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I washed my hands in the bloody waters but they didn’t come clean

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Julian Assange et al “might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family,” because of the massive leak of Afghan war records.

          Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen 

For our ‘leaders’ the WikiLeaks psyops saga goes somewhat like this …

Let’s pretend we care about soldiers and civilians.

Let’s make believe that we fight wars for righteous reasons.

What really goes on is none of the public’s business. Just pay your taxes and shut up.

Lies are to protect you from the facts.

Scapegoats make for great diversion.

Unauthorized leaks need new laws. We’ve been telling you that the internet is dangerous.

___________ fill in the blank.

Find some war statistics-take your pick, explore a story or two from non-main stream sources, read up on the history of propaganda and the real history of history.  Or just go along with the crowd.

The more we accept the official story, the more sense the world will make. There are wonderful things waiting for those who believe what our loving and benevolent government says. I used to want to look it all up and find the real “truth”, but now I realize that the real truth is what they tell me it is.

Yes, wonderful things will come for our acceptance and silence …

                                                                  like this

                                                                  or this 

                              ah, but sometimes there’s smiles


Barry and a Beatle

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Last night PBS finally got around to airing the “really big shew” of Paul McCartney receiving the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at the White House which took place on June 2.

‘Sir’ Paul and his band and guests played a few tunes to remind the crowd what the award was all about and Paul gushed over Barry and Michelle throughout the love fest. It seemed like Paul thinks Barry is the best thing to happen to America since, uh, Stevie Wonder, who was also there.

A few of the other guests were surprising. Elvis Costello, fresh on the heels of canceling his concert in Israel, calling it an act of  ‘conscience’  in protest over the treatment of the Palestinians was there. Apparently his conscience didn’t kick into gear over playing for drone lover, surge enabler and war puppet Barry. And Jack White was there too … humm.

A little editing of the show was ordered by the White House. Reportedly Paul said near the end  “After the last eight years, it’s good to have a president that knows what a library is.”  Too bad Barry didn’t spend more time at the library and check out the constitution.

The missing moment …

I kept waiting. It didn’t happen.

On his current tour, Paul has been playing a tribute to his assassinated partner John Lennon, “Give Peace A Chance.” You might think the peace prize prez would want to continue the charade and sing along with that one. The grand finale to give the world ‘hope.’

But na na na na