Why Noam Chomsky is Dead Wrong About 911!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Len Hart

“I mean even if it [US GOVERNMENT COMPLICITY IN THE 9/11 ATTACKS] were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean it doesn’t have any significance.”-Noam Chomsky

Noam, I care! And I care because the very document that created the United States –the US Constitution –tells us in precise and legal language that the American people are ‘sovereign’. If the US government –the ‘hired hands’ whom we, the people, have tasked with the day to day job of governance –are in any way complicit in the attacks of 911, then the crimes of mass murder and high treason have been perpetrated against us! If 911 was an inside job, then we have no legitimate government! I call that ‘significance’!

Noam, you have, in fact, said that the crime of 911 should not be investigated. If 911 should not be investigated than no crime should be investigated. If no crime should be investigated, then the rule of law means nothing. You have granted to Bush and other known criminals and terrorists arbitrary, illogical and illegal exceptions to the rule of law. The consequences are disastrous. The ‘rule of law’ applies to all or it applies to none!

If you disagree with this, please explain to the American people how the exceptions are justified and upon what dubious principle they are derived. Since when and upon what hypocritical standard are the crimes of mass murder and high treason ignored? Since when are overt criminals given a pass? A ‘two tiered’ system of justice is an oxymoron! And that, again, is highly significant! It think it highly significant that Noam Chomsky has not said that Bush and his administration were innocent of the crime of 911! His position as I understand it is that it just doesn’t matter. If any murder matters, this one matters! If any MASS murder matters, this one matters. If the Reichstag Fire mattered, 911 matters. It matters even if Bush were innocent, though more so if he is guilty.

911 does matter! This is not merely a philosophical issue, it’s a legal one. If the 911 culprits are not investigated, charged, tried and sentenced, a horrible precedent will have been set. We will have sent ‘government’ a signal that says: “You are no longer responsible to the electorate and the people are no longer sovereign”! It follow inexorably and logically, that if the people are no long sovereign, then the rest of the US Constitution is made invalid. If the Constitution is ‘invalid’, then the United States government is illegitimate, the US is not a nation, no law is valid, not tax is just, not expenditure for public purposes is legal.

Noam, if your house were burgled or set fire to, it would matter to you to ensure that the culprits are caught and brought to justice. The people of the US have sustained more egregious offences against their persons. Some three thousand in New York were murdered. The memory of these people demand that the truth of 911 be known! It matters! Millions care! I care! And so should you! Elsewhere, with 911 every man, woman and child in the United States were denied the benefits of legitimate government! If Bush benefited in any way from 911, it matters whether or not he was complicit.

Following 911, the Bush administration set upon a campaign consisting of aggressive war abroad and the dismantling of legitimate government at home –both made possible upon the 911 pretext. Who cares? The living relatives of some 1.5 million Iraqis whom even Bush cannot credibly claim had anything to do with 911. The fact, remains, however, that Bush might never had consolidated his coalition against Saddam had he not made the untruthful claim that Saddam had WMD. Additionally, he could never have claimed Saddam had WMD had he not been ‘positioned’ by the events of 911.

The impending financial collapse of the US is traced directly to the events of 911! But –as you say –who cares? I suspect that when the facts about 911 are investigated and made public, the number of those caring a great deal about those facts will increase by some one million each month, the number of those expected to begin losing their jobs each month! That’s because Bush/GOP policies of greed and elitism held sway after 911. These are, specifically, policies like ‘supply side’ tax cuts’ which benefit an increasingly tiny GOP elite. The ‘tax cuts’ and those who benefit from them owe much to 911! Who cares? Quick response: the millions now thrown out of work care a great deal!

There is no indication that this blood letting will level off at one million job loses per month. This sort of thing has a tendency to increase exponentially as did job losses following the crash of 1929. The nation cannot long sustain this. The collapse has begun and that is why every person in the world should care about who and why 911!

Some things are better NOT rebuilt –the Roman Empire and the Third Reich are but two examples. Buildings are simply the way in which bricks, mortar, and steel are arranged. But institutions, like the Roman Empire, may be lasting –but only for as long as they are required. Rome outlived its usefulness; the Third Reich –its welcome. The US may have outlived its welcome AND its usefulness. We will never understand its precipitous fall unless we first understand 911.

Apres US, le deluge! Many will be swamped. We would hope that the ‘survivors’ will make a better world but will not, cannot if 911 remains a mystery, an unsolved crime of unspeakable evil and cruelty! If not, this will all be repeated as it has, in fact, repeated throughout history.

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it!”–Georges Santayana, American Philosopher

Hat tip: Kenny’s Sideshow

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3 thoughts on “Why Noam Chomsky is Dead Wrong About 911!

    barry gillis said:
    December 11, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    Why you dont understand what chomsky means- you dont listen,instead you vhoose to talk, proving to those who do understand his point.I will elaborate if you choose to listen.

    kenny's sideshow said:
    December 11, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Barry,Your comments would be better directed to Len Hart, the author of this post.thanks

    Len Hart said:
    December 12, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    kenny, Chomsky has his cheerleaders –and it apparently doesn’t matter to them that Chomsky’s opposition to finding out TRUTH is utterly indefensible. Certainly –his ‘explanations’ are lame, laughable. I was falsely accused of attacking ‘Chomsky’ in the article. That’s not true. I attacked Chomsky’s POSITION about which I believe Chomsky is wrong and utterly indefensible. Maybe Chom is a tad ‘thin skinned’! My article is, rather, based upon my belief that there are NO moral justifications for opposing or obstructing the pursuit of truth, which, I believe to be the foundation of all morality. That applies as well to buth BUSH and Chomsky! It applies as well to the three monkeys of 911: see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil! Conversely, NOTHING moral can be based upon lies or deliberate obstructions of truth.As Jacob Bronowski put it in his “Science and Human Values”, the pursuit of truth in science is, in fact, an ethic summed up in a single sentence:BEHAVE IN SUCH A MANNER THAT WHAT IS TRUE MAY BE VERIFIED TO BE SO!Chomsky has betrayed that ETHIC, in fact, the only ‘ethic’ that can be fully defended logically, scientifically, and legally.I will be happy to debate CHOMSKY on this issue any time! It would be interesting to hear how he defends a heinous cover up that is probably itself responsible for losses of life simply because it allows Bush to continue to get away with mass murder.

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