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June 22, 2008

Alles Schall und Rauch

For me he is one of the main disseminators
of truth on the Internet. He is on his site every day with a lot of diligence, news links
about what really happens in the world, and I say it honestly, it is for me a great role model.

That is why I found it important times with him and talk directly to an interview to lead so that the German-speaking readers in Europe on his side are aware that they still do not know. He was one of the first bloggers, before this term invented, and he makes this work has been 14 years, deserves our admiration and support. Michael Rivero is 56 years old, lives in Hawaii with him and I last Friday 20 June a telephone conversation.

Part I:

Freeman: You have lived in Europe. Can they tell us something about it?

Rivero: Yes in the 80’s years ago, when I in the film entertainment industry and computer graphics was working, I had the opportunity in Europe at different companies to work. For a while I pendelte between Munich and Milan back and forth, one week since one week there. It was probably very tiring, but I enjoyed the time very much. For example, gave me the Christmas mood in Munich on Marienplatz really liked, it was really beautiful, and I realized how much of the Christmas tradition we experience in America from Europe, the whole tradition has a lot of beautiful memories for me to leave.

Freeman: How are they then become a blogger, an operator of a news site on the Internet and now also a radio presenter?

Rivero: It happened by chance. Then in 1994 I was independent and had a company for special effects in Hollywood California. One day I saw a crime scene photo on TV, which alleged the hand of the Prosecutor of the White House during the Clinton administration showed Vincent Foster, with the pistol with which he allegedly killed. As a graphic expert I saw the picture and immediately came to the conclusion that the recording is staged, it is a forgery, perhaps it was no suicide.

The next day I went to work with a copy of the photograph and discussed at lunch with my work colleagues. This discussion überhörten some people on CNN at the next table and from that day I got there and threatening anonymous telephone calls from my customers, the bad talk about me. This one wanted to harm me, make me Mundtot to prevent that I could continue working.

This unfortunately happens very often in America. If you check the Internet for the actress Jean Seberg looking, you can, for the FBI as their careers in Hollywood also destroyed. The latest example is what to do with Rosi O’Donnell made, as in her show “the View” on 9 / 11 has spoken, and it is said, so something is wrong and it is an “inside job”.

Before I realized it was my career in Hollywood to an end and my wife and I had to be forced to move away from California. It was for many years worked very hard for us, but now we live here in Hawaii, and what a small site on the Internet on my business website began, has become 18 months ago, then the Genesis Communications Network me and my radio show.

Now it has established a web in which I mainly cover the machinations of the government aufdecke, all pretences of the public to expire entblösse, and that is the focus of my life.

Freeman: Your page is one of 10 best political sites on the Internet has been elected and they are referred to as “the biggest hero for the truth”.

Rivero: So what brings me embarrassed and I say nothing about this.

Freeman: Get everything themselves or they have people who help them to the Internet up and the news rauszusuchen?

Rivero: My wife is a big help for me, where they discovered important stories, and my brother takes care of business matters, because as everything has grown, we are able to become operational, with all the drum and Dran, such as taxes, Accounting, etc.

But most importantly, we have very many readers to us every day posting information which they think are important to us, and without them the site would not reach it.

Freeman: What do they happen just what the presidential elections, now that the last two candidates John McCain and Barack Obama in the race left?

Rivero: Just as it looks, unless something happens there, Barack Obama is our next president. We have the situation here in the country where electoral fraud on the agenda and we must ensure that an honest election expires. But I think the biggest concern is the here and around the world, was from the many e-mails showing that we get almost all know, the United States have lied to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In fact, in this moment where we are here together on the phone talk, the former press spokesman for the White House Scott McClellan his statement before the Congress that everything he has told the media that allows the American people again weitererzählt have lied was. All are worried that despite this disgrace what is now confirmed by an insider, the Iraq war based on lies, the White House tried, with Bush and his supporters all over again this time a new war against Iran anzuzetteln, and they lie again for this to start.

Freeman: Believe it ever makes a difference who you elect, because all the candidates by the same people driven from the background?

Rivero: Normally I would agree and if Hillary Clinton’s candidacy would have the Democrats won, I would say yes it is so. But I think Barack Obama has surprised all, in which he defeated Hillary Clinton. While he was probably the same men behind owes something to him this position at all, it is less the policy of the Bush administration to continue, compared to Hillary or McCain.

Freeman: There are people who think Obama is even worse than Bush, because he is acting Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Cold Warrior of always been the intention was to attack Russia.

