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Alison Krauss & Robert Plant Live

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Buddy Miller on guitar, pedal steel and vocals!
A sweet gig for Buddy, one of Nashville’s greatest.

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant @ Jools’ Later 3

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Rich Woman

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant @ Jools’ Later 2

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Killing The Blues

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Gone Gone Gone

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Alison Krauss/Robert Plant Down to the river to pray

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From their great show at Hovet, Stockholm, 16/5-08.


An Open Letter to the Vandals of Readyville Mill

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All these years of waiting. Most of us thought it would never happen. We visualized the old mill rotting and crumbling into the Stones River like so many before it, only a memory and some brief notes in a few obscure local history tomes.

But one man had a vision. That man, Tomm Brady, saw history and decided to take it on himself to preserve it. Over two years of hard work and the mill is coming alive again; one nail, one board and one paintbrush at at time.

But for some reason, you-the vandals, decided to take it on yourself and set back the accomplishments a bit. No creativeness here fellows, just mindlessness. Did you laugh as you turned over five gallons of paint on the finely refinished floor? Did you cough up a chuckle as you spray painted “vulgar and racial slurs all over the walls?” Did this make you feel like a man?

Whatever your emotions were as you criminally violated what was not yours, the next question is what are you to do next? It seems you have misplaced and misdirected hated. Do you continue on the same path and create havoc upon others that you most likely don’t even know? Was this a one shot deal you now regret and will never repeat?

Racial slurs all over the walls? This is Cannon County where the population is around 98% white and real racial strife is virtually unknown. A trend among some of the youth here is to perpetuate forms of racism that they have never even experienced except through the misguided words of acquaintances and the manipulations of the media. Vandalism and racism. I guess historically these two have walked hand in hand and in a sick way, you-the vandals, are also a part of historical preservation; one that is diseased and rotting .

Maybe one day you will grow up. We hope so. We’re a forgiving society and if you can get past the indiscretions, misdeeds and vile actions of your youth, we will welcome you back. If not, perhaps during one of your future stints in jail, you can check out and read a few books including some local ones that tell the fascinating history of Readyville Mill and Cannon County. You’ll have plenty of time on your hands.



Vandals Hit Readyville Mill

MILL VANDALIZED — A five gallon bucket of paint turned over on the Readyville Mill floor was only part of the damage vandals caused during a break-in last weekend. Extensive damage was done in the ice house portion of the property.


Vandals broke into the Readyville Mill last weekend and destroyed hours of work that Mill owner
Tomm Brady had put in trying to restore the historic site.

“I’m just sick and even cried when I walked in and saw the damage,” said Brady as he showed the
destruction caused by the vandals.

“I worked here last Sunday and left about I :00 P.M. and was called by Mary Reed that the damage had
been done,” said Brady.

Mary Reed, co-owner of Russell’s Market, which sits in front of the Mill property, saw an open door
Monday evening about 7:00 P.M.

“I Usually walk in the afternoon and I noticed the open door to the Yce House but I thought Tomm had
forgot to shut it when he left,” Reed said.

The old ice house was the area where the vandals spray painted Vulgar and racial slurs all over the
walls and turned over a five gallon bucket of paint on the refinished floors.

Brady, who was visibly upset, during the tour of the damaged building” has been restoring the old
mill for over two years by himself.

The Mill is on the National Historic Register.

Each day he drives over from Shelbyville to tackle another project at the Mill and has made dramatic
changes since the work began two years ago when Brady and his wife purchased the mill and surrounding
property which includes the dam across the road, totaling about five acres.

Cannon County Sheriff Billy Nichols and Deputy Aaron Hillis saw first hand the damage and gave Brady some consolation. “I will have my deputies do extra patrol in this area starting tonight,”said Sheriff Nichols.

Brady stated that he has had trouble when youths parking on his property and going to the river to swim.

