Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb…And A 9/11 Without Justice

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Although this item was originally posted on February 8, 2008, recent statements by Attorney General Robert Mukasey concerning possible advance warnings on 9/11 make it all the more relevant.
A friend asked me several months ago to attend a presentation by Lee Hamilton, a former Indiana Congressman and more recently a panelist on two important commissions (The 9/11 and Baker Commissions). The presentation at a small Catholic college in Indianapolis was just down the street from Butler University. This was where a leftist pie anarchist pelted David Horowitz with a chocolate cream during his last speaking engagement a few years ago (I’ve heard Horowitz still has terror flashbacks each time he walks down the grocery store bake isle, in front of the pie filling section). My invitation however came with a stern warning from my friend that I should be on my best behavior. Aware of my outspokenness on certain topics, I’m sure she did not want to be embarrassed in front of other friends she had invited. She probably had visions of me being carried out of the auditorium by the Marion College Police after being tasered. I damn near chewed my tongue off during the presentation, but in accordance with her request I remained silent. Before the presentation we were advised by the moderator that questions for Congressman Hamilton could be submitted on three by five cards. The moderator would review the questions and determine which ones would be asked of the Congressman. The Walt-Measheimer book, The Israel Lobby had just come out, so I asked the Congressman if he had read the book and whether he believed like its authors that the Lobby was a critical factor in our decision to go to war. I was surprised when my question made the cut. I was not so surprised at the Congressman’s response. Hamilton acknowledged that he knew Measheimer and Walt, but he had not read the book. Like a good little former AIPAC trained congressional monkey, he wanted no part of the question concerning AIPAC’s influence on the decision to go to war, and tiptoed around it with no real response. I had see him do this before. Hamilton even in retirement is the embodiment of every thing wrong with our cowardly congress. There is no criticism of Israel or their servants here that anyone in our congress is willing to undertake. In fact, Lobby directed political contributions long ago caused the complete moral and ethical collapse of our Congress. After two top AIPAC officials were indicted for espionage against the United States for example, our servile representatives showed up for the annual 2005 AIPAC shindig wearing their political feedbags and uttered not a word about this treason. But a post on the purchase of our pathetic congress will come later.

Last Friday Congressman Hamilton was interviewed on Keith Olbermann’s news program, Countdown. A segment of the show was devoted to a new book critical of the 9/11 Commission. In his book The Commission, Phillip Shenon a reporter for the New York Times suggests that the Commissions Executive Director, Philip Zelikow may not have been impartial in regard to his work on the Commission. Zelikow had helped in the first term of the Bush administration transition and had written a book with Condoleezza Rice before Bush’s election. Shenon believes that Zelikow may have gone out of his way to avoid blaming the Bush administration and especially Condi who was still fighting the cold war in 2001 as the terrorists were planning their murderous enterprise. The job awaiting Zelikow in the Bush Administration working for Condi after completing his commission work may have also influenced him, according to Shenon (Gosh, where is an investigative journalist when you need one?). Shenon also states that a treasure trove of NSA information was ignored by the Commission and went unexplored because there was no time left to search through it. Apparently bringing the white washed investigation in on time was the Commission’s number one priority. In response to all of this Congressman Hamilton of course when interviewed assured us, that Mr. Zelikow was both fair minded, impartial and rigorous in his investigations and did nothing to protect anyone in the Bush Administration. He also tells us that nothing he has learned would have changed the factual findings or recommendations of the Commission which remain largely unchallenged. Largely unchallenged???

Okay Congressman, here is what I would have said during the evening of your presentation had I not been wearing a muzzle. An Attorney named Gerald Shea submitted to your Commission a report showing you where the hijackers were living in the year before the 9/11 attack. He also plotted the addresses of an army of Israeli spies practically living on top the hijackers during this year. Three of these Mossad morons were seen video taping themselves dancing, high fiving and flicking their Bics in Liberty Park as the Twin Towers were burning behind them. They were arrested that day and held by our FBI for several months. Not a peep about any of this in your report. That is because you and everyone else on the Commission are cowards. You have betrayed us. I challenge your worthless white washed report.

As for you Mr. Countdown you were indignant as usual in your presentation of this new information. Always on top of the Bush Administration aren’t you. But not a word from you in the past few years about the invasion of the Israeli spies. I haven’t heard any thing from you or those other Germans appearing nightly on your show (Shuster, Wolffe, Fineman or Milburn) about the AIPAC espionage trial either. What is the deal with that? Oh yes I saw you sniff the evening you told us about the Walt-Measheimer paper a few years ago too, you seemed so disgusted with those distinguished anti-Semites. Oh and then there was last night, Lou Dobbs the worst person in the world for criticising the the ADL, a Zionist hate organisation. Wasn’t it just a few months ago their fearless leader was denying the Armenian holocaust for the sake of Israel? Not a word about it on your show. No point even mentioning your coverage of the Gaza ghetto is there? But then we don’t criticize our own now do we Mr. Olbermann? Just those other white people. You Sir are a liberal fraudster.

General note: Although the work of the Butler Pie Anarchist was quite impressive my father has advised me that Soupy Sales was the greatest pie assassin of all time.


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