On Myths, Sectarianism and Mass Graves.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

You would undoubtedly agree with me that it’s bad enough having one’s country invaded, totally destroyed and one’s people exiled and murdered through a series of deliberate lies fabricated by the “greatest democracy on earth” America.

It is bad enough when that same country occupies with a sectarian agenda based on more lies, and when it instigates a civil war thanks to that agenda.

And it is bad enough to have your neighboring countries like Iran collaborate with the Occupier in not only occupying your country but also in helping the Occupier in starting a civil war by funding and arming the same people the occupying country put into power.

You must agree that’s pretty bad to say the least.

Now when these exact same lies are embraced by “leftists” analysts, journalists and bloggers, both Western and “Arab”, this gets even worse to the point of becoming grotesquely hideous.

And am about to give you some examples but before I do so, I urge you to seriously consider the following because it is very much related to what am about to later on expose.

Simply put, the sectarian/ethnic agenda the US came with consisted of the following myths/lies.

– Iraq is majority Shiite. And the lie adds –this latter group has been repressed by the previous government, hence this group did not have any adequate political and social representation in Iraqi society. So any liberation must take into account this “sect’s struggle and aspirations”

– The Kurds are a separate ethnicity from the Arabs. They too have been repressed by the previous government, hence any “liberation” must take into account their “ethnic struggle and aspirations.”

The above two myths were the principal premises on which America has operated until now.

Anyone with a modicum of insight can already spot the sectarian and ethnic division that America had in mind in the above claims.

In order to understand the conspiracy one first has to debunk these myths. And this is what I am intent on doing. So :

1) Under the previous regime, there was NO NOTION of SECT or ETHNICITY embedded in the prevailing political and social culture. Us as Iraqis never and I repeat NEVER thought or acted on that basis. It was simply NOT part of our culture.

2) The proof is that the rate of intermarriage between let’s say Shia, Sunnis and Kurds was the highest in the Arab World. Education can be used as another sociological barometer where ALL IRAQIS had access to education regardless of their sect and ethnicity. The same applies to Health services, Employment, etc…
These criteria can be used as a sociological index to demonstrate and affirm that there was NO NOTION of SECT or ETHNICITY in the Iraqi social fabric and culture prior to the Zionist American and Iranian occupations.

I defy anyone, and I mean anyone who can disprove the above. And I demand that I be shown ONE family which does not comprise of at least one Shia or Sunni relative, be it in the immediate or extended family.

3) At the level of the political apparatus — the State. The majority of the Baath party members were Shiites at the top echelons. So was the Army including the Elite Republican Guards. Furthermore, the Baath party at its inception in 1968 included more Shiites than Sunnis . And this is a historical fact no one can disprove, whether one agrees with the ideology of the Baath or not.

4) The Kurds in Iraq were the only minority group in the Middle East to be granted autonomy as far back as 1974. The same is not applicable to Iran, Syria and Turkey where Kurdish minorities exist. I have written more than one post on this subject and will not repeat myself here, again.

5) Iraqis, whether Sunnis or Shias considered themselves Iraqis and Muslims and Arabs when applicable. Our sect was NOT A RELIGION by itself. Both Sunnism and Shiism are branches of Islam. Just as Kurds were NOT considered a RACE by itself. They were considered IRAQIS, but as a group with its own language and customs yet part of the IRAQI Mosaic. The same is applicable to other minorities such as Turkmen, Yezidis, Sabeans, and Christians. They were all part of the IRAQI MOSAIC, an indivisible part of it. And the previous government acted on that basis.

6) The massive propaganda campaign, regarding the so-called repression of Kurds and Shiites, a propaganda devised by the US, Iran and Israel as far back as the 90’s until the invasion in 2003, was nothing but preparing the Iraqi ground for its subsequent division along sectarian and ethnic lines.

7) To that effect, figures were twisted, changed, erased, re-arranged, exaggerated to fulfill the main objective i.e the division of Iraq.
Take as an example one the current myths propagated by both the sectarian puppet Iraqi regime and the US occupier –- The Shiites constitute 80% of the current population, and 20% are Sunnis. This myth has been circulating well before the invasion and taken as fact by nearly everyone including the notorious “left.”

Well got news for you. This is another fabricated LIE of humongous proportions.
The Iraqi people if you want to divide them ethnically — grosso modo, you’d have Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen.