“I have tried to be nice to these people, but you can go down to the swimming area and see the trash of beer cans, needles and other items they leave behind,” said Brady. “I think I can sand out most of the spray paint graffiti on the walls but it will take some time and a lot of work.”

Sheriff Nichols warned several swimmers who were in the area Monday during the investigation that the Mill area was private property and citations would be written to those violating the No Trespassing signs posted on the property.

“Mr. Brady has done a tremendous amount of work here in restoring the Mill and it is a shame to see the damage caused by a few people who had nothing better to do,” said Sheriff Nichols.

Investigators Vance Walker and Charlie Wilder inspected the room that suffered the most damage and found fingerprints and collected other evidence that will hopefully lead to an arrest.

The Cannon County Historical Society was scheduled to meet at the Mill on Monday evening, May 19 for their quarterly meeting.

“The meeting will be held but I just won’t be able to let everyone see all the building,” said Brady. “I don’t want those folks to see the terrible writing that was painted on the walls.”

The Sheriff’s Department is asking for help from citizens in the community. “If anyone remembers seeing anything over the weekend, a parked car or recognized someone in the area please call us. The tip will remain anonymous and it might lead us to the suspects,” said Sheriff Nichols.

The new number at the Jail is 563-1000 and ask for Investigators Charlie Wilder or Vance Walker.

Brady is a gifted craftsman. He has done all the work himself, putting up paneling, rebuilding stone walls, mechanical, carpentry, painting and electrical and the list goes on and on.

The Mill actually ceased production in the early 1980s and one can imagine the state of disrepair the building became just sitting there with no daily maintenance.

The early history of the Mill dates back to 1878 when Charles Ready, the original owner died and the Mill was purchased by Robert Carter from Charles’ son in law, Peter Talley.

Over the course of over 100 years the Mill changed hands several times. During those years theReadyville Mill provided corn meal, flour, lumber, ice, electricity and a machine shop to residents from Cannon and Rutherford counties.

In 1935 Leslie and George Justice purchased the Mill and installed turbines and replaced the grinding stones with steel rollers to produce the flour.

Brady stated when he purchased the Mill that it was basically “something to keep him busy” and it has for over two years.

Future plans even include the opening of a restaurant on the property. The possibilities go on and on as does Tomm’s love of the Mill.

Source: The Cannon Courier, 5-27-08


Videos of Readyville Mill 2008

Readyville Mill – Cannon County TN

Inside Readyville Mill

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Talk is Cheap, Even with Enemies, and By the Way, Rivals Aren’t Enemies

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"Politicians Clamour to Make Themselves Heard Above Their Rivals" Giclee Print
Politicians Clamour to Make Themselves Heard Above Their Rivals by Erich Schilling

What the hell is Barack Obama talking about?

He says that America should be talking with leaders in Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Korea, Syria. Fine. But he calls this “talking with our enemies.”

What enemies?

Let’s get something straight. Enemies are people who are fighting against you, who are trying to destroy you. Is Cuba fighting against America? Is Iran fighting against America? Is Venezuela fighting against America? Syria? China? No. These countries may be rivals, but they are not enemies.

The closest we come to having an actual enemy in today’s world is North Korea, where we are technically still in some kind of truce following a hot war, but of course that war itself has been over for half a frigging century, and nobody has been killing anyone on the Korean Peninsula in decades.

The truth is, America doesn’t have any real enemies, except for the ones it has made for itself in Iraq and Afghanistan, and of course the Al Qaeda organization. But Al Qaeda is a gang of terrorists, not a country, and in Afghanistan it is movement, the Taliban, once the government of that country, which we overthrew. And even there, where we have enemies, talk is better than war. It is obvious that at some point if we are ever to exit from Iraq and Afghanistan, there will have to be talks with the people we are fighting. Afghanistan’s leaders have said this—that there will have to be talks with the Taliban. And Bush’s own “Iraq Study Group,” headed by former Republican Secretary of State James Baker and former Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton, concluded that the US will have to negotiate to settle the Iraq conflict. Both those processes should be begun immediately, not after more thousands have been killed.

