Are All Zionist Treason Monkeys Wired The Same?

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Where ever the stench of Zionist treachery and treason can be found, look around, you will probably find Harvard’s disgrace, Professor Alan Dershowitz, in close proximity. This is the man who once bragged in one of his books, that he was given the opportunity to participate in an extra judicial targeted assassination(murder) of a suspected Palestinian freedom fighter, while in his real country, Israel. If anything he says can ever be believed, he was asked to leave the room before the trigger was pulled in this international crime. Can’t have anyone as important to the Zionist cause as Alan Dershowitz implicated in a war crime can we? I wonder how many innocent women and children were slaughtered on a street corner by Israel in that one?
Should a Palestinian freedom fighter ever visit Harvard in an effort to return this favor, I hope no one will ever suggest that it was an act of terrorism or an international crime of any kind. That would be a travesty of justice. Not that anyone concerns themselves with justice anymore. Especially at Harvard Law School.
I’m not sure how many Zionist contributions it took to purchase Professor Dershowitz’s Frankfurter Seat for him, but clearly it has been a good investment for the Zionist cause. If anyone in the Harvard administration had any testes or sense of decency, Dershowitz would have been fired immediately after recounting his murderous adventure. Then the professor should have been disbarred by the State of Massachusetts for an international crime, conspiring to murder with these Israeli savages.
But the professor reigns free on his Harvard hot dog pulpit, free to spew his racist venom, and free to participate in Zionist treachery and intrigue anywhere it occurs. When the Mossad moving company goons complicit in 9/11 were picked up and held by our government for example, Dershowitz worked with two New York Zionist Congressmen to secure the release of these terrorist accomplices to the murder of 3,000 Americans. He is also at the forefront of efforts to secure the release of the treasonous pecker head, Jonathon Pollard. He also led the charge of Zionist extremists who sought to undermine a paper written by Professors Walt and Mearsheimer, critical of the treasonous AIPAC organization.
And rest assured these Zionist children and grandchildren of the White Eastern European Pretenders, who speak and act like Dershowitz, are all wired the same. It takes that sort of wiring to maintain racial purity for over one thousand years. These fraudsters are loyal only to their genetic materials. They didn’t learn from Adolf, Adolf learned from them.


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