It’s Been Almost Two Years…Isn’t It Time For Tiny, Vulnerable, and Democratic Israel To Blow The Crap Out Of Lebanon Again?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I‘m not sure how the attack on Lebanon two years ago got started. In coverage of matters like this there is always the Israeli side, embraced immediately by our own biased media, and there is the truth, which usually trickles out in an article by a leftist author in some obscure publication years later. At the time though I thought, Hezbollah, a Lebanese resistance organization born of prior Israeli occupation, was acting in solidarity with its Palestinian brothers. The Palestinians of course had most of their land stolen years ago by Israel, and what little remains is occupied until such time as Israel can steal it too. But until this is accomplished the Palestinians must be oppressed and ethnically cleansed, which is exactly what was happening when the Lebanese hostilities began two years ago(See ADL accuses Justin Ramaindo of Looking Like Mel Gibson).

And now Hezbollah has effectively taken control of Lebanon. Who would have thought that a murderous Israeli bombing campaign resulting in the deaths of over 1,000 Lebanese civilians would cause the collapse of a government friendly to the United States? Sure we encouraged the Israelis to bomb. We even gave them more bombs when they ran out. And then to punish Israel for illegally dropping a shit load of cluster bombs on Southern Lebanon in the final hours of the conflict, we increased their annual military welfare assistance. I bet they will never do that again. The unexploded ordinance from these bombs will be blowing up children in Lebanon for the next century. But why should the Lebanese people hold these things against America? And why don’t these ungrateful Middle Eastern bastards take our peacemaking efforts seriously?

But something was different about the last Israeli assault. The Israeli army poised en masse on its border ready for attack in Lebanon went nowhere. Day after day, virtually no movement. Soon it became apparent to those on the battlefield and to the world, that this was not their father’s Israeli army. It was also not the duck shoot that these young soldiers had become accustomed to in Palestine. Killing untrained and poorly armed freedom fighters in occupied Palestine with sophisticated American arms came easy for them. Killing and brutalizing Palesinian civilians had also become their forte. These Hezbollah warriors however were different. They were trained. Their weapons were almost as sophisticated as those we provide to Israel. They actually had the ability to fight back. And they were fighting with a ferocity that only years of murderous Israeli occupation and injustice could inspire. So when these Israeli soldiers looked these crazed Hezbollah warriors eye to eye…. they choked. What were they asked to defend? What should they be willing to die for as Israel invaded Lebanon once again? A morally bankrupt apartheid state that imprisons half of the population under its control? A leadership under continuous investigation or indictment for graft and corruption? A country built upon a fraud? Given the motivations of all parties, maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that these young soldiers got their asses handed to them. When you live in an Apartheid state, you probably begin to feel special. Maybe to special to die for a foolish cause. And I’m not so sure this particular group of Israeli soldiers will be in a hurry to return to Lebanon any time soon.


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