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April 1, 2008 at 6:24 am

A collapsed roof in al-Samiriyya (Baysan). “All That Remains”
Palestine, a nation almost completely forgotten by the world, a nation that continues to suffer daily under the yolk of zionist occupation. But, Palestine survives and will be reborn despite all odds that are against Her.
In this series I will present accounts of various incidents that occurred during the Nakba. These are tales that must be known to all… Palestine must be remembered…
This third part of the series lists by detail the villages destroyed between 1948 and 49.

“By the end of the 1948 war, hundreds of entire villages had not only been depopulated but obliterated, their houses blown up or bulldozed. While many of the sites are difficult of access, to this day the observant traveler of Israeli roads and highways can see traces of their presence that would escape the notice of the casual passerby: a fenced-in area, often surmounting a gentle hill, of olive and other fruit trees left untended, of cactus hedges and domesticated plants run wild. Now and then a few crumbled houses are left standing, a neglected mosque or church, collapsing walls along the ghost of a village lane, but in the vast majority of cases, all that remains is a scattering of stones and rubble across a forgotten landscape.”
W. Khalidi, All That Remains

This is the list of destroyed & depopulated villages in 1948-49.

1) The District of Acre
2) The District of Baysan
3) The District of Beersheba
4) The District of Gaza
5) The District of Haifa
6) The District of Hebron
7) The District of Jaffa
8 ) The District of Jerusalem
9) The District of Jinin
10) The District of Nazareth
11) The District of Al-Ramla
12) The District of Safad
13) The District of Tiberias
14) The District of Tulkarm

Click on each of the above to see details.



April Fools’ Day traditionally lasts only one day, but unfortunately it has lasted over seven years in the United States…

THIS clip demonstrates the polices of the present Administration in a humorous way that I thought appropriate for the day…

This was originally posted a year ago… nothing has changed.


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