Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell …Why Should George W. Bush Be Relieved Of His Duties as Commander and Chief?

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bush with his best buddy, Representative Foley before all that nasty male Congressional page solicitation business…and why do you really think he called the guy behind him, Brownie?

With the election of the new Congress in 2006, many of us had high hopes that America would soon extricate itself from our never ending disaster in Iraq. The more deluded of us even hoped that our President, for his crimes and misdemeanors while in office, if for not his gross incompetence, would face the impeachment process. But this Congress as we now know would include the largest assemblage of spineless weasels to ever occupy our Capitol.

Now in the final months of his dismal Presidency, our Commander and Chief has once again heard the call of his master (no not God, Israel) and is preparing for an assault on Iran. This is the same President who did not know the difference between a Sunni and a Shia, as he, and his incompetent administration prepared their war plan for Iraq.

With our military stretched to its absolute limit in Afghanistan and Iraq, and our economy in shambles, another war would push America to the brink of disaster. Our Commander and Chief doesn’t understand this. Israel’s minions in this country don’t care. And Iran is far more prepared for this fight than Iraq.

Commander W Dirty Dancing With Airforce Academy Graduate

It has come to my attention that our Commander in chief, while engaged in conversation with then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told Sharon, that if and when Osama bin Laden were caught…”I will screw him in the ass!” This of course is a flagrant violation of the armed forces directive…Don’t ask, Don’t tell.

Because our commander has expressed his intent to engage in homosexual activities clearly in violation of accepted military practices, and because our Congress is completely and utterly without balls, I call upon the Joint Chiefs of Staff to remove our President from his duties. His suspension should be effective immediately. Then you should throw this silly ass policy out the window.


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