Why Does Starbucks and Its Founder Support The Racist Apartheid State Of Israel?

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Why Does Starbucks and Its Founder Support The Racist Apartheid State Of Israel?

On March 16, 2008, Spit Out A Venti Cup Of Starbucks Ethnic Cleansing Blend(tm).

I love Starbucks coffee. I sometimes think when their coffee beans are shipped to America they are laced with cocaine or opiates of some kind. Why else would anyone pay 4 bucks for a cup of coffee? If you drink a lot of their products it’s kind of like having a crack cocaine habit. But on March 16 th I’ll be jonesing for cup of their Gaza Death Camp Brew(tm). Cause that’s the date Seattle’s truly best, Rachel Corrie(even though she was from Olympia Washington), was murdered in Gaza by the Israeli Defence Forces five years ago. She wasn’t just murdered she was run over by a weaponized Caterpillar Tractor D-9 bulldozer. The IDF operator then put his tractor in reverse and ran over her again.

Unlike Starbucks founder Howard Shultz, who has generously supported the murderous Apartheid State and apparently values his genetic materials more than any concept of human decency, Rachel Corrie put her humanity above all else. I love Rachel Corrie. I love her courage. So join me on March 16, 2008 and lets show Starbucks and other corporations that we expect them to act responsibly. No Starbucks. I’m counting on you higher being (one of twelve steps).

******************Saturday, March 15, 2008

Harvard Professor Crushed in Freak Accident

A.P.(Aipac Press)By Leonard Rabbidowitz

In a freak accident today on the strip of Harvard, Professor Stephen Walt was crushed to death under a Caterpillar tractor. The incident happened in front of the Kennedy Government Center. A school spokesperson said the land was being cleared for new law student settlements. The Dozer operater, A. Dershowitz, was on loan to The Harvard Defense Forces from another department when the incident occurred. Dershowitz said he did not see Walt jumping up and down in a red vest in front of the tractor nor did he hear his screams of agony. Although ten eye witnesses disagreed, Dershowitz was not charged. Upon hearing of the incident the United States House of Representatives voted 420 to 15 not to investigate. In a related story today Argentina granted political asylum to Professor John Mearsheimer formerly of The University of Chicago.

Fast forward three years…..News Highlights…

A play scheduled to begin today in a New York Theater memorializing Professor Stephen Walt and his writings was postponed indefinitely…blah…blah…blah.

Mossad abducts former College Professor John Mearsheimer from street in Argentina. Trial in Israel to begin soon.

AIPAC Targets 15 Congressmen for Defeat in November Elections

Order The Israel Lobby here

Is It Time To Demand Affirmative Action In America’s Mass Media?

Why did the Crime of the Century Go Unreported?

The girl above you know. How could you not know her? Her disappearance received thousands of hours of main stream media attention. By all accounts she was a very nice girl. Doing the things that young girls do. Her disappearance was tragic. The girl on the right may not be so familiar. Her name was Rachel Corrie. A sweet girl from Washington State. She was an idealist. While working with an international human rights organization in Palestine, she was run over by a weaponized Israeli Defense Forces D-9 Caterpillar tractor. She was trying to prevent the destruction of a Palestinians home in Gaza by placing herself in the path of the D-9. I’m sure she thought the operator’s humanity would prevent him from running her over. Silly girl. After she was run over, the Israeli Defense Forces D-9 operator put his tractor in reverse and ran over her again. There were several witnesses. She was wearing a red vest in an an open field. Her death received virtually no attention from our main stream news media. Why is that? Almost a month later a British citizen working with the same human rights organization was shot in the head by the IDF. He was trying to rescue Palestinian children caught in the cross fire between the IDF and Palestinian freedom fighters. He died many weeks after the incident. Similarly his killing received little media attention in America. Both of these courageous souls were trying to help their fellow man. Both now gone.

Since I’ve starting paying close attention to media coverage, which hasn’t been long, I’ve noticed some strange things. I’ve watched and read a lot of news, especially since the Supreme Courts appointment of George W. Bush as President. I would have thought that Rachel Corrie’s death would be a great news story. A courageous compassionate young women, dies a hero, while trying to help the Palestinian people. Apparently not.