If you wanted to divide them on religious basis – you’d have Muslims, Christians, Yezidis and Sabeans.

If you wanted to divide them along ethnicity and religion – you’d have Arab Muslims, non Arab Muslims (Kurds/Turkmen), Armenians, Arab,Christians, Yezidis and Sabeans.

If you wanted to divide them by sect alone then in the Muslim group you’d have — Sunnis and Shias

And in the Christian group you’d have — Chaldeans, Assyrians, Protestants and Orthodox.

And add another subgroup — Yezidis and Sabaeans.

Now in the Muslim grouping Sunnis and Shias – The Arab Sunnis formed 43% of the Iraqi population, the rest being Arab Shias and Arab Christians. Now if you add the Kurds who are majority Sunnis. You’d have a nice 55 %. So this nonsense of Iraq being 80% Shiite and 20 % Sunni is pure baloney.

However, with the introduction of this blatant racist sectarianism and ethnocentrism by the US and Iran since the 90’s and (even before in the case of Iran), led to the dwindling down of the Sunni population from 43% to 20%.

Do you know why? Because the majority of the Arab Sunnis have been either murdered or exiled. So yes, today the Sunnis are 20%. There are no more Arab Sunnis left and the Sunni Turkmen are following suite at the hands of the Kurds. And the Christians, the Sabeans and the Yazidis are being exiled or massacred by the sectarian militias.

So do you see how the plan is unfolding or not yet ? Everything is being done to push the demographic changes in the needed direction — The elimination of Sunnis, the elimination of the Christians and other minorities, the elimination of the Turkmen– so Zionist America and Iran can say: Iraq is majority Shiite and Kurd. Do you get it or not yet ?

Hence in the light of the above, the over 1.2 million dead, the 5 million displaced make sense. That is a logical, necessary thing to do, to achieve the desired result.

Now critiques from the “left” both Western and “Arab” argue that had the social fabric of Iraq been as cohesive as I expounded at the beginning, then the sectarian strife would have not taken place or that Iraqis would have not fallen into the sectarian trap.

Why can’t these people see the obvious, beats me. What is this thick idiotic indoctrination that the so-called “left” is infected with?

If the Iraqi social fabric was not solid and cohesive, it would have not taken 6 years of killings to try to achieve the agenda. It would have not taken armed militias from Iran, like Sadr, Badr, Dawa, Chalabi…it would have not taken so many armed mercenaries, snipers, contractors, dirty gangs, soldiers, weapons…

If there was no IRAQI cohesive social fabric, it would have been a “cakewalk” like Rumsfeld cheered. But it was no cakewalk. And still is not…

I can write more on the Iranian/American divisive, sectarian agenda for Iraq, but that would necessitate on my part another chapter that deals with Iran alone, Iran from Khomeini’s days till the present.

And knowing that most of you have a short attention span, I’ve tried simplifying it for you as much as possible so as not to make it too lengthy.

So what I exposed above is/was the American-Iranian agenda for Iraq.

Both America and Iran needed proxies to execute their agenda. They had to have not only soldiers, mercenaries, death contractors but also militias. This is where Iran’s role was most prominent. Not only it furnished America with sectarian politicians like Maliki, Sadr, Sistani, Hakeem, Jaafari, Rubaie and the rest…but also provided the militias to back its plan.

It armed the following sectarian Shiites in Iraq whose political loyalties and allegiances were to Iran’s and its political Shiism. These militias were/are

– The Badr of Al-Hakeem (SIIC) militia
– The Dawa party militia – of the Maliki, Jaafari group.
– The Ministry of Interior militia- Solaghr
– The Jaysh al-Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr (who was also trained by Hezbollah, Lebanon)
– Hezbollah Iraq branch.
– And other small militias belonging to some other mullahs al-Sagheer, and this is to name only the major ones.

And not contending itself with the above, Iran had also its own Quds Revolutionary Brigades also knows as the Pasdaran, spread in Baghdad, the South, and in the North.

The Kurdish militias on the other hand, also known as the Peshmergas were trained and armed by Israel who has a representative bureau in “Kurdistan”

The first attempt on the part of the occupier to spark the sectarian war, was not in 2006 as most think, but in 2004 in Falluja.

