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Wednesday, March 12

The Swine Rand Generation and other Things.

There are a number of things popping up on the radar these days and they’re all connected because everything is connected at some level. That is why some people work toward a common unity; these are the true minority in this world. There are those who divide people and things in order to manipulate and plunder them. These are more commonly seen because self-interest is more commonly present. Ever since Swine Rand came up with her, “greed is good.” slogan we’ve been treated to generations where each one is more selfish than the one before and we hear, “You’ve got to treat yourself right.” The ever popular, “you’ve got to look out for number one.” and all sorts of variations on the theme.

Besides the election fraud that proves for certain that Bush never won the White House once, there is also the fact that we got lucky with several generations of fundie witchburners, ‘smoking yo ass for Jesus’, as well as the Beefaroni generation of the type you saw appearing at the Palm Beach election center. You see them at NASCAR events. You see them at WWF events. You see them lumbering through the woodlands in cammie outfits. You see them, all thick necks and wide saddles, migrating through their days and nights from Freeper land through what was once your land but now is their land from California to the Jetski Harbor…

They suddenly appeared like Kudzu vines and Miconia. They shut out the sunlight and speak in all caps all the time. It was the aggregate of witchburners and Beefaroni’s that made the election close enough to steal. Disney constructed their music out of vat-born Mouseketeers and Fox News burst full blown from the hind end of Rupert Murdoch like a continuously exploding hog lagoon that gave them their marching orders. Because of these Nimrods all that has happened was made possible. It’s a duet of “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “My Way” playing non-stop at a pitch only they can hear across the GWEN network every minute of the day.

Now Admiral Fallon has been removed. It has been Admiral Fallon and others in the military and intelligence fields that have been a major irritation point for this cowboy, fascist administration. They released the NIE report that gave Iran a clean bill of health. They have, behind the scenes, been at war with the administration. Most Americans and most people in other countries of the world do not know about the battle being waged on the inside. There is an army of people like Admiral Fallon; whistleblowers and others who have done their part to hold the empire in check.

The Money Men, the Neo-Con’s and the Israeli overlords are not pleased. Anyone who gets in their way or becomes too much of a problem gets removed. It doesn’t matter what color they are or what race or religion they are a part of. The latest victim is Governor Spitzer. Spitzer was leaning too hard on Wall Street. Heck, one of the reasons they brought the WTC down was to get rid of all of the files of ‘previously’ ongoing investigations. So the Israeli’s set up another of their patented ‘honey traps’ to catch them a governor; just as they have caught many another governor and senator and congressman.

This time they may have been unaware that the FBI was watching them at work. I think it highly unlikely that the FBI was looking into this because of the criminal nature of the enterprise. I think this was just another spy ring they were watching and reverse serendipity occurred.

Top C.I.A. officials have admitted that Al Qaeda was a complete fabrication -if there is no AlQaeda then how could they have brought down the WTC? As you have seen; now the disinfo machine is looking to put the ‘holocaust hurt’ on anyone who disputes the official version. It should be plain that when anyone doesn’t want you looking into the details of something that something is wrong with the details that they don’t want you to look into. Why would people be put into jail; threatened with jail, slandered and removed from their positions, hounded and harassed, if the official version of anything was true? It could only be that investigation of any of these thought crimes would reveal something that they didn’t want you and the rest of the world to know. It’s that simple and there isn’t any more to it.

Many enormous lies that are accepted as fact are responsible for the mass murder and genocide of the present day. Without the imprimatur of these false histories, certain gangs of jackbooted thugs could not continue as they do. If they don’t want you to look into something then there is something they don’t want you to see. When they will go to the point of murder and mayhem and imprisonment to silence those who have looked behind the curtain, it can only mean one thing. It can only mean one thing.

March 19th is coming people and I’m going to mention it every time I write something here. I want to ask all of you to step outside of the system for just one day. I want to ask you to not go to work and not buy anything and leave your TV and radio silent. See how you feel about this for one day. This is something you can join in on and feel good about. Think about what it would be like to do it for a week and a month. Think about what it would be like to be part of a world-wide grassroots effort to shut down the swine machine; to make the masters of Animal Farm squeal like the pigs that they are.

This is why I have said that if you turn your head away from the truth about 9/11; if you rationalize the genocide in Gaza, if you trot along like a dog behind the caravan of this phony election, if you nod your head like a plastic, pink flamingo on the lip of a drinking glass you are culpable in what takes place.

Materialism, like alcoholism is a disease. Unfortunately we don’t have any twelve step programs for materialism. We need one. You can’t build a bright, new world with your ass chained to a shopping cart or with your flesh bonding with the plether in your TV watching chair. You can’t know the news if you are getting your news from the people who make up the news. The world has been programmed to serve the interest of a permanent over-class of self-perpetuating vampires. If we collectively step away from the cubicles and machines there will be no industry to fill their coffers. It’s that simple.

I want to close out by mentioning something that is happening at For merely reporting on an event they are now threatened with a multi-million dollar lawsuit by a man who claims to be a spiritual teacher. This spiritual teacher, Eric Pepin has admitted to having sex with most of his eleven male employees. He was arrested for having sex with one of them who was underage at the time. The details of the whole sad affair are available at the website right on the front page. If you need to decide for yourself if this man is a charlatan you’ve only got to watch this video of him in action. You tell me if this fellow is some kind of a light bringer.

Signs of the Times- , as well as The Truthseeker and What Really Happened and some few others are on the front lines of the truth movement. Their importance cannot be over estimated. What really happened has had several hacking attacks lately as has and others. It is vitally important that we support these courageous warriors who ‘actually’ are fighting for our freedom and well being. It wouldn’t hurt to tell every one of them, if you would, just how much you appreciate their fine work. Thank you.

While the President makes War


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