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March 22, 2008 at 9:06 pm

Jewish anti-Semitism against Islam is a real problem

By Khalid Amayreh

Israel and powerful Zionist circles in Europe and North America have been seeking of late to spread the message that criticizing Israel and her brutal policies and actions in occupied Palestine borders on anti-Semitism.

The ultimate purpose of this campaign is obviously to silence critics of Israel in order to allow the racist entity to murder Palestinians as quietly as possible and to steal their land as quietly as possible, and to get away with impunity.

Meanwhile, Israeli and Zionist hasbara doctors from Sydney to Los Angels are wasting no time inciting hatred against Islam and Muslims.

It is not difficult to figure out what these self-worshiping Zionists are up to. They simply want to demonize Muslims as much as it takes to prompt the Zionist-controlled American government to invade Muslim countries and murder millions of innocent people.

Demonizing a given racial or religious community is after all the penultimate step before extermination. one can safely argue that Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen and Treblinka wouldn’t have occurred if the decade-long anti-Jewish hysteria, including the publication and wide dissemination of a book by Adolph Hitler titled “My struggle,” had not taken place.

Today Zionist Jews are doing exactly what their Nazi mentors had done in the 1930s, with Arabs and Muslims being the target.

In Israel itself, the writing is on the wall: Arabs to the ovens! We will inflict on them a greater holocaust! Don’t spare their children! Don’t rent houses to the Arabs! Don’t buy from them or sell them!

And in North America, parts of Europe and Australia, the message is too clear and equally ugly: Kill the Muslims , kill the Arabs, kill the “terrorists”, the Muslims are coming, they are taking over Europe, the Judeo-Christian civilization is facing a mortal danger at the hands of the Islamofascists!!

This virulent hysteria is not being promoted by a crazy fringe of western and Israeli Jewry. It comes from the crème de le crème of the Zionist Jewish elites who enjoy ample esteem in their respective communities and who are accorded every opportunity to emit their hateful venom before millions of unsuspecting viewers.

Never mind that these paragons of racism and hate claim that they are only against “bad Muslims.” Well, even the Nazis claimed that they had nothing against “good Jews” and that their problem was only with “bad Jews.” So the behavioral pattern is effectively the same in both cases.

In fact, if we want to understand why the Nazis behaved the way did toward Jews, we must study why Zionists, people such as Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz and Benjamin Elon, are behaving toward the Palestinian and Muslim peoples.

Just compare and contrast the anti-Jewish propaganda in Nazi Germany prior to the Second World War with the anti-Islamic incitement being disseminated by the Zionist media these days, and you will see the striking similarity.

This is much more that Pipes speaking of “massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods…and bringing exotic customs and attitudes,” or Horowitz organizing an “Islamo-fascism awareness week” on American campuses.

We are simply talking about conscious and well-planned evil endeavor to generate a colossal bloody clash between Islam and the West in which millions of people, mostly Muslims, would perish.

This week, the Israeli ambassador to Italy reportedly urged the Pope of the Vatican to “take an uncompromising stand against Muslim immigration to Europe.”

The manifestly-racist ambassador, whose remarks were reported by Israel’s state-run radio on 22 March, reportedly warned against the “Islamizing of Europe” which he said would be bad for Israel and Jews. The unspoken words of the ambassador of hate are not difficult to imagine.

His unuttered advice to Europe sounded like this: “Ghettoize them, force them to assimilate, force them to embrace Christianity (preferably Christian-Zionism), don’t give them equal rights, treat them like we treat the Palestinians, let them drown and die in the high-seas!

Yes, this comes from the representative of a people who for many centuries were victims of anti-Semitism, who is now advocating pogroms, inquisitions and even a holocaust for Muslims, all because these Muslims happen to oppose the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Christian and Muslim Palestinians at the hands of Israel.

In the US, some notable Jewish leaders, re-playing the role of Peter the Hermit, are actively collaborating with deranged Christian Zionist leaders for the purpose of defaming Islam and the Prophet Muhammed and making as many Americans as possible hate Muslims and want to see them dead.

These are the same Zionist Jews who in their private conversations don’t hesitate to call Jesus Christ the “Hitler of Bethlehem.”

It is this venom that has made a person like Rod Parsley, a key ally of Senator John MacCain, call for the destruction of Islam and annihilation of Muslims.

A few years ago, Benny Elon, one of the top leaders of Israel’s main religious Zionist party, the Mifdal, urged Pat Robertson, President of the 700 club, to wage a world-wide crusade for the purpose of wiping off Islam from the face of earth”

Other Zionist Jews voiced the view that the US should bomb Mecca if terrorists like Bin Laden attacked the US again.

As I said, these remarks were not slips of the tongue from marginal overzealous fanatics. They are part and parcel of a wicked and systematic effort aimed at demonizing Muslims worldwide and then getting the US to attack and destroy Islam on the ground that Islam is the main ideology impeding American (and therefore Zionist-Jewish) global domination.

Today, in the United States, a rabid witch-hunt campaign of vilification is being waged against Presidential hopeful Barack Obama because his middle name is Hussein.

“He is a Maaazlem” Zionist and evangelical haters would rave and rant. He is Barack “Husssssein” Obama, Zionist apologists and radio-show hosts would constantly remind American listeners and viewers, as if having an Arabic name were a crime against humanity.

It is really a shame that a country that prides itself on having “the First Amendment” and “the Bill of Rights” is allowing itself to morph into huge bastion of hate toward its small Muslim population, forcing many American Muslims to change their names or wear crucifixes in order to avoid harassment.

Non the less, I realize there are many conscientious and well-meaning Americans, including numerous true Christians and Jews, who don’t like the present dark and unpleasant atmosphere in their country.

But these good people must wake up, speak up and actively seek to confront evil, because all that needs to be done for evil to prevail is that good people do nothing.


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