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Offspring of political and financial criminals to merge

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Chelsea Clinton is engaged to Marc Mezvinsky, a jewish Goldman Sachs employee.

At the Clinton Global Initiative in September of 2009.

We all know a little about Chelsea and a lot about her parents. Here’s a bit about Marc…

Mezvinsky works at Goldman Sachs; his parents are both former members of Congress. His father pleaded guilty in 2002 to swindling dozens of investors out of $10 million after getting caught up in a Nigerian scam. {more}

“Caught up in a scam?” That’s how the spin goes. The father, “Fast Talkin” Eddie” Mervinsky, also claimed to be bipolar/insane but it didn’t work. He went to prison but was released early, probably for ‘good behavior.’

Children of the elite criminals marrying within their class is nothing new. It’s gone on for centuries. Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna, married Andrew Schiff, a descendant of Jacob Schiff, one of the founding fathers of the Federal Reserve and a financier of the communist revolution in Russia.

An offspring merger of criminal families. Sort of an elite version of “All in the Family.”


Kids, some of you are going to die

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Leaked White House excerpts of the president’s speech to be given at West Point on Dec. 1 for the ‘surge’ in Afghanistan. Subject to change.

With service comes sacrifice. All of you know this. You’ve made the most profound commitment a person can make. You’ve pledged to dedicate your life to your country. And perhaps give your life for it.

And some of you will.

I want you guys to understand, I will never hesitate to use force to protect our vital interests; oil, pipelines, heroin trafficking and last but not least the interests of Israel. Your killing and dying for Israel so that their youth won’t have to is a tribute to our volunteer army.

To also sacrifice your life for the profits of the corporations of war is indeed a testimonial to the educational system you came from. For you to have absorbed the history of the victors and to do what you have been told without questioning means that we will never have to say we’re sorry, only thank you.

We so much appreciate your dedication to the corporate media, Without following their lead many of you would not be here. You took their words of 9/11, al qaeda, bin laden, and the war on terror to heart and joined us in the permanent wars of hegemony. Our empire could not continue without you.

Most of you will never become rich from your service. But you can always take solace in the fact that you are such an important servant in maintaining the status quo. The bankers, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street know that without you that their continued dominance over our society would be much more difficult. The profits of peace must never supplant the profits of war. As you all know, that is the American way.

So these are the commitments I’m making to you. Because you’ve always taken care of America, America has to take care of you back. Remember, each of you who succumb to the wounds of battle will receive the best military burial that we decide you should have.

Again… thank you, thank you…..

“See you in Dover”

This is a Street Brawl for Truth and Freedom

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excerpt from Climategate: A Crime Against Humanity

by Mike Rivero

It is clear that government, the media, corporatized science, have quite literally bet the farm on selling the illusion of human cause global warming as justification for global taxes and global government. In order to bring about global government simultaneous with creating the illusion of a need they have to destroy the credibility of the regional governments and we have seen a great deal of this lately. Now the oligarchs face an awkward choice. They have set the stage for a collapse of the national governments and the global government they wish to install in its place may be collapsing right along with the myth of global government.

Various governments and the media are so heavily invested in selling the illusion of human cause global warming, that if that hoax is exposed, if the public becomes aware of the monstrous fraud involved, those institutions of government and media could very well be destroyed and by their own hands.

Already we are seeing the organizers and perpetrators of this fraud trying to limit the damage from this exposure in several ways. The media is already hard at work attempting to dump the blame and scandal solely on the climate scientists, who after all were only doing what they were paid to do. This is not to say the scientists are not guilty. Quite the contrary, they deserve to be pilloried publicly and humiliated for their betrayal of the public trust. To say that their careers should be ended is an understatement. But in our haste to punish the scientists who assisted in the lies to the world, we must not forget that the scientists were working for somebody; for politicians such as Al Gore, for an agenda called global government, and for those who wanted to get rich by selling is a fictitious product called carbon credit.

