-minded and opposed to Israel’s criminality and evilness.

However, this laudable fact doesn’t alter the more clarion reality of the Nazi-like nature of the Israeli political-military establishment.

Israel, a terrorist state par excellance, claims that man of the house, Ayman Al Fayeq, was involved in acts of terror. But did that justify exterminating his entire family and neighbors? If so, then it would be perfectly right to murder tens of thousands of Israeli Jewish families on the ground that some members of these families were involved in terror and murder of the Palestinians.

Israeli apologists claim that Israel had to kill Palestinian civilians and children in order to prevent the death of Israeli civilians and children.

But this rationale is as mendacious as it is pornographic. Mendacious because the Palestinians pose no real threat to nuclear Israel which also controls the politics and policies of the United States of America and has strong influences on the governments of Western Europe. Didn’t Sharon, the infamous certified war criminal declare a few years ago that “we, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it?” And pornographic because oppressive regimes could resort to this criminal logic in order to physically eliminate their respective untermensch, blacks, Jews and Palestinians on the ground that “their very existence pose a mortal threat to our future.”

This is what the White barbarian immigrants in North America did to the native Americans (the American Indians) and ultimately called it “manifest destiny.” The same thing can be said about other “civilized” White European pioneers who used their guns and tools of death rather liberally against the indigenous inhabitants of the New World.

And, now Israel, which represents the ubermensch, the master-race or chosenites, , is doing more or less the same thing to the unprotected Palestinians, while the rest of the world is looking on passively.

This disgraceful silence, this criminal indifference, this moral outrage is undoubtedly a reflection of the moral decadence plaguing humanity these days.

Of course, this is not the first time Israel’s hands are stained with the blood of the innocent, for Israel’s entire history is an interrupted chain of crime and bloodshed.

However, the fact that these hideous crimes are committed in full view of the world community suggests that the world is going through a definitive process of bestializing, which really casts a dark shadow on the future of the entire humanity.

This is sad and lamentable, not only because Palestinian kids are being slaughtered to appease the criminal whims of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the holocaust.

The merciless daily killing of Palestinian civilians and the banal frequency it is assuming will perpetuate the seemingly unmitigated enmity between Arabs and Jews. Moreover, it will make sure that Israel will remain a garrison state, living by the sword, very much like ancient Israel did.

Just as sad is the deafening silence and/or the enthusiastic infatuation of many Jews around the world with the crimes of the evil state. These Jews may think that by siding with Israel they are safeguarding the future of the Jewish people. However, it is amply clear, as the Torah says, that evil doers shall not prosper.

To be sure, the wanton and outrageous backing of Israeli criminality by many Jews constitutes a real moral tragedy for world Jewry. It also explains in a certain way why the German masses kept silent and looked the other way while Jews and non-Jews were being exterminated and incinerated and starved to death.


International community accepts Israeli state terror

In order to kill (not arrest of course) a member of the Islamic Resistance, the Israelis murdered 8 people leaving 3 orphaned children and 60 wounded civilians of whom 17 are also children.

This took place yesterday in the Bureij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip when an Israeli missile leveled a three-story house and damaged several houses next to it.

Any protests from the U.S.? From the E.U.? From the U.N.? Of course not.

Protest only comes when an Israeli is hurt… and my God if it’s a child!

Keep this in mind if a suicide bombing takes place in Israel.

To add insult to injury, the Israeli army denies having anything to do with the missile that hit the building. I wonder where the F-16 came from???


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