Absolute Information means Absolute Tyranny, DARPA is Absolute Tyranny

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The greatest threat to our national security is so obvious, that only powerful Mind Control can keep you from seeing it. Our Constitution does not recognize a top-down, all-seeing eye form of federal government. Those bankers who arrogantly placed this symbol of absolute slavery on the back of our dollars are now behind enslaving all of us through “science.” This satanic arrogance is so blatantly unconstitutional that it serves to prove how powerful Mind Control actually is. The reversal of our Constitution’s power pyramid is the greatest possible threat to our national security. Regardless of whether you “trust” our current government, this trust is now irrelevant. You are now required to trust all future federal government, all future presidents and all future political parties in federal power. They will enjoy absolute political power over your children’s every move, every decision and every thought. This makes an absolute coup over our Constitution absolutely inevitable.

To enslave the world, the greatest contract against tyranny and terrorism, The Constitution of the United States, must be destroyed. These are the annals of that destruction.

Is secret government freedom, or a cancer on our Constitution? The answer is overwhelmingly obvious.

Consider that our Constitution was crafted to defeat the terrorism of British imperialists. How is this same Constitution being used today? To defeat tyranny or to impose it?

The only purpose of massive psychological warfare is to reverse the Constitution’s power pyramid. Our secret government will have its hands in all the devices, scams and ploys used to accomplish this one task. Consider that your media does not address real constitutional issues, nor do your courts. Consider the VCHIP to be placed inside of your child’s arm. Whatever your motivation might be to consider such a device, what can be the ultimate purpose of such technology? Absolute top-down control?

The criminals who have scammed us about 911 are now so arrogant, that they now rub absolute tyranny directly into our faces.

Control can be advanced as altruistic, logical and necessary, but what do we need to fear most about control? Consider that those who drafted our Constitution already addressed this issue. According to our Constitution, control must come from a truly free people, hopefully an enlightened people, not from an extra-constitutional elite. The control of currency is but the beginning stage of total slavery. Currency can be manipulated to inflict demoralization and control. Our Founding Fathers rejected the British central bank. They knew that such dependence upon wrongful authority would eventually lead to complete enslavement. Such a forceful rejection of slavery is not myth, it is not hype, it is the very foundation of our constitutional government.

Reversing the incremental advancement of control by wrongful authority must be the central purpose of our Constitution and the necessary vigilance of those who demand freedom and true justice. Without such vigilance, the very meaning and purpose of the Constitution can be radically altered without changing a single word of that document. Through fear and demoralization, you may be tempted to demand a top-down power system that our Founding Fathers deliberately rejected. So our secret government deliberately perfects and advances psychological warfare building fear, demoralization and the effective reversal of our Constitution’s power system. This process serves only one future, one endgame.

Consider that our own secret government has admitted to advancing psychological warfare against its own citizens. There is enormous proof of this massive conspiracy. Why would you choose to ignore this horrific truth, now that you may do something about it? What is the real purpose of such warfare against Americans? All secretive governments throughout history have advanced psychological warfare against their enemies, why against its own citizens? How can this possibly be considered constitutional? Why must this activity be protected by an extra-constitutional elite? Advanced by false media, through false courts and false politics? The answer is always, wrongful authority. Wrongful authority is the only answer to psychological warfare being advanced against Americans by their own government. The ultimate goal of wrongful authority is total enslavement under a scientific dictatorship. There can be no other result, no other purpose whatsoever to the wrongful authority of secret government as we now view it in our federal government. These facts are so overwhelmingly obvious, that we can only view ourselves as conspirators against our Constitution if we ignore these overwhelming facts. For your children’s sake, secret government can serve no other future!

If you cannot understand how total control over the individual will lead to the utter destruction of our Constitution, you cannot claim to be a patriot. You cannot claim to hold an oath to your Constitution. You cannot claim a future for your children under that Constitution.

Full exposure of our secret government’s many tentacles into all aspects of our culture will be the only mission of a true patriot. Are you brave enough for the whole truth?

DARPA has already been exposed for actively mining information on our children. This will expose children who are not only subject to absolute control, but will be subject to active slave-making operations. Child mind-slaves have come out to describe their many tortures. Why would we fail to honor these brave Americans and hear their firm warnings?

MKULTRA Victim Testimony: Satanic Arrogance is “Sex Magic” and is not “Science”

DARPA’s mission: “is to maintain the technological superiority of the U.S. military and prevent technological surprise from harming our national security by sponsoring revolutionary, high-payoff research that bridges the gap between fundamental discoveries and their military use.” This mission includes a “military revolution” where the VCHIP will be implanted into all American children. This is the same military that has created millions of mind-slaves through Monarch Mind Control, has advanced powerful drugs against Americans, both legal and illegal, advanced an enormous pornography industry to demoralize and traffic in American children, has advanced powerful Mind Control deception in and by all media outlets, has brought German Nazis to America to illegally advance this powerful Mind Control. The only goal, the only possible goal, is to advance a military coup over our Constitution leading directly to a one-world scientific dictatorship led by an extra-constitutional elite.

What is more powerful than absolute Mind Control? Reverse Mind Control (RMC). RMC builds constitutional clarity because Mind Control is all around you.

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