Yet another tactic being employed to limit the damage from climate gate, is to insist that even though the scientist responsible for the climate warming data have been exposed as holsters that the validity of the data itself must remain above question above reproach. This of course is nonsense. If you hire a contractor to build a home, and discover afterwards that the contractor has a history of using substandard materials and sloppy workmanship, do you continue to believe the home he has billed shoe is solid and durable and safe? Of course not. And yet the global warming cultists, are demanding exactly this kind of naïveté from the public at large.

So is climate gate a fraud? Is climate gate a scientific scandal? No. Climate gate is first and foremost a political scandal. More than that it is a global political scandal, that involves governments, media, institutionalize science, the banks, universities, indeed a vast cross-section of our ruling classes. It is more than a scandal; climate gate is a crime against humanity. And this is not an exaggeration. The goal of climategate was to extract money from every human being on planet Earth in exchange for a nonexistent salvation from a nonexistent threat. The goal of climate gate was to trick every human being on planet Earth into accepting the yoke of a global oligarchy with no more legitimate claim to power than those who ruled by divine right.

We are at a watershed moment. We may well see a transition to a new and better political structure for the entire world. But it will not be the one that has been designed for us. If nothing else the ability for government and media to lie to the population of the world on such a vast scale is forever destroyed. Climate gate will relegate all of the official stories of the governments of the United States and Great Britain and indeed every government that took part in the human cause global warming hoax to the same level of credibility as Ramses carvings showing his victory over the Hittites. It will be seen as an historic joke by future generations.

But we are not there yet. The forces that have enslaved us with deception and fraud and hoax are desperate to hang onto their power and authority. They are busy coming up with new hoaxes and frauds to scare us back into obedience. And the media well aware that they cannot report on the lies of climate gate without reporting their own complicity are working hand in glove with government to reassert their ability to control what you think and when you think it.

So, what we the free people of planet Earth need to do in the coming weeks is become the new mainstream media. The TV networks and other corporate media have been handed their marching orders to resell the illusion of human cause climate change in any way shape or form that will convince you to accept new taxes and the loss of your freedoms. The only way the rest of the world is going to find out about climate gate is if you tell them. Because the TV and news magazines won’t. If it’s mentioned at all, it will be to trivialize and dismiss it and assure the world it really doesn’t matter. BBC is still reporting climate gate as just another computer crime. This is like reporting Watergate as just another burglary!

We have collected together a vast body of evidence calling into question the legitimacy of the claims of human cause global warming. We have collected together a vast body of evidence proving fraud and deception on the part of the global warming cult. Please for this information to everybody you know in times of the essence. Barack Obama as already indicated that he will not be swayed by the exposure of the fraud in the CRU/NWIA data, and fully intends to go to Copenhagen to sign away our national sovereignty as “penance” for our contribution to global warming.

Other observers have commented that the moment president Obama signs that Copenhagen Treaty his credibility as president of the United States will be destroyed. For him to sign away sovereignty of our nation on the basis of a known lie should enrage all Americans and make it clear that the federal government is not working in the interests of the American people any more, but in service to this emerging globalist socialistic empire. Remember; global government is what Hitler wanted. Global Government is what Napoleon wanted. Global Government is what Alexander the Great wanted. Global Government is what the Roman Caesars wanted.

Climategate may well prove to be the final fight in the war between those who would rule us with lies and those who wish to live with truth. Climategate makes it clear that yes, there really are massive conspiracies between government and the media to mislead the general public. You cannot pretend they don’t exist; one is right there before you staked out naked on the ground, exposed for all to marvel at! I leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide how many other such deceptions form what we think we know of the world and of history.

There are two paths into the future. Along one lies freedom and truth and prosperity for the people. Along the other lies a socialist dictatorship, born in deception, unable and unwilling to tolerate dissent, and dedicated to robbing the poor to give to the rich.

You need to decide which future you wish to live in.

And you need to decide what you will do about it.

see the entire article

4 cop execution in Washington State…here we go again

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Update: Dec. 1, 2009. Clemmons is dead.

Police investigate the scene where suspect Maurice Clemmons was shot and killed by a patrol officer early December 1, 2009 in Seattle, Washington.