By calling other countries “enemies,” Obama fell into a trap of his own making, though admittedly, he’s not the first to define all these rival nations as enemies. It’s a logical outcome of the Bush/Cheney position that “either you’re with us or you’re against us.”

Instead of buying into that nonsense, Obama should have questioned the premise. Then he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in now, trying to fine-tune whom he would talk to and whom he wouldn’t talk to. Erstwhile Democratic presidential candidate and former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel had it right when, during an early TV “debate” before the media decided to black him out, he replied to the moderator’s stupid question to all the candidates of “Who, after Iran, are America’s biggest enemies?” He challenged the premise, asking, “Iran’s not our enemy. Who are we afraid of? We don’t have any enemies.” He got one of the biggest applauses of the evening for that.

As for the basic point—talking with people we have disagreements or rivalries with—it is obvious that not talking is idiotic, and gets you nowhere—or worse, into a war.

Let’s take Cuba. For exactly half a century since its Communist revolution, we have treated Cuba like a mortal enemy, blockading the country, forcing other countries to join us in an embargo (an act of war, by the way), plotting and attempting to assassinate the country’s leader, Fidel Castro, and financing and supporting an obsessed group of dispossessed rich Cubans who want to return the island to its mob-infested, neo-colonial days. In those 50 years, the only thing not talking has accomplished has been the impoverishment of two generations of Cubans. Meanwhile, of course, the US has talked, conceded, caved in, given in, pandered and invested in China, another Communist country that, unlike Cuba, actually has fought against the US (in Korea, by proxy in Vietnam, and against an ally, Taiwan). There is clearly no logical reason for not talking with Cuba, and if we were talking with Cuba, life there would be better, and no doubt, things would be better here, too.

Iran is another example. It is known that when the US invaded Iraq, in 2003, Iran tried desperately to initiate talks with the US. The Bush/Cheney administration didn’t want to talk. It was calling Iran an “Axis of Evil” nation. Had talks begun, there might not even be a nuclear dispute today. Indeed, there might not even have been a rivalry. Instead, we now have the Bush/Cheney administration pushing forward for plans to attack Iran.

We could go back to Iraq, too, of course. Before the US launched its attack, Saddam Hussein was telling the Bush/Cheney administration he was willing to leave the country. All he wanted was a safe haven like Idi Amin got, and a billion dollars. We were not told about this offer until years later. Yet think how much cheaper that solution, arrived at through a little talking, would have been than what we got through not talking. Instead of letting Hussein run off with a billion of his own ill-gotten wealth, we’ve spent close to a trillion dollars, killed upwards of a million innocent Iraqis, destroyed a country, driven four million people in a nation of 24 million into exile, ruined America’s global reputation, and bankrupted the US treasury, not to mention running up the price of oil four-fold.

Talk is cheap, I’d say.

Obama should be more forthright and admit that America has no enemies, and that we can talk to anyone.

Too Little, Too Late…

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We have a popular saying in Iraq and it goes this way “Ba’ad Kharaab Al-Basra“??!!

How to translate that? Literally it means “After the destruction of Basra” ?!

Kharaab comes from the verb kharraba, which means to destroy something that worked before, to irreparably damage it…

Kharban-the adjective, means damaged, rotten, not functional, not working, failed…

Simply put, kharraba means to screw up something so badly, rendering it useless…

So this proverb is used when someone comes along with either an admission, an apology, or to rectify some wrong after colossal damage has been inflicted…
So you tell the person in Iraqi “What’s the use, after the destruction of Basra?!”

In the same vein, the latest admissions from Mc Lellan ex-press spokesman for the White House and from other media voices like this CNN reporter, who both finally admitted that their reporting on Iraq, was “less than candid“. In other words they fucking lied…The CNN reporter added that they were “forced” to report in a particular fashion that was not detrimental to your government’s image.

Excuse me, but am I supposed to feel better now or what ?

