Alex Constantine’s The Path to 9/11

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The Path to 9/11: Parts 1-8

PART ONE: General Electric, ChoicePoint – Key Interlocking Fascist Directorates – and Kenneth Langone
PART TWO: ChoicePoint Admits Foreknowledge of 9/11
PART THREE: ChoicePoint/CSIS/Markle Foundation Connections
PART FIVE: DARK WINTER/ANSER, CSIS & Other Main Players Stage a Terror Drill in Preparation for Black Tuesday & Anthrax Attacks
PART SIX: Introduction to the Buffett-Farish-Hunt Axis
PART SEVEN: Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch & Washington Group International
PART EIGHT: Southeastern Asset Management (SAM), Longleaf Partners, the Return of Kenneth Langone – and “THE PATH TO 9/11″/SUPPLEMENT TO PART EIGHT: A Corruption Profile of Fidelity Investments

The Path to 9/11: Parts 9-16


PART NINE: The Military Forces Behind the Election-Fixing Technologists Central to the Black Tuesday Covert Operation
PART TEN: Blackstone, Bear-Stearns, Warren Buffett, Larry Silverstein, Eliot Spitzer, Kroll, Jerry Hauer, BCCI, SAIC …
PART ELEVEN: Adnan Khashoggi & the 1999 Trial Run in Moscow
PART TWELVE: Foreword to a Series of Deadly Video Psyops – A Sleepy Little Horse Farm in Lexington, Ky.
PART THIRTEEN: Bin Laden TV – A Tale of Two Heart Attacks
PART FOURTEEN: The Saudi Research & Publishing Co.
PART FIFTEEN: Al Qaeda Videos are CIA Black Op Propaganda
PART SIXTEEN: Robert Zoellick, Bush’s State Department & the German Marshall Fund, a Nazi Industrial Front

The Path to 9/11: Part 17 – Raytheon, E-Systems & the Return of Washington Group International

The Path to 9/11: Part 18 – More Washington Group International (WGI) Connections/WGI History

The Path to 9/11: Part 19 – Los Alamos, Fleishman Hillard, ES&S Revisited & and Original Blue Dog

Alex Constantine’s 9/11 TruthMove


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