From Nov. 29, 2009

The news cycle for the Fort Hood shooting has just about run it’s initial emotional course… so let’s have another wild eyed shooting of authority figures in uniform.

‘Domestic terrorism,’ is that what it’ll be called?

Or just another ‘lone nut’ killer?

Initial reports vary…..

The uniformed officers were drinking coffee, reading newspapers and working on laptops when the two gunmen walked in.

The executions happened close to McChord Air Force base in Parkland, Washington, US.

But there was nothing last night to suggest the gunmen were soldiers or the attack was similar to the Fort Hood killings in Texas three weeks ago.
The killers, one black and aged between 20 and 30, and the other white, were not wearing masks. The officers were due to begin their shifts in the town 40 miles south of Seattle.

No one else was injured in the attack. Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the local sheriff’s office, said it was a “targeted attack”, adding: “This was more of an execution. Walk in, with the mindset to shoot police officers.”

Officials closed off the airspace above the scene of the shootings and put the military base on alert.{more}

The AP gives a story of a heroic attempt by one of the police officers before he went down…

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said investigators believe two of the officers were shot dead while sitting in the shop, and a third was killed after standing up. The fourth apparently struggled with the gunman out the doorway and “gave up a good fight,” getting off a few shots before he was either shot there or succumbed to earlier wounds.

“We believe there was a struggle, a commotion, a fight … that he fought the guy all the way out the door,” Troyer said.

He added, “We hope that he hit him.”

Troyer said officers were looking for one male suspect who fled the scene and haven’t ruled out an accomplice, possibly a getaway driver.

Troyer said investigators determined that a hoax call from a person in nearby Tacoma led officers to believe the gunman was on foot and still near the coffee shop. A number of officers spent part of the afternoon carefully searching buildings close by.

Two employees and a few other customers were in the shop during the attack. All are being interviewed by the Pierce County Sheriff’s investigators. {more}

A report that the police officers were wearing bullet proof vests…

The officers, who were in uniform — including bulletproof vests — were at the coffee shop with laptops open, preparing to start a day shift when the gunman opened fire. {more}

A ‘war’ against cops in that area?

Last month, Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton was shot and killed Halloween night as he was sitting in a cruiser with trainee Britt Sweeney. Sweeney was grazed in the neck.

Authorities say the man charged with that shooting also firebombed four police vehicles in October as part of a “one-man war” against law enforcement. Christopher Monfort, 41, was arrested after being wounded in a firefight with police days after the Seattle shooting. He remains hospitalized in stable condition, the hospital said Sunday. {more}

Monfort, a former security guard, received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in 2008 and completed a project for the McNair Scholar’s program on “The Power of Citizenship Your Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About: How to Change the Inequity of the Criminal Justice System Immediately, Through Active Citizen Nullification of Laws, as a Juror.” {more}

The ‘person of interest.’

Investigators are looking for a person of interest in the shooting, 37-year-old Maurice Clemmons of Parkland. {more}

Clemmons has a criminal record which includes aggravated robbery, rape, and assault, as well as a history of erratic behavior.

Clemmons, who had been in jail in Pierce County on a pending charge of second-degree rape of a child, was released from custody less than a week ago, even though he was wanted for eight felony charges out of Washington State.

Clemmons’ criminal record dates back to age 18, when he was sentenced to 60 years in prison for burglary. While an Arkansas inmate, Clemmons’ sentence was commuted by then-governer Mike Huckabee, over the protest of prosecutors.

We should stress that Clemmons is not yet a suspect. However, should he be shown to have played a part in this morning’s killing, it will prove to be a serious black spot on Mike Huckabee’s future political career, as this would not be the first time in which a prisoner released by Huckabee has gone on to do violence.

Although Clemmons was judged competent to stand trial in Washington after a mental evaluation, he has a long history of mentally suspect behavior. A sheriff’s report uncovered by KOMO, Clemmons’ sister told police,

Maurice is not in his right mind and did not know how he could react when contacted by Law Enforcement…She stated that he was saying that the secret service was coming to get him because he had written a letter to the President. She stated his behavior has become unpredictable and erratic. She suspects he is having a mental breakdown.{more}

Confusion…and a prior warning…

Pierce County spokeswoman, Sheri Badger said officers took a person of interest into custody shortly after the shootings but had not identified the person as a suspect.