For 5 fucking years, no for 18 years, you’ve been buying the lies and suddenly you admit that it was “less than candid” and am supposed to feel OK with it ?

Like what do you expect me to do? Rush and embrace you for your “honesty”? Or maybe you expect me to forget our ruined lives and our filled to the brim graves ?

Or maybe being the fucking hypocrites that you are, you expect me to say “well after all, there are some good people left in America. It’s not their fault really, they were forced…”

Oh, the bullshit! Oh, your bullshit that knows no limits. Oh, you compulsive liars, bad faith, deceitful, dishonest lot !

You did the same thing in Vietnam. After over 10 years of murder and mayhem, you took to the streets with your flowers and peace signs and cried about “poor” Vietnam.

It took you 10 fucking years. And you only moved your big fat asses after your brave boys came back in body bags and you could not stop the counting.

All throughout the 10 years, the pictures of the napalm burned kids did not move you, oh no they did not…you were too busy singing in Woodstock thinking you’re so fucking cool…when you were and are nothing but a screwed up bunch of mental retards and morons…

And do you think you learned anything ? Nothing. You learned nothing and you will never learn. You only learn the hard way, when you get your asses kicked big time and people start talking your language. This is when you open those rotten ears of yours and listen.

The problem with you people and I’ve experienced over and over, you mistake the words and demeanor of basic human civility for weakness. You know nothing about civility or civilization, you understand only one language – violence. Because that is the only language you are proficient at.

And I being a “good Muslim”, I follow the saying of our Prophet who said “talk to people in the language they understand”.

So you come now and tell us that the whole thing was dishonest? “After Kharaab Al-Basra”? Ya awlad al Kalb – sons of dogs. But dogs are too noble to be compared to you. You are less than dogs. Less than animals. Less…much less. You are scum and vermin. God, I fucking hate your hypocrisy ya awlad al sharmoota – you sons of whores.

You sons of a thousand whores, will your fucking Mc Lellan or your CNN marry the 3 million widows ? Or feed the 5 million orphans ? Or bring back the 5 million refugees home ? Or heal our cancer patients from your criminal weapons of mass destruction? Or grow a limb and an eye back to the 1000’s lost, from your bombs ?
Or maybe your admission will revive the 1 million plus, dead ? Or restore our 7’000 years old archaeological sites, homes, buildings, fields, infrastructure, electricity and water ? Or maybe you short lived fake, phony meaculpa will disarm the sectarian pathological turbaned shits who are ruling us now-thanks to you ?

I am too angry to finish this post…and there is nothing left to finish…you bastards. I hate your fucking guts all of you.


Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohamed Ali Shaker.

Feature: Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for… Getting Busted Going to the Festival (If You’re Not Careful)

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With Memorial Day now just a memory, the summer music festival season is on — and with it, special drug law enforcement aimed at festival goers in what could be called a form of cultural profiling. If years past are any indicator, music lovers should be prepared to encounter everything from announced “Drug Checkpoints” that aren’t — they are instead traps to lure the freaked out — to real, unconstitutional, highway drug checkpoints masquerading as “safety checks” (complete with drug dogs) to undercover cops working inside the festival grounds themselves.
Richard Anderson, via

Nationally known festivals like Bonaroo in Tennessee and Wakarusa in Kansas, as well as countless lesser festivals, especially in rural areas, have drawn special law enforcement efforts in the past. With this year unlikely to be any different, festival goers will need to know their rights and how to exercise them when they encounter the cops.

The police enforcement actions are already getting underway. Last weekend, the 2008 Summer Camp Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, drew some 13,000 fans to hear a diverse line-up of bands including the Flaming Lips, George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic, Blind Melon, the Roots, and the New Pornographers. It also drew city and state police, who claimed 20 drug arrests — for marijuana, ecstasy, and LSD — between them in and around the festival.

