A sordid Realization…

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Monday, May 26, 2008

After everything has been said and done…We find ourselves here, alone…picking up the pieces.
I really believe the “average” Iraqi, frankly no longer gives a damn as to what is whom and who is what…In other words, we’ve paid our dues in advance…

Truth be told, issues like Lebanon, Palestine or Syria and its honeymoon with Iran is the least of our problems…We are survivors, hanging on…

Hanging on by threads, by thin ropes, to the utter indifference of the world…

We are not sexy enough of a cause…Not romantic enough for the “revolutionaries”, not a “turn on” for your average shit headed “combatant” of my ass…This we understood from the very first day. This we knew…

Look at the pictures that depict us – a miserable bunch, a forgotten bunch, amidst ruins and dead corpses…

Everyone else is celebrating “divine victories”, and we, we are still in the background, dusting off pictures of our dead…keeping the memories alive in all of this obscurity…

How come ? Am I the abnormal one here ? Am I the only one who can’t sleep ?

Am I the only one lamenting like Nimrod ?

Am I the only one counting the stolen bricks from Babylon ?

I look at other Iraqi bloggers and I feel red with shame. They are such an insult to our memory, our collective history.

I see idiotic females going ahhhhh! and ohhhhh! over abysmal trivialities and males still trying to impress in spite of their teenage zits…I see some who have never set foot in my beloved’s land and some easily co opted with false promises…

I see nothing, I see everything…I see the new god called a pair of blue jeans…I see the new god of Dunkin Donuts and Mac Donald’s…and I cringe.

I cringe at the horror of what I am witnessing.

Let alone the deaths and the black wardrobe…let alone the exile and the nothingness of exile, let alone the lives and time wasted in vain…let alone…

I see and I cringe.

So few voices left. So dim, so stifled, so quelled, so choked, so far away…

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mowafak Abdel Hadi.


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