The massive killings of the inhabitants of Falluja was the first signal to the Arab Iraqis. In this battle, the following militias collaborated with the US occupier.
The Badr, the Dawa and the Kurdish militias.

It is wrong to believe that the sectarian cleansing started in 2006, as I said it started in 2004 and continued in 2005 but came out fully in the open in 2006.

In 2006, the famous bombing of the Askari shrine in Samarra, was another turning point.

You need to know that the keepers of the Shrine in Samarra were Arab Sunnis until 2003. In other words this shrine has been there for decades and was never attacked by any Iraqi.

In 2006, the carnage against Iraqi Arab Sunnis started . Kidnappings, hideous tortures, and executions. This was crowned by the ultimate, the lynching of the President of Iraq at the hands of the same militias on the Sunni day of the Muslim Feast because the Shiites celebrated a day or two later as per the Iranian calendar. What later unfolded was even more gruesome…

The sectarian militias did not contend themselves with just killing, the most sadistic practices were also used – Drills, gouging eyes out, burning alive if your name was Sunni, rape and mutilation, offering of heads on trays, cutting up of bodies, crucifixions, ripping thorax apart and taking the heart as a trophy …and the list is long.

These methods were used against mainly Arab Sunnis, Arab Christians and Arab Palestinians and Arab Shiites who were opposed to such methods.

There is also another important point to remember here, that these militias were/ARE THE ARMED WINGS of the CURRENT PLAYERS in the puppet regime.

In other words, they were “democratically elected” as the Americans like to believe. But what the Americans did not tell you is that over 1.5 million IRANIANS participated in these “elections.”

All the IRAQI families that escaped or were forcefully displaced from their homes will tell you that the MAIN MILITIA RESPONSIBLE for these horrendous executions, WAS/IS the JAYSH AL-MAHDI and the Badr Brigades and the Dawa militias. Those who remained were displaced to other neighborhoods and segregated in ghettoes behind walls, that the Mahdi army, out of all militias helped the US in building.

And they all insist it is mainly the Jayh Al Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr who is the most responsible, simply because the Mahdi was/is the biggest and most “active” SECTARIAN MILITIA IN THE SOUTH AND IN BAGHDAD.

The majority of those tortured and murdered were Arab Sunnis and Christians. The majority of those who are still lingering in Iraqi and U.S prisons are Arab Sunnis. The majority of those who were first placed in ghettoes and no services (still is the case) are provided to their neighborhoods are Arab Sunnis.
The 4.5 million exiled Iraqis, majority Sunnis and Christians can’t all be lying!

Only two days ago, a huge mass grave of 4020 bodies was found in Mahdmoudiyah. A few days prior to that another mass grave was found in the same district with 114 bodies and yet another with more bodies thrown in the garbage dumps of the same district.

NOT ONE mainstream Western Media picked up the story.

AP reported about 1 week ago of a mass grave of 60 bodies in a “predominantly Shiite area” Mahdmoudiah. Mahmoudiah was not predominantly Shiite, but became so!

These 4020 bodies were the bodies of IRAQI, Arab Sunnis. The inhabitants of Mahmoudiah had reported these mass graves since 2005 and 2006 to the “Iraqi” authorities who refused to unearth it or even start an enquiry. And till this day, the sectarian puppet regime refuses to take all the necessary steps to find the culprits and try them.

The inhabitants said that “Jaysh Al-Mahdi, the Badr Brigades and the Dawa militias are responsible for these mass graves.” And not one Western press picked up this story.

Quite the opposite, the Western media and in particular the alternative media has not stopped praising the “humanitarian” work of JAM, their charity organizations, Hezbollah style, the “patriotic” “anti-occupation” stand of Muqtada Al-Sadr, his representing the “repressed” Shias of Iraq, etc…

Such eulogies can be found in the writings of the disingenuous P.Cockburn and the Counterpunch crowd — here, and here where he says ” Muqtada rarely deviated from his open opposition to the U.S. occupation, even when a majority of the Shia community was prepared to cooperate with the occupiers“ and in his latest where he states “From the beginning, Muqtada was the only Shia leader who has always opposed the US occupation.The Shia are the majority in Iraq and the Sadrists are a majority of this majority…They make up 30 to 40 per cent of the total Iraqi population.”(referring to the sadrists)

What lovely encouragements for the Occupiers sectarian agenda!