The police were pleased. “I think a lot of it had to do with all of the agencies getting together before the event and really planning out our attack,” Chillicothe Police Chief Steven Maurer told local HOI-19 TV News. “Our goal is to prevent it from coming in and that’s what we did a lot of.”

Meanwhile, down in northeast Georgia, some other law enforcement agencies had also gotten together to plan an attack. This one wasn’t aimed directly at concert-goers, but at the highway-traveling public in general. In what the Northeast Georgian described as “one of the county’s largest highway interdiction and safety checks in at least five years,” personnel from the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, Northeast Georgia Drug Task Force, Georgia National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Department of Public Safety Motor Carrier Compliance Unit, Lee Arrendale State Prison, Phillips State Prison and Cornelia Police Department participated in a 24-hour checkpoint on a local highway.

Police bragged about the success of their checkpoint, which netted 74 arrests, 31 of them for drug offenses. “It worked well, I thought,” said Habersham County Sheriff De Ray Fincher. “The operation resulted in a seizure of $36,000 in illegal drugs. And a total amount of currency, drugs and vehicles seized is estimated to have a value of $82,000.”

Police did write some tickets for traffic offenses, Fincher told WNEG-TV 32 News. “We got a lot of people with no insurance, no driver’s license or suspended license,” he said. And some pot smokers: “The majority of our cases were marijuana cases; however, we did get several methamphetamine and we got one case of cocaine,” Fincher explained.

In a 2000 Supreme Court decision, Indianapolis v. Edmonds, the high court held that indiscriminate highway drug checkpoints were unconstitutional since motorists were being stopped without suspicion for a law enforcement — not a public safety — purpose.

But Fincher was open about his constitutionally-suspect highway checkpoint. “We are trying to do everything we can to prevent drug activity in Habersham County, whether it’s just passing through or stopping here,” he said, noting that drug arrests in the county were on the rise. “That just means we’ve taken a real aggressive approach to drug enforcement.”

“In the wake of the Indianapolis case, law enforcement has tried to figure out ways to still conduct drug checkpoints that comport with that ruling,” said Adam Wolf of the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project. “Intent is the name of the game. If the intent is to conduct a checkpoint basically for law enforcement purposes, that’s not okay. If it’s for public safety purposes, such as sobriety checkpoints, that is okay.”

A constitutional challenge to any given checkpoint would turn on intent, said Wolf. “If it turns out the intent was primarily to be a drug checkpoint, that would be an unreasonable search and not comply with the Constitution,” he said. “That kind of checkpoint should be shut down, but it would take someone to challenge it.”

Noting Sheriff Fincher’s report of cash and goods seized, Wolf suggested the purpose of the checkpoints could really be about something other than law enforcement or public safety. “So often these things are being done to fund law enforcement agencies. Asset forfeiture is really a cash cow,” he said.

Whether the checkpoints or other special law enforcement tactics are to raise money, wage the drug war, or indeed for “public safety,” experts consulted by the Chronicle sang a remarkably similar song: Be prepared, don’t be stupid, and don’t give away your rights.

“The most efficient way to get arrested for marijuana possession short of blowing pot smoke in an officer’s face is to smoke marijuana while driving or parked in your car, especially on the way to a festival,” said Steven Silverman of the civil liberties group Flex Your Rights, which has released a video instructing people how to flex theirs. “You have a minimal expectation of privacy, and it reeks. Officers can smell it, and if they can smell it, that’s probable cause to search you.”

“Keep your private items out of view,” recommended the ACLU’s Wolf. A baggie full of weed on the front seat is all the probable cause an officer needs to search the vehicle and arrest the owner.
car search

“The only sure thing to do is not to carry,” said Keith Stroup, founder and currently senior counsel for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). “But the problem with that is there may or may not be good marijuana available at the festivals. If you’re going to bring something with you, keep the quantity as small as possible, and for God’s sake, don’t smoke in the car!”

If you are stopped at a checkpoint (or pulled over for any reason) and you haven’t provided police probable cause to search you or your vehicle, now is the time to exercise your rights. People in such situations should be polite but assertive, the experts said.

