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May 16, 2008 at 7:06 am

Israel has claimed to be the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ for six decades. Apartheid is democratic. Genocide is democratic. Denial of basic human rights to a large portion of your population is democratic. Or so they may think…..
Let’s take a look at what democracy is…. taken from THIS source… an official site of the United States government…


  • Sovereignty of the people.
  • Government based upon consent of the governed.
  • Majority rule.
  • Minority rights.
  • Guarantee of basic human rights.
  • Free and fair elections.
  • Equality before the law.
  • Due process of law.
  • Constitutional limits on government.
  • Social, economic, and political pluralism.
  • Values of tolerance, pragmatism, cooperation, and compromise.

Now that we know what democracy is supposed to be, lets look at what happened in Jerusalem yesterday when a group of Arab and Israeli students gathered together peacefully to exercise their RIGHT to demonstrate… It is obvious that the ‘Pillars of Democracy have crumbled’…

Arab, Israeli students of the Hebrew University hold a protest commemorating the Nakba

by IMEMC News

The Regional Union of Arab Students in Israeli Universities organized on Thursday a protest at main entrance of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of Palestinian disposition, the Nabka.

Dozens of Arab and Israeli students of the university participated in the protest and carried Palestinian flags and posters in Arabic, English and Hebrew confirming the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees.

The Israeli police and undercover forces were intensively deployed in the area and attempted to confiscate the Palestinian flags and to attack the protesters.

The Union stated that the violations of the Israeli Authorities will not break the will of the students, and called for visiting the residents who were arrested last week in a protest commemorating the Nakba.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers and border guard policemen attacked Beit Hanina neighborhood, north of the city, and broke into Beit Hanina Club. The soldiers threatened to shut the club down of its holds any activities commemorating the Nakba.

Hazim Gharabla, head of the club was called for interrogation at the Al Maskobiyya Israeli interrogation facility.


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