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Monday, June 23, 2008


Bill Kristol proliferates the Pipes fantasy that Bush will attack Iran if Obama is elected. Why are the Zionists gossiping about things they know have no chance of happening? The ‘anti-Semites’ have retaken control, and there is no chance for an imminent new War For The Jews, so World Jewry has reverted to Plan B, the use of the ‘strategy of tension’ in the Middle East. The idea is to use the fears of war to further Israeli goals by forcing the Sunni states to fall into line with Zionist wishes. Crazy as it sounds, this strategy has worked. ‘Iran talk’ increases the strength of hardliners in Iran, which increases fears in the Sunni-ruled states, which forces them into falling for Israel’s diplomatic tricks.

Obviously, World Jewry is not concerned about the price of gas (the irony is that ‘Iran talk’ is greatly enriching the enemies of Israel, many of which were in economic dire straits before the Wars For The Jews and ‘Iran talk’ boosted the price of oil). As the truth of who is behind rising oil prices is unpleasant, we’ve been hearing lots of lies and bafflegab about shortages and the machinations of those very mysterious speculators. You can’t read the truth anywhere, but this is better than most:

“But the Administration’s greatest contribution to the rising oil prices is its steady stream of threats to attack Iran if it does not back down on the nuclear issue. The Iranians have made it plain that they would retaliate by attempting to block the flow of Gulf oil and otherwise cause turmoil in the energy market. Most analysts assume, therefore, that an encounter will produce a global oil shortage and prices well over $200 per barrel. It is not surprising, then, that every threat by Bush/Cheney (or their counterparts in Israel) has triggered a sharp rise in prices. This is where speculators enter the picture. Believing that a US-Iranian clash is at least 50 percent likely, some investors are buying futures in oil at $140, $150 or more per barrel, thinking they’ll make a killing if there’s an attack and prices zoom over $200.”

Obviously, the investors don’t believe that “a US-Iranian clash is at least 50 percent likely”, a ludicrous suggestion. The idea isn’t to making a killing, it is to cover one’s ass in the extremely unlikely chance of an event which would have catastrophic consequences. It’s the ass covering that causes the price to continue to rise, and the ‘Iran talk’ is what prompts the ass covering.

It is nothing short of tragic that fear of the slur – not to mention those liars misleading us in order to protect the guilty – is causing people to hide from the truth, especially considering the real economic hardship being caused by World Jewry and its never-ending desire to steal land.



This video is from Fox’s Fox News Sunday, broadcast June 22, 2008.

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