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Bari Revisited: A Thesis By Curt Maynard

If it would have shortened the war by a single year, Churchill was more than willing to “drench German cities in poison gas,” as revealed by a recently discovered June 1944 memo from Churchill to General Hastings Ismay.

Poison gas, used on the German population in order to speed up the war, was not the only toxic agent taken into consideration either. Today we know that a bio-weapon facility named Vigo existed north of Terre Haute, Indiana. If Mathew Meselson, a professor of molecular biology at Harvard and American notable in the area of chemical and biological warfare, can be believed, the American government constructed the Vigo plant in order to begin developing 500,000 four-pound anthrax bombs monthly. The destination of these bombs was Germany, presumably German cities. The Vigo plant was scheduled to begin producing hundreds of thousands of four-pound anthrax bombs in 1945. Information on this plant is extraordinarily hard to obtain, even today. Requests for information about the Vigo plant submitted by this author to the National Archives and Department of Defense have resulted in submissions to declassification committees, and lengthy delays, despite the fact that it has not produced any weapons since 1945. In fact, as of this writing, no additional material other than the obligatory FOIA response has been received by this author.

The problem with this of course is that for the most part, people would tend to reject information like this out of hand, and deny that the American government would ever do such a thing. Unfortunately, this revealing information concerning the production of anthrax bombs was credited to a rather reputable individual; Mathew Meselson, a man the U.S. government itself considered an expert in the area and had relied on many times in the past to investigate various issues dealing with biological warfare. Corroborating Meselson’s 1999 disclosure, Robert Harris, a British television news producer, and later author of the best seller Fatherland, produced a BBC documentary in 1981 claiming that Churchill had indeed seriously considered using anthrax against the German civilian population. Amid howls of protest he defended himself in a letter to The Daily Telegraph, a well known British paper, stating in effect that he stood by what he had said, and referred doubters to the documentary evidence. Taking this information into consideration dispels the notion that either Roosevelt or Churchill were abhorred by the idea of using gas or biological weapons on a civilian population, in fact they, by their very actions, seemed to advocate it.

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Jewish Gun Grabbers by Curt Maynard

From: ForceMultiplication

Added: July 07, 2008
It is clear from historical records and present conditions that crime and tyranny increase with the decrease in a citizens right to keep and bare arms. There is no force greater in the United States that wishes to disarm us than the criminal Jewish Mafia.

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