Count Aipacula and the Axis of Weasels

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Several months ago David Horowitz somewhat unsuccessfully promoted Islamofascist awareness week. I think in the future we should designate the week AIPAC picks for it’s annual treason fest as Zionist treason awareness week. In that spirit meet Count Aipacula.

Does He Want The Blood Of Your Patriotic Red State Children?

I’ve always wondered why those Mossad Goons were dancing on the banks of New Jersey. You remember the Middle Eastern looking dudes who were so jubilant. Taking pictures of themselves as the twin towers were crumbling behind them. That’s right on 9-11. No not the Mossad art student spies. I’m talking about the Israeli moving company spies. The ones that were interviewed by our FBI for a few months before being returned to the country of their employment, Israel.

Did these guys know those planes were coming? Was it just like the truck bomb coming for our Marines in Lebanon. Did they know who was on those planes? We will never know. Just like always Israel denies everything and the spies skedaddle back home. Sometimes I get the impression Israel’s wants all their enemies to be our enemies. How could the Count make something like that happen. What sort of action plan would be required? What would motivate America to sacrifice its patriotic sons to destroy Israel’s enemies. Most of those enemies earned because of its long and murderous occupation of Palestine.

First you’re going to need an organization. Find yourself say 55,000 like minded fascists sharing your own genetic materials and religious delusions.(see note 1) In all matters you and your organization will promote individuals with your own genetic make up (a system of ethnic nepotism) whether for positions of authority in government, commerce, education or other organizational endeavours. Now with your lobby you will bully, intimidate and if necessary destroy those who would dare stand in the way of your cabals conspiratorial objectives.

The ability to control the mainstream American press may also be important. Say for example two of your high ranking lobbying officials are caught red handed receiving classified information from a treasonous government official and handing those secrets over to a foreign government. It would be helpful if you could suppress coverage of this story.

It would also be advantageous to effectively control as many branches of government as possible.

Perhaps you could find yourself a pliant Presidential stooge with no coherent agenda or view of the world (preferably newly elected) and give him a cause that could make him the greatest President of all time. At least that’s what Aipacbullah (our government within our government) will tell this fool.

Then of course your going to need a bi-partisan group of Aipac trained Congressional monkeys. They have been plentiful for some time. They will not ask questions they will do as instructed by their monkey trainers.

Finally, you will need to load the administration with Imericans. You will raid every Zionist think tank in the country for this purpose. Start with Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle (the axis of weasels). In order to staff your department of disinformation you will need many more Imericans to undermine the efforts of the few remaining patriots in the CIA and other American organizations. Prior dealings with Likud a plus. A proven track record of treason in prior administrations important. If the candidates you select do not have a picture of some old Zionist codger hanging in their basement they may not be the right person for you. You will also need some token gentiles in key positions so your loyalty cannot be questioned(LOL). It would also be helpful if these gentiles were executives in companies that profit from warfare, cause there is going to be a lot of it.

Now bring on those planes baby… bring on those planes…and lets smile for the cameras and the folks back home. 1408

Note 1: It is my understanding that there was at one time 60,000 members however, 5,000 spent so much time thinking of Israel that they forgot to procreate.


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