Just a few years later Larry Franklin an employee working in the defense department was arrested, tried and convicted of passing classified information to two AIPAC employees. They in turn passed the information to a nest of spy’s at the Israeli embassy. AIPAC is Israel’s lobbying servant in America. Here is another case that should be very interesting to the American people. Another Bush administration employee caught red handed by the FBI committing acts of treason against the United States. Two high ranking officials of one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington involved. Betrayal by a country that pretends to be a close friend. A story loaded with first amendment issues. The kind that the press usually pays very close attention. This should have provided news fodder for Blitzer, Scarborough, Hannity & Holmes, O’Reilly and yes Oberman for a year. This was the Libby prosecution and Abramoff scandal all rolled into one. How many news segments did you see on this topic? Again, almost nothing. Not a peep from the cowardly commentators.

A year later two renown professors have a paper published critical of Israel’s lobby and it’s extraordinary influence on American foreign policy. The very same AIPAC involved in espionage just a year before. A flurry of reports follow, mostly casting the professors and their paper in an ominous light. Bigots. Anti-Semites. Two guys with stellar reputations in academia. In fact, Walt and Mearsheimer along with 29 other scholars of international relations placed a paid advertisement in the New York Times in the run up to the war in Iraq. They predicted what would happen if we went to war. They were right. Hit it on the nose. Within 48 of the release of their paper, media silence. No more discussion. Now lets take a look at how this was initially presented in the land of Zion, Scarbourogh Country. Tell me if what you see is the work product of an independent media, or the product of AIPAC trained monkeys.
The above news items all have something in common. The events do not speak well of Israel or their treasonous AIPAC servants in this country. Murder, betrayal then control the message.
As repugnant as the failure to report these stories are to real Americans, their importance dwarfs in comparison to the media failure to report the crime of the century. This crime being Israel’s probable knowledge of the hijacker plans and whereabouts before 9/11 and therefore their complicity in this heinous war crime against the American people. But who buried the story of the high fiving Bic flicking Mossad agents in Liberty Park and their arrest? Your American Media…CBS, ABC, NBC and most of the rest, all up to there elbows in deliberate efforts to cover up this story.
And then of course there was the war in Iraq. Why were so few questions asked by our cowardly media. Our watch dogs did little more than lay on the floor licking their subservient media balls. Many believe, including Professors Mearsheimer and Walt that the war in Iraq was mostly for the benefit of Israel.

So what was the cause of the media failures described above? Can our media ever be relied on to objectively report matters about the Middle East or Israel? Why are so many of those responsible for the management of our media, those writing, those producing, those talking heads, the endless so called experts paraded before us, Jewish? Are White Christians, Blacks, Hispanics or Orientals not qualified for these jobs. Is there an organized effort by a cabal recognizing the importance of maintaining media control? Is ethnic nepotism practiced so that Jewish are always in control of our media? Have we been betrayed? Is it time to demand affirmative action from those corporations controlling our air waves? Can a democracy survive without a free press.

Do the above media failures prove our press is no longer free? Are the boards of directors’ of our media conglomerates complicit in these intentional efforts to deceive the American people for Israels benefit? You decide.

3 thoughts on “Why Does Starbucks and Its Founder Support The Racist Apartheid State Of Israel?

    Anonymous said:
    December 15, 2008 at 2:09 am

    How dare you say that Israel is a racist state based on one freak accident that occured. Shame on you for spreading such filthy and ignorant lies. Israel is not a racist apartheid and any knowledgeable person would know that.

    Anonymous said:
    September 12, 2011 at 4:26 am

    No, Israelis are racist scum.The sooner, they are gone the better.

    Anonymous said:
    August 2, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Yup Israel is an apartheid state because of this one incident…there aren't a million other reasons including a discriminatory marriage law, the barrier on the West Bank, Jewish only settlements, military checkpoints, racist ID cards, and the forcible relocation of Palestinians to name a few. Go to hell you Zionist scumbag.

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