Genghis K. Cohan And Company Invade Palestine…What If Our Zionist Historians Ever Told The Truth?

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is it time to knock Genghis off his high horse?
Is there a discipline or science in the world today not corrupted by Zionist influence? I think I first started asking this question when I read a piece by Noam Chomsky in reference to Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein as a student at Princeton several years ago had considered exposing From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters as the fraud that it was. “It was a big scholarly-looking book with lots of footnotes, which purported to show that the Palestinians were all recent immigrants”. Chomsky advised Finkelstein that if he exposed the American intellectual community as the gang of frauds that they were, they would destroy him. A prophetic statement indeed. When Finkelstein later got to the point of writing his thesis at Princeton he could not get the faculty to read it. Finally, out of embarrassment according to Chomsky, they granted him a Ph.D.—but would not even write a letter for him saying that he was a student at Princeton. Princeton should be ashamed.
After reading this I realized that there were forces at work that I did not understand. More recent events and further investigation have provided a better understanding of the extent of the fraud of which Chomsky spoke.
Lets talk about the media discipline, for example? When the hoard of so called Jews flocked to Israel after World War II, was there ever any discussion of the people that they were displacing. Was the suffering of the Palestinian people ethnically cleansed from their homeland ever mentioned by our media. What about the never ending oppression of these people by this new racist Apartheid state? No of course not, the only suffering our media recognizes is Jewish suffering. And how often do you hear about the Rosen and Weissman espionage trial? Why was there so little reporting about the army of Israeli spies in America living next door to the hijackers allegedly responsible for 9/11? All of these things would seem to support the fact, as Chomsky suggests, that there is in fact, a gang of frauds out there.
But perhaps the most egregious fraud of these White Eastern European Pretenders is that they have some Biblical or historical right to Palestine. I believe that the Semitic peoples described in the Bible living in Palestine in the time of Christ in all likelihood went the way of the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, etc.. They assimilated with the last tribe that invaded or the next and more or less became the people of their region today. There are many who dispute that there ever was such a thing as a diaspora from Palestine as claimed by members of the thirteenth tribe. They also believe that the ancesters of the folks who now claim Israel became Jews about a thousand years after the death of Jesus. Neither these White Eastern Euoropeans nor their descendants had stepped foot in Palestine until about sixty years ago. There was an exodus that’s true, but the exit wasn’t from Palestine, it was from Khazaria. The founders of Israel knew this, your Jewish Grandpa knew this, and historians still capable of intellectual honesty know this. They simply cannot write about it. Oops, one just did. Better watch out Shlomo you may find yourself commiting suicide with your wife under strange circumstance like Arthur Koestler.
Now rest assured Zionists have had their genetic scientists (a field dominated by members the Thirteenth Tribe) working feverishly to support this fraud. And of course according to them they have done so successfully. But take a look at what Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh has to say about some of their conclusions. Since I don’t know a thing about Y-chromosomes, haplotypes or any of that stuff, I’ll let him explain it to you. But here is the thing that I think is funny. None of these brilliant geneticists have thought of digging up some Khazar bones to make a genetic comparison with modern Jews (hint: there graves are marked with the Star of David in what used to be Khazaria).

It is important to note that Khazarian skeletons and North Caucasian Turks have not yet been used to compare Jewish genes with likely traces of the Khazars. Thus, the Khazar theory has not really been put to the genetic test yet. Some historians and scientists are starting to recognize the need for specifically testing the Khazar theory, rather than generalizing based on studies of other non-Khazar populations.

Duh, what are we waiting for the theft of the remainder of Palestine?
I think Jews like Arthur Koestler (before his murder….I mean suicide) were on the right track. Koestler was proud of his Khazar/Jewish heritage. He thought telling the truth would reduce anti-Semitism by clearing the Jews from that Christ killing stigma.
And of course their were converted former Jews like Benjamin Freedman who were familiar with many of the shenanigans of modern Jewry. He was familiar of course because he was a participant. The term Jews according to Freedman was a modern invention.
So if our historians ever told the truth about these so called Jews would American still love Israel as much as thirteenth tribe members believe. We may never know.


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