Can We Please Impeach George W. Bush for Mass Murder and High Treason Now?

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Len Hart

Failing to impeach George W. Bush and his gang of crooks, mass murderers, torturers and, at least, 40 thieves is the moral equivalent of dismissing charges against Hermann Goring, Rudolf Hess, Alfred Jodl and other Nazis most of whom hanged following justice at Nuremberg. The election is over. There is no political downside to impeaching Bush and bringing charges against the entire cabal of traitors and cut throats.To Nancy Pelosi I say: Bush is worth nothing else BUT impeachment! He is certainly not worth ‘not impeaching’; he is not worth keeping! He is of no worth to the government, the nation, the world!

Impeaching this sorry waste of human DNA is, rather, a moral imperative if the rule of law is to mean anything in a post-Bush world. The ‘Judgment of Nuremberg’ should have been the lasting legacy that might without right is wrong and that the rule of law applies as well to those those who make the laws! Impeachment is, therefore, essential if the US is to maintain or re-establish whatever moral authority it may have exerted in the world. Impeachment is not merely the airing of Bush’s dirty laundry in the media. It will identify the many subversions of ‘law’ that must be identified before they can righted and prevented. Impeachment might prevent the psychos in the White House from starting WWIII in Bush’s final twelves weeks in the White House! The world would have been been better off if Hitler had been similarly distracted before escaping to the bunker. Today –the world will be better and American credibility will be enhanced when it is demonstrated that, in America, there are no exceptions of privilege. I believe George W. Bush to be a hardened war criminal, mass murderer, torturer, usurper, and liar, but let that fact be demonstrated legally in a courtroom authorized to pass the appropriate sentences. I might opine that the evidence is overwhelming but what matters is getting that evidence before a court or the Senate sitting as judge and jury. What matter is a bona fide verdict from a court in which has been made the voluminous case against him. Co-defendants must include Dick ‘shoot yer friend in the face’ Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who gave the game away by referring to the ‘missile that hit this [Pentagon] Building.’ Who could have mistaken a 757 for a missile? It must be remembered that criminals –especially those approaching senility –may tell the truth inadvertently. In fact –the destruction of the Pentagon by ‘missile’ is consistent with the known facts. NTSB data has proven conclusively that Flight 77 could not have struck the Pentagon that fateful day.
Pelosi may protest that there is insufficient evidence against Bush with regard to 911! I disagree! There is enough probable in the public record to convene a federal grand jury with the power to subpoena anyone in Bush’s gang. An investigation begun upon that ‘probable cause’ will yield a case at least as voluminous as the case against Nazis at Nuremberg. To paraphrase the war criminal Don Rumsfeld: “you go to impeachment with the case you’ve got, not the case you would like to get!” It will fall to a ‘special prosecutor’ and his/her team to make ‘the case you’ve got’ the one you need to ensure that justice will be served. That case is this:

  1. Bush lied to the people of the US in order to launch an illegal, pre-emptive, aggressive attack and invasion of a sovereign nation: Iraq. This act of naked aggression violate US Codes and numerous international laws, principles and/or conventions to which the US is bound by treaty and US criminal codes which specifity the death penalty for those crimes that result in death. [See: US Codes, Title 18, Section 2441].
  2. This administration’s deliberate exposure of Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA operative.[See: Scott McClellan Dismantles Cheney’s Plame Firewall]
  3. A program in which citizens of the US were –without warrants or valid court orders –spied upon and in numerous other ways deprived and denied their rights of privacy and Due Process of Law!
  4. The illegal detention of Prisoners Of War without due process, in direct violation of international law. The condoning of torture, in direct violation of international law. [See: Extraordinary Rendition: International Law and the Prohibition of Torture] These are crimes to which Bush confessed publically!

Impeachment may be ‘off the table’ but not because there is no evidence! There is evidence not just against Bush but against the board chairs and high execs of some of the nation’s biggest corporations –Unocal, Enron, Halliburton, Bechtel and several others. These people have the money power it takes to shut down investigations before the morph into criminal indictments and eventually guilty verdicts with noose potential.

The power forces conspired with ‘Dark Side’ Dick Cheney who most probably promised them a ‘little war’ which facilitate the CENTGAS pipeline across Afhanistan to the gulf. [See: Meeting of Energy Task Force; US says Halliburton Deal Includes Operating Iraq Oil Fields; ] That was in March of 2001. The meeting of this ‘energy task force’ included the maps of Iraq ‘oil fields’ that would be seized. The probable cause to begin the investigation, to convene the federal grand jury, to issue the subponas is there in spades. It is time to depose these criminals before the federal grand jury that will, if given the chance, return indictments against the CEOs, Cheney and George W. Bush. This is not mere bribery, fraud and collusion. This is conspiracy to commit mass murder, mass murder itself and high treason! There is no lack of evidence; every lie to the grand jury is, itself, prosecutable. It is too bad that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama took the ‘impeachment’ off the table. When a federal grand jury returns such indictments, it will be very difficult to avoid an impeachment after the subpoenas are served or before the indictments are returned. It is possible, however, to sentence a sitting President for the capital crimes of high treason, mass murder, and those war crimes expressly prohibited by US Codes.

Cleveland Democratic rep Dennis Kucinich brought a 35 count impeachment to the House floor and thus far has been ignored. His cries of truth and justice are a wail in the wind with no ears to hear it – no eyes to witness the charges that are overwhelmingly acute.Kucinich claimed Bush “fraudulently” justified the war on Iraq and misled “the American people and members of Congress to believe Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction so as to manufacture a false case for war.”Kucinich announced in January 08 that he planned to launch an impeachment effort against Bush, yet stalled his effort after meeting with members of the House Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Committee hasn’t acted on a bid Kucinich launched last year to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. And the wheels of justice grind to a screeching halt every time someone confronts the Neo Con criminals.Trials for treason and at the least impeachment should be considered yet we are frozen in inaction. Economic woes and deep debt have been incurred – Katrina is now almost ignored and other great failures abound, but still they are not brought to justice. America continues to suffer further under the NeoCons’ crimes and incompetence.–None Dare Call it Treason

I have celebrated Obama’s victory –but not for its symbolic significance alone. The time has come to turn victory speeches into real actions that will change this nation. Obama must step up to the plate and begin to right the wrongs that have been done our Constitution, our way of life and what this nation has stood for in spirit if not always in fact! We do not ask too much of our country that it live up to it’s expectations. No one then living forgets the words of John F. Kennedy.

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!

I say that our ‘government’ is not our ‘country’. Bush proved that beyond any reasonable doubt. Until our ‘government’ begins to respect our sacrifices, too much has been done for our ‘government’ already. Certainly –our government has done too much TO us! Because Bush lied through his teeth, we have died –not for country –but for the seven members of Dark Dick’s ‘Energy Task Force‘, the polite name given the oil companies who bought themselves a nation!

Some will say that now is a time for ‘healing’.

There may have been political reasons to delay impeachment or begin the criminal investigations of mass murder and high treason. Those ‘reasons’ no longer apply. Justice delayed is but another blow dealt to our Constitution. Justice delayed is justice denied. The people who carried out grand theft, mass murder, high treason and various war crimes must held accountable for their crimes if this nation is to survive.


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