The Neocon Coup of Likudocon Jews…Is It Time To Take America Back?

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Could an ideology be more corrupt, undemocratic, anti-American or repugnant than that the ideology espoused by Leo Strauss and his perverted elitist followers? The Neocons have infected our Government now for well over a decade. In fact it’s difficult to determine how far back this virus (“The Lobby”) lived.
“I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” Woodrow Wilson, 1913. Wow that was almost one hundred years ago, I guess this dark force has been around a while.

It was this dark force that led America and the world into a path and frenzy of war, death and destruction throughout much of the Twentieth Century.

With the advent of nuclear weaponry, in more recent years this virus (“The Lobby”) has metastasized into something far more dangerous. It’s agents have accumulated vast amounts of wealth and unprecedented political power. “The Lobby” no longer feels the need to hide. With its purse and political influence its tentacles reach into the bowels of media, Government, our educational institutions, the scientific community and our trades and professions. More recently “The Lobby’s” unholy alliance with amoral Corporatists, Christian Zionists and other Evangelical pod people have made it more dangerous and belligerent than ever. It now demands war with Iran. And if America is brought to its knees as a result of these military interventions on Israel’s behalf, its military further weakened, its treasury looted, tens of thousands of its soldiers killed or maimed, it will be of no concern to “The Lobby”. The destruction of any and all of Israel’s enemies is the goal, and if the corporations controlled by the “The Lobby’s” directors profit to the extreme from this perpetual state of warfare, so much the better.

And if the media and our treasonous politicians ever turn on the agents of “The Lobby” and expose their crimes to the people of the United States and to humanity, their representatives will simply exercise their right of return. There they will be protected by the advanced military weapons provided by the good old United States of America. And because America’s Criminal Welfare City State sits on a pile of nuclear weapons, it is unlikely we could do a thing about it. But that’s the way it was planned wasn’t it?


Is An American Kosher Holocaust On The Horizon…Will Six Million More Perish?

Mass hysteria struck our Jewish communities this week as Jews who follow Jewish dietary laws contemplated the impact of last weeks raid on Agriprocessor’s Postville, Iowa Kosher meat packing plant. The Plant was raided last week apparently because many of the children and other slave laborers employed at the facility were not legal residents. Kosher butchers say they have heard reports of hoarding since the raid, but the impact of this catastrophe will not be known for several days. Some even believe that the very survival of six million American Jews is in question due to a possible Kosher food shortage.
“I don’t think the Jewish community can survive at this point without Rubashkin,” said Mordechai Yitzhaky, the owner of Kosher Mart in Rockville. This reporter has contacted hundreds of Synagogues throughout the United States to obtain starvation related death statistics resulting from this incident so far, but Rabbis have not returned my phone calls.
An informed source has advised The Homosapien Underground News Service however, that a Rabbi Response team has been working around the clock since the incident to deal with the catastrophe. At issue is whether Aaron’s Best Products produced by the Rubashkin’s should in anyway be regarded as tainted because of Rubashkin’s immoral and brutal employment practices. Most Rabbi’s interviewed however believe that this should not be a problem. Rabbi Haim Korruptstein told LWB for example, “Hey Jews brutalize Palestinian food producers everyday in the occupied territories and it doesn’t affect my appetite one damn bit. A meat hook across a Guatemalans head doesn’t bother me either. In fact an occasional targeted assassination of a few of these God Damn Mexicans might speed up production and reduce the costs of Kosher food for my oppressed people.”
In a related story, upon hearing about the possibility of a Kosher Holocaust in America, Congress voted 435 to naught to approve funds necessary to expand the existing Holocaust Museum in Washington. Informed sources have advised us that the newest wing at the museum will be in the shape of a “Big Red” hot dog.


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