“By the way they’re talking, it doesn’t look like they’re any more than a witness,” she said.

Police also took into custody a man who called 911 and claimed to be the shooter. He was ruled out as a suspect but faces charges in connection with the false report, Badger said.

Even before the shooting, Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor had published a statement on the department’s website pointing out the “uncharacteristically large” number of officers in Washington state killed recently in the line of duty — four over the past 18 months, before Sunday’s shooting.{more}

Official: Washington Officers May Have Been Targeted – video

Slain police officers identified

These are strange times indeed.

Anti-Vietnam War – Anti-Occupation Song

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An example in song of the parallels between Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Always…where there are occupiers…there will be resistance.

From the 1970’s by Knutna Nävar.


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Once again we have a globalist backed front group that is leading the flock. This time towards Copenhagen.

TckTckTck is a slick organization. They get a lot of young folks to think they are doing something important and ‘dance for the climate‘ and encourage their ‘leaders’ to tax the very air we breathe if that’s what is necessary to save us from ourselves. Turning a midnight oil song into a contrived anthem for all of the useful idiots is one of their ‘accomplishments.’ “Pay the rent, pay our share”

Tck seems to want to be a centralized umbrella group, unifying the message…

Our partners range from some of the largest civil society organizations in the world, including the World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam, and Amnesty International, to our equally important individual, local, and national partners, like Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana. We are unified globally, bringing together faith groups, like the World Council of Churches, anti-poverty groups, like the Global Campaign Against Poverty, and science organizations, like the Union of Concerned Scientists.

TckTckTck is a project of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA), a bold, new initiative involving a growing number of national and global organizations in support of a single goal: to mobilize civil society and to galvanize public opinion in support of transformational change and rapid action to save the planet from dangerous levels of climate change. {more] {List of Tck partners}

Now before I join up with the Tck gang, I’d like to know where their funding comes from.
From their website

The campaign is funded by a number of private foundations directly engaged on the issue of climate change.

You might think Tck would be proud of these private foundations that give them a ton of money and shout out some kudos but I guess those foundations are just shy and don’t want the publicity. A google search doesn’t turn up much info on who funds Tck.

But we do know that one of the partners of Tck is ‘350,’ a subsidiary of the Sustainable Markets Foundation, an offshoot of The Rockefeller Brothers Fund. {more}

So, we may infer that the Tck funding is similar and that the money trail goes back to the central banks and their allies who will benefit the most from the carbon scam.

Tck will have a presence at the Copenhagen Climate Conference and will get some tv time and a pass. From reports, other groups that may not be as friendly to the agenda may get to be an experiment in ‘thought crimes.’

The Danish parliament today passed legislation which will give police sweeping powers of “pre-emptive” arrest and extend custodial sentences for acts of civil disobedience. The “deeply worrying” law comes ahead of the UN climate talks which start on 7 December and are expected to attract thousands of activists from next week.

Under the new powers, Danish police will be able to detain people for up to 12 hours whom they suspect might break the law in the near future. {more}

If you’re not with Tic and the gang, then you had better watch your thoughts…the Danish think they can read them.

Pre-emptive, now where have we heard that before? That used to be only for wars of aggression and theft but it may be coming down to those who only speak against the religion of ‘climate change’ and eventually anything else deemed heretical.


Let them eat carbon credits

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The threat to our environment is not a new concern but it is now a global challenge which will continue to affect the security and stability of millions for years to come,”

The Commonwealth has an opportunity to lead once more”

The threat to the carbon tax/cap and trade/one world CO2 scam has gone to red alert since climategate, so….break out the queen. The subjects may still believe.

Marie Antoinette comes to mind. Sometimes the people get tired of the ones that control them and steal the fruits of their labor.

But while we’re waiting for the revolution, let’s focus this Thanksgiving weekend on shopping for Chinese trinkets and the latest created diversion… the White House crashers.

What a wonderful world…..