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April 13, 2008 at 9:26 am

Preparations are under way in Israel for the biggest holiday on the Hebrew calendar, Passover. A time for families and friends to join together at a traditional feast known as the Seder, a time to remember the suffering, the humiliations, the bondage of the ancient Hebrews in a foreign land.

The shops are full of frantic shoppers buying special items for the special feast. Children are already out of school so they too can help in the preparations. Plans are being made for vacations, day trips, picnics… all the fun things associated with the Festival…. truly a Festival of Freedom, when all are finally free.
But are they? Just meters away there is starvation. There is illness. There is death. As one side of the wall celebrates Freedom, the other side is burying their murdered children.
There is irony in this situation… that being the cause of the suffering. Those very people that are celebrating their Freedom are denying it to others. Those very same people that are feasting are starving the others. Those that are enjoying life are taking it from others.
On the Israeli side the ‘bread of affliction’ is eaten for 8 days. On the Palestinian side NOTHING is eaten…. there is not even water to drink.
As the ancient Hebrews cried out to the Pharaohs, LET MY PEOPLE GO!
So cry out the Palestinians of today….
The time has come for BOTH sides to celebrate a Festival of Freedom!


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