“If you are pulled over by police for any reason, the officers are very likely to ask you to consent to a search,” said Silverman. “Don’t do it. Never, ever consent under any circumstances. It might be couched in terms of a command, but it is a request. If you consent, you are waiving your Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure. They won’t ‘go easier’ on you; anything they find, they will confiscate, and arrest you and put you in jail. Don’t do their job for them.”

“There is no circumstance I can imagine where you should ever consent to a search,” agreed NORML’s Stroup. “If you give permission, you waive your Fourth Amendment protections. They may say it’ll go easier if you cooperate, but that’s bullshit. Their only reason for being there is to see if you have contraband and arrest you and put you in jail if you do.”

“Just say no to warrantless searches,” echoed the ACLU’s Wolf. “Officers won’t tell you you have the right not to consent, but you do, and it is one that people have held dear since the founding of the Republic.”

There are other highway hazards for the unwary festival-goer. Law enforcement can be creative in its unending war on drug users and sellers.

“Anybody driving to see his favorite band should also be aware of fake drug checkpoints,” said Silverman. “Drug checkpoints are unconstitutional, but what some sheriffs will do close to festival sites is set up a big ‘Drug Checkpoint Ahead’ sign, and then watch who turns off the highway at the next ramp or who throws something out his car window. Then they pull them over for littering or failure to signal a lane change or something. If you see such a sign, keep driving — it’s a bluff designed to see who it scares.”

“When you see a sign like that, proceed ahead within the speed limit, driving safely through the area,” advised Wolf.

Wolf has problems with the harassment of festival-goers that run deeper than particular law enforcement tactics. “Profiling based on race is not okay, profiling based on gender is not okay, and profiling based on the type of concert you attend is not okay,” he said. “It’s unreasonable and unjustifiable for police to target a group of people because they are going to any particular type of concert.”

“Simply having a Grateful Dead sticker or dreadlocks doesn’t constitute reasonable suspicion of anything,” agreed Silverman.

But in the real world, it can. Festival-goers and other highway travelers need to be aware of their rights, as well as the realities of life in the contemporary US, as they hit the highway this summer.

And one last thing once you actually make it to the festival. “There’s a big myth out there that police officers must reveal if they’re an undercover cop,” said Silverman. “That’s wrong, and it’s stupid to believe that. Police officers can and do legally lie in doing their jobs. Believing that has probably led to thousands of people being arrested.”

The bonnaroo festival is once again coming to a farm near Manchester, TN June 12-15.
A wild time in a sleepy town.
Be careful kiddies.

2008 Lineup Poster

I guess Led couldn’t make it but they get Lez Zeppelin
Send the 2008 lineup to your friends!I

High Comedies – Great moments in the drug war Kulturkampf

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Nick Gillespie | May 30, 2008

If the recently concluded HBO series The Wire is arguably the most aesthetically accomplished fictional indictment of the decades-long war on drugs, there is no shortage of contenders for the most absurd bit of prohibitionist agitprop, from the unintentionally hilarious 1936 movie Tell Your Children (better known as Reefer Madness) to the widely parodied 1987 public service announcement in which the role of “your brain on drugs” is played by an egg frying in a skillet to an early 1990s TV ad in which the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles counsel a grammar school kid offered a fistful of joints (“Get a teacher,” advise the Turtles, “get a pizza, get real”).

Then there’s the latest offering sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, a mockumentary called Stoners in the Mist, featuring a pith-helmet-wearing narrator explaining the strange customs of the slack-jawed, amotivational, Lava lamp-loving inhabitants of “Cannabis Isle.” Online at and featuring squirrely navigation and a rhythmic drum track more stupefying than anything produced by Cheech & Chong, Stoners underscores what most Americans already knew: Real winners don’t do anti-drug websites.

