Israeli Embassy Installs Drive Through Windows For Drop off of U.S. Government Secrets

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Friday, June 20, 2008

In response to complaints from American Zionists that they are tired of getting out of their cars to drop off pilfered Government documents and other classified information, the Israeli Ambassador announced today that drive though lanes are under construction at the Washington Embassy. A treason night deposit box will also be available for Zionists who can’t get to the Embassy during normal working hours. For those Zionists betraying America that still prefer the personal touch however, Ambassador Ayalon stated the Embassy’s revolving door of treason will remain operational. A window for corporate espionage will likely be added soon Ayalon said. Justice Department employees were afraid to comment.

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If Israel Bombed Pearl Harbor…Would The American Media Report It?

I know what you are thinking. The Apartheid State had not even been stolen when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Now LWB is going to tell us Mossad had a drop box next door to Tojo Hideki’s residence when the attack was being planned in Japan. Or the employees of of Dominick Suter’s Grandpa were perched on a mountain top overlooking Pearl Harbor waiting for the attacks to begin on 12/7. Of course this is not what I am saying. It would take a few more years before Mossad and Israel were spawned. During this time the Zio-Bolsheviks had just begun plotting their escape from the Soviet Union. Most of course had been Joseph Stalin’s henchmen in his many murderous enterprises. Millions of Russians perished in those enterprises. Unpopular with their fellow Russians because of their murderous activities, these Zio-Bolsheviks recognized it was time to skedaddle. Israel of course would be their escape vehicle and ultimate destination.

In America, the future Apartheid State’s agents were also busy ratcheting up efforts to involve America in the war against the abomination of Adolf Hitler. Hitlers rise to power of course made possible because of Zionist treachery in World War I. (The old we’ll bring America into the war if Britain will give us Palestine after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire carrot…a.k.a. the Balfour Declaration). Zionist involvement in the Versailles treaty after the war and the collapse of the German banking system would not be forgiven by those angry mean spirited Nazis. We all know what happened next.
After World War II, the land theft and ethnic cleansing would begin in Palestine in earnest. The record of responsibility for these crimes would however evade the pages of our history books, which were written and published largely by Zionists. These Eastern European pretenders were destined to perpetuate one of the greatest frauds of our time. This fraud made possible by Israel’s Zionist supporters in America and throughout the world.
But now lets return to my question. If Israel Bombed Pearl Harbor…Would The American Media Report It? In order to respond to this question I would consider the following maps. These maps show the addresses of 9/11 hijackers/terrorist(in red) and the Mossad spies/terrorists who kept tabs on them(in green). The first map shows residences in New Jersey and the second map, in Florida. The maps were created by Gerald Shea and were submitted to the 9/11 commission with his report. The Shea memorandum perhaps the most important document the commission could have considered, was not considered, because it was submitted a few weeks after a dead line established. The commission was apparently a stickler for dead lines. So if you have information concerning the complicity of a foreign power in 9/11, don’t even waste your time submitting it, if you can’t get it to our Government on time. The absolute treachery that these maps would indicate was reported by a single newspaper in the United States, The Philadelphia Times Herald. It was here that Christopher Ketcham would discover the article that would provide the basis for his Counterpunch expose. In addition, Fox News of all places would create a courageous and informative series on Israeli spying. Fox’s journalistic gonads would shrivel and retreat quickly however, after an onslaught of emails from Zionist treason monkeys, shortly thereafter. The report would quickly disappear from its web site. No other major media outlets would report this treachery or Zionist efforts to sweep it under the carpet in the United States. It is my theory that this is because many of our media news casters, writers, producers, management and ownership are traitors to the United States of America and that their true loyalties reside in Israel (dual loyalties my butt). The remainder of the same group are not necessarily loyal to Israel, they are simply cowards without integrity. They are afraid to lose their jobs by speaking the truth. Their standard of living and success more important to them than their loyalty to their country. A sad state of affairs. If Israel Bombed Pearl Harbor…Would The American MediaReport It? Well…No.


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