Rivero: I think no one really wants to attack Russia, but it is a hazard mood created to develop a market for more weapons sales to have more fiscal expenditure, so that more money can be justified. That was the whole reason for the Cold War. It was not that the Soviet Union and America really true enemies, but the arms manufacturers in both countries had to justify their existence and mutual danger where to place course to earn money.

Freeman: You mean, Obama would be a good choice?

Rivero: It is the lesser of two evils. If I could choose, then you should probably Ron Paul, the next president, but that does not happen.

Freeman: Ron Paul and his ideas are refreshing especially among young people, even here in Europe, very popular.

Rivero: Yes, he is here among young people in America very popular for a simple reason, he says seriously the reasons for what went wrong with America. It stands for the restoration of the Constitution, he is very much against war, he questioned many things, including 9 / 11. He seems to be much more honest than all other candidates.

I think the political establishment and the media were so concerned about the success of Ron Paul that it is not so much attention directed at Barack Obama. He could therefore be a successful campaign through and beat Hillary.

Freeman: This is an interesting viewing. Many people think that it is brewing a perfect storm, now that the many crises, such as the financial crisis, Bankenpleiten, the devaluation of the dollar, the strong increase in prices for food and gasoline all simultaneously. Do they also, as a storm comes to us?

Rivero: Yes, we are facing very difficult times. President Bush has an incredible debt aufgetürmt and a lot of money for his wars. The wars are not soon come to an end and he even wants a new start. This has our economy incredibly damaging. And the worst is still our country has its entire industries to a foreign country, the United States produce nothing more … except anger around the world. One can but no country as a base to a very long time.

Freeman: The weapons industry have you as a single, do you?

Rivero: Yes, it’s still there, because even though we very much from abroad, like the entire ammunition from Israel.

Freeman: There are people who believe that the high oil price is the next bubble to burst, because it is based entirely on speculation. Do they even?

Rivero: I agree with that and believe the high prices for fuel and foodstuffs are caused by speculation. But I do not believe that this bubble will burst soon, because a new war against Iran will cause a real bottleneck.

In fact, just yesterday was announced, the Iraqi oil production is under the control of the American Ölkonzernen. At the same time discussed the U.S. government about a possible attack by the Iranian Ölinstallationen. They claim so they want to prevent Iran, nuclear power further.

It looks as if the U.S. government has waited until the Ölvertrag the Iraqi Parliament agrees, and now the path has been cleared to attack Iran. If the destruction of Iranian oil conveying no longer flows, the world the lack of oil from the American Ölkonzernen from Iraq have to buy, then any price for it.

Freeman: In Pakistan is reluctant to do what, with these covert war there expires. Do you believe Bush shortly before the official end of enough power to war against Iran to command?

Rivero: Yes, Bush is still in power, at least the people behind him, this gang of Neocons. They are the power until the final exercise in January 09 when the new president eingeschworen.

Now what Pakistan is concerned, the structure of that conflict is already longer, and I believe that the reason for this maneuver in Pakistan to intervene, not only because to do so in the American public against less resistance stumble, but more importantly to create a second front against Iran to open.

I think the ultimate goal is total control over the entire Middle East, and Pakistan is a further step in this direction.

Freeman: In their opinion, the chances are high that Iran until the end of the year is attacked?

Rivero: Yes, I think the chances are very high that between now and year-end is a war against Iran will. I see the propaganda here in America is fully in the running and it can even happen by the end of summer.

Freeman: And all the people to represent an obstacle were removed, as Admiral Fallon, is not it?

Rivero: Yes, all the opposition to a war against Iran, have been removed. But more important, all the people against a false flag operation in order to justify the war at all, you are also removed.

We are on the verge of the most important American holiday, the “Independence Day” on 4 July, a large symbolic holiday. Since Bush and his people the American people not convinced of the need of a war against Iran can convince, they might decide that it is time for someone like Osama bin Laden to dress and then a huge bomb somewhere in the U.S. to ignite to the Iranians in the shoes to push.

Freeman: It would be a scenario like we are in the TV series Jericho have seen.

Rivero: Yes exactly, that was a very popular series here in the U.S., and people have viewed the series and said, yes it could happen here with us. The TV series showed 24 in a season a nuclear attack, then later, as it turned out, parts of the government. It is something which the people trust the government is.

Freeman: This idea is really terrible.

Rivero: Yes, unfortunately this is so.

To be continued …

In Part II, I ask Michael Rivero, what we can do about it.

Copyright © 2008 sound and smoke – Freeman


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