JIDF hate group attacks free speech

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The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) is a non-violent protest group who share concerns about antisemitic online content, as well as content which promotes terrorism on sites including Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Earth, Blogger, and other sites and forums throughout the internet. The JIDF believes in direct action both to eradicate the problems we face online and to create the publicity that will cause those with the power (companies like Facebook and Google) to take the needed action themselves.

A jewish group, the JIDF, taking issue with the jewish internet moguls….yeah right.

Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg

Google, youtube, blogger – Sergey BrinLarry Page

Wikipedia – Jimmy Wales

The enemies huh…

Before you slobber all over yourself, the JIDF can help.



A non-violent protest group…I’ll have to question that. Attacking free speech, creating false history and trolling the internet to censor any criticism of jewish criminals and their allies plus Israeli genocide and war crimes may not be physically violent but it sure as hell is violent against freedom and truth.

“eradicate the problems we face online” means shutting down anyone who would dare to express their first amendment rights.

The JIDF, google, wikipedia, youtube…..

working together to create an antisemitic free internet….. one where the truth has no place.


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