Here’s a short magical mystery tour, culled from the foggy memories of reason‘s editors, of decades of advertising and small-screen messages that inadvertently made childhood just a little more bearable. And drugs—even NoDoz—just a little cooler.

“Marijuana…is the Hula Hoop of the Jet Generation!” Produced in the late 1960s by the American Medical Association, this anti-cannabis commercial featured animation groovier than the film Yellow Submarine and a detailed list of just how fun it is to get high. “The human brain,” notes the serioso narrator, “is hardly a Tinker Toy.” But judging from the spot’s graphics, it sure looks like one, especially if you’ve been smoking dope.

Dragnet‘s “Blue Boy” Episode. Clocking in at number 85 in TV Guide‘s 1997 list of the best TV episodes ever, this segment told just the facts about LSD-and a face-painting hippie called Blue Boy, who overdosed on the stuff after being arrested by Sgt. Joe Friday, played by three-pack-a-day smoker Jack Webb, who died in real life of a heart attack at age 62. Honorable mention: the “Big High” episode, in which two cannabis-craving parents get stoned and let their child drown in a bathtub. “After 25 years on the job, it’s finally happened,” groans Friday’s partner, Bill Gannon. “I’m going to be sick.”

Sonny Bono’s Secret Message. “If you become a pothead,” the curiously speech-slurring future congressman warned in this 1970 PSA, “you risk blowing the most important time of your life: Your teen age [sic].” The pitch might have been more effective if Bono’s eyes weren’t quite so red–or his jumpsuit so golden and shimmery.

Stop the Madness! This star-and-monkey-studded mid-’80s video is the Citizen Cocaine of Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No campaign. (The First Lady even has a cameo.) Featuring past and future drug users ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to David Hasselhoff to Whitney Houston-and a spasticated spider monkey dancing to the strains of a Herb Alpert trumpet solo-“Stop the Madness” didn’t just make a case for getting high (anything to stop the “Stop the Madness” video!). The title track previewed the lockdown that has given the U.S. the highest rate of incarceration in the world: “You thought that using dope would be a party/Now you’re a prisoner in a cell crying to be free.”

Heavy Metal Drug Addicts Destroy Communism. In August 1989, what The New York Times described as “thundering hordes of Western heavy-metal rock” acts, including Motley Crue, Ozzie Osbourne, Skid Row, and Bon Jovi, played at the Soviet-sanctioned Moscow Music Peace Festival as guitar-grinding “ambassadors of peace and temperance.” The concert, which was broadcast to the West on MTV, was created by the American impresario Doc McGhee as part of a parole deal stemming from a 1987 conviction for marijuana importation. The Berlin Wall fell a scant 14 weeks later-long before Ozzy or Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx entered rehab.

I’m So Excited by Caffeine Pills! In a 1990 episode of the crypto-kiddie-porn high school sitcom Saved by the Bell, Jessie (played by Elizabeth Berkeley, later to triumph as a bare-it-all-to-get-ahead dancer in Showgirls) gets hooked on caffeine pills while studying for a big math test and rehearsing for a singing audition. Her friends’ intervention comes soon enough to save Jessie from the ultimate coffee high but not before the audience hears her espresso-distorted version of the Pointer Sisters’ anthem of chemically free overexuberance, “I’m So Excited!”

Pee-Wee Herman Says No to Crack-and Jail Time. “Everyone wants to be cool,” the uber-ironic Saturday morning children’s show host admits in this ad made as part of a sentencing deal after Pee-Wee’s 1991 arrest for masturbating in a Florida movie theater. “But doing it with crack isn’t just wrong. It could be dead wrong.”

One Frying Pan Can Ruin Your Whole Kitchen. Riffing off the legendary 1987 ad “This Is Your Brain on Drugs,” this 1999 spot created by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America features an underweight model personifying heroin chic, who explains the downside of smack (a drug regularly used by less than 0.1 percent of Americans) by smashing up a kitchen with a cast-iron frying pan.