In fact Cockburn has not stopped praising the accomplishments of the Chief Driller in Iraq. He praises him as anti American, anti-Occupation and a patriotic cunning Iraqi politician. The only thing that Cockburn got right is the word “cunning.”

The same applies to Pepe Escobar another admirer of the Chief sectarian cleanser of Baghdad and the hater and killer of Iraqi women. I don’t need to link to any of Escobar’s articles, they are all pro-Iran and pro Muqtada al-Sadr. Pick and choose at your own leisure.

The same goes to another joker –-and there are many of them around in the West, who goes by the name of N.Davies. He even goes to call Sadr the Mahatma Gandhi of Iraq.

Bloggers are not immune to such political garbage and/or deceptiveness. For instance, Palestinian Pundit and Ramzy Baroud and to name but a few. And I tell them both — Your support for Hamas does not need to automatically translate into support for Iranian/Iraqi sectarianism. Do add the Global Research crowd who have not stopped prophesying an attack on Iran for the past 5 years ,already… And this is to name but a few.

Needless to remind the reader that Muqtada Al-Sadr just returned from Qom, that Muqtada Al-Sadr has nothing of anti-US occupation in him, but has a lot of pro-Iran in him.

“Muqtada Al-Sadr called upon “the American troops in his country to spare lives, and called them to unity and brotherhood with the Iraqi people. He affirmed that “Saddam Hussein and his followers are the enemies of Iraq, not the Americans.” In a statement distributed in Najaf, excerpts of which were published in the newspaper al-Sabah [Saturday], he characterized the presence of US troops in Iraq as “that of guests”, and described the Americans as a “peace-loving people.” He described Saddam as a “sinful aggressor.” He said, “The Iraqi people want only good for the Americans, and there is no enemy of Iraq except Saddam and his followers.” (from Juan Cole’s Blog)


Muqtada Al Sadr‘s militia was the main militia that finished off the Palestinians in Iraq. You can read all about it in the following articles. Article 1, article 2, article 3.

And, it is thanks to Muqtada Al-Sadr that both the sectarian Shiites government of Jaafari and Maliki came to power and it is thanks to Muqtada al Sadr and his militia that the Sunni ARAB population of Iraq has declined from 43 % to 20 %…and mark my words more is to come. Handing Iraq over to Iran necessitates the elimination of all IRAQI ARAB OPPOSITION to the Zionist American/ Iranian project.

Yet these deceptive parrots of the “left” want none of that. They have bought the sectarian agenda handed out by the US and Iranian occupiers. All of these above, talk in Shia and Sunni terms and dare proclaim knowledge of pre-occupied Iraq !

All of the above are willfully resistant to the idea of an Iranian infiltration and occupation of Iraq.
All of the above deny what Iraqis,themselves, have to say about the Iran backed sectarian militias who ruined their lives alongside the occupier’s forces.

All the above sidestep the important fact that Iraq is an Arab Nation and that in their buying into the mainstream discourse, they are actually stripping Iraq of its Arab identity. And I can say more and more…

And in all of the above, NOT ONE reported the mass grave of 4020 Iraqi bodies at the hands of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and other sectarian Shiite militias from Iran. Not ONE.

This deliberate denial is akin to my denying that the Zionists Jews are exterminating the Palestinians. What would you call me had I proclaimed such a thing?

You would call me a Zionist or someone playing by the anti-Arab, Zionist agenda, would you not?

Painting: Iraqi artist, Hakam N.M.Al-Kateb


3 thoughts on “On Myths, Sectarianism and Mass Graves.

    jae said:
    April 20, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    HiI have printed your post and will read it later this week.In the meantime, I would like to ask what you think of this essay by Scott Ritter:http://www.commondreams.org/archive/2007/03/24/49/Does he know what he is talking about or is this just more of the fluff you write about in this post?Thanks.

    kenny's sideshow said:
    April 20, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    First, this post was written by Layla Anwar at http://arabwomanblues.blogspot.com/She always has a lot of interesting things to say but whether or not she is correct about everything, I really don’t know.Second, Scott Ritter is experienced in the Iraq arena and he speaks a lot of truth but I’ve never been quite sure about him. Some disinfo?It’s hard to say. Thanks

    jae said:
    April 21, 2008 at 12:22 am

    KSThanks, I will pose the question to her at her blog….

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