Anti-Iranian Propaganda (AP)

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Detain This

AP is twisting itself into knots, trying to paint Iran’s nuclear program as unlawful. While it’s not quite as bad as AP’s worst frauds, this latest episode shows the desperation felt by its empire-apologizing editors.

— The first headline of this particular story was “Ahmadinejad: Iran won’t give up nuclear rights,” under the byline of one “Nasser Karimi.” [1]

— The second headline for the same story was “Ahmadinejad: Iran aims to reinforce nuclear rights,” under the same byline. [2]

There were ZERO alterations or corrections made within the body from the first to the second: only the headline changed. But why? Simple. The first headline properly implied that Iran is being unlawfully backed into a corner. You see, Iran has to appear the way neocon-Likudnik mafiosi are fraudulently painting it — as an aggressive nation “aim[ing]” at its opponents.

— A third report came out under the same byline and a different headline. Suprisingly, the title was fairer than the last: “Iran’s leader says diplomacy key to atomic dispute.” [3]

But AP more than made up for this bout of integrity by doctoring up the quotes and lying to its readers with subtlety within the body:

Iran’s leader made the comments a day after asserting that his country would not give up its “nuclear rights,” signaling that it would refuse demands to stop enriching uranium or at least not to expand its enrichment work.

Why put scare quotes around the words nuclear rights? Simple. To subtly lie to readers with the implication that Iran has no right to enrich uranium; which is a huge and dangerous lie. Next fraud:

An informal deadline expired this weekend on an offer of economic and other incentives by six world powers if Iran agreed to curb uranium enrichment.

This is one of the most heinous of subtleties. The word curb implies that Iran has been doing something unlawful; which is another huge and dangerous lie propagated by the neocon-Likudnik criminals and their proxy terrorists, the NCRI (MeK/PMOI/MKO). Next fraud:

The United States and its European allies fear Iran intends to use the technology to develop material for nuclear weapons under the cloak of a civilian nuclear power program. Iran denies the accusation.

Yeah, but so do the IAEA and the USA’s own intelligence agencies. Why omit that fact? AP is a criminal enterprise; that’s why. One last fraud to point out:

Ahmadinejad said Saturday that his country’s participation in any international talks would “be aimed at reinforcing” what Iran regards as its right under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to enrich uranium for a civilian power program.

No. That’s what the IAEA and the whole world (minus Israel and the USA) regards as their right. (Notice the selective quoting of only a few words: a technique that allows AP to rape you without you feeling a thing.)

Attention: AP board of directors (a.k.a., fucking liars),

The lampposts gallows are calling; do you hear them? The Hague is getting busier these days, and it’s not inconceivable that the neocon-Likudnik empire’s Propaganda Ministry (that includes you, btw) will be tried for crimes against humanity one of these days. You should seriously reconsider your choice of shamelessly propagandizing the world for the sake of empire and an easy buck.




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