If you’re interested in related fare, check out The Best Week Ever’s “10 Funniest Anti-Drug Commercials in Advertising History” and 10 Zen Monkey’s “Five Druggiest High School Sitcom Scenes.”

And if you’re still locked in a terminal buzz from watching so many videos online after your coffee break, contribute a little more to the declining productivity of the American economy by watching the infamous episode of Quincy, M.E., that answers the musical question, “Can punk rock kill?

Nick Gillespie is editor of and A version of this appeared in the June reason.

Does Our Vichy Congress Need A Haircut?

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

With the annual AIPAC treason fest set to begin in Chicago in June, shouldn’t Americans be asking this question? Many of us are beginning to wonder for whom this Congress works. With one disastrous war not yet behind us many of these servants to AIPAC and Israel are suggesting that another nation may require obliteration. Who are these congressional pod people who show such devotion to AIPAC or more importantly the Jewish votes and political contributions that AIPAC can muster.

Has the need for these contributions become so important that our politicians would willingly forsake the real interests of the United States in order to pursue those contributions? Here are just three comments delivered by our current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi in a speech to AIPAC at the 2005 treason fest with some editorial comments by your own Liberal White Boy.(This is same year that AIPAC’s Rosen and Weissman were caught handing over classified secrets at the Israeli embassy).

“One thing, however is unchanged: America’s commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering. America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: in peace and war; and in prosperity and in hardship.

Why? Why should Americans care about Israel anymore than any other country? We have no formal alliances with Israel. Israel has never come to our aid in any war, not even in the Middle East. Their assistance would have been detrimental to our causes. Israel is despised throughout most of Arab world, not because of the fraud called anti-Semitism, but because these pretenders stole the Palestinians land from them and have brutalized and ethnically cleansed its people for sixty years.

“Prime Minister Sharon’s leadership of Israel at this crucial time has been remarkable. He has brought Israel through an extremely challenging period, and now he has made the difficult decision that it is in Israel’s national security interest to disengage from Gaza.

Yes this is the same leader that presided over Israel as its Mossad agents/terrorists watched the hijackers for a year before 9/11 and didn’t tell us. He deserved the Speaker of the House’s accolades. This piece of garbage allowed 9/11 to happen.

“In the next few months, Israeli settlers will be evacuated entirely from Gaza and from four settlements in the northern West Bank. This courageous decision is gut-wrenching for Israel.

Yes dragging a bunch of crazy Hebrew extremists off of their stolen land in Gaza and moving them to more defensible stolen land on the West Bank takes a lot of courage. All that gut wrenching(and we are talking about a rather large gut when speaking of Ariel Sharon) probably caused the stroke leading to Diaper Dan Sharon’s current vegetative state.

But this is what are Congress has become. So very sad. It’s time for a trim.

Hey Kids. Can you pick out the cow in this picture? Now can you pick out the war criminal?


Where Will The Terrorists Strike Next…Why Not Ask Mossad?

By way of deception shall you Conquer…Mossad Motto

Their spies were sitting on top of the 19 hijackers for almost a year before 9/11. They are probably watching the next crop of terrorists as you read now. Apartheid Israel is not happy with the National Intelligence Estimate. Another country must be bombed and invaded. More innocent blood must be spilled. And of course Mossad won’t tell us any more about the next group of terrorists than they did the first. Don’t bother sending a freedom of information request for the video tape that the Apartheid Israel Mossad Goons took of themselves in Liberty Park either. You remember the dancing Israelis high fiving and flicking their Bic’s as the Towers burned in the background across the river. And even though Israel and our own Government assured us in no uncertain terms that the dancing Israelis were just as innocent as could be, the tape is now classified. (I bet the Goons got to the show early.) Gosh this is like deja vous all over again. (e.g. the U.S.S. Liberty treachery). Yes we have motive, means and opportunity. In the old days before politicized justice, that was all you needed to go after criminals. AIPAC you Tweasonous Wascally Wabbits!12/21/07