Is AIPAC Making A Monkey Out Of You?

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With AIPAC’s annual Treason Fest about to begin in Chicago in early June, shouldn’t Americans be asking themselves…Is AIPAC making a monkey out of me? You Decide.

1. Why does America forsake 1.3 billion Muslims with most of the worlds oil reserves and their limitless manpower for 5 million Apartheid Israelis and their….and their…and their… old testament?

2.Why does 30 percent of America’s foreign policy budget go to a country with 0 percent of the worlds population (rounded)?

3.Why is there a Holocaust museum in Washington paid for with American tax dollars. Why did the money for the World War II museum honoring those freeing holocaust survivors have to be funded privately without government assistance?

4.Why is there such a dearth of news coverage concerning a trial involving treason charges against two high ranking AIPAC (Apartheid Israel’s) lobby officials?

5.Why did the Vichy Democratic congress exempt the treasonous AIPAC organization from newly enacted lobby reform legislation?

6.Why was the media plug pulled after about 48 hours concerning discussion of an academic paper critical of Apartheid Israel’s lobby in America and it’s extraordinary influence on American foreign policy?

7.Why is the nuclear stock pile of a country with the itchiest trigger finger in the Middle East completely ignored by the United States?
8. Why did the media not challenge the lies advanced by the Likud-o-con treasonists in the Bush administration as justification for war in Iraq?

9.Why did our Vichy Democratic congress drop the Iran war authorization language from its recent war funding bill when lobbied by the treasonous AIPAC organization to do so?

10.Why has the American Press ignored the hideous oppression of the Palestinian people for almost 40 years?

11. Why do Europeans regard Apartheid Israel as the greatest threat to world peace? Isn’t their news filtered like ours? 12. Why does America not support its troops from the USS Liberty? 13. Why did the Bush Administration stop the FBI investigation of the Mossad Goons who were caught video taping themselves dancing and high fiving at Liberty Park New Jersey while the Twin Towers burned across the river. Did no one in our government think it was odd that the Goons lived next door to the terrorist hijackers? Why are those video tapes now classified by our government?

The answer: Ooh Ooh Ah Ah Ooh Ooh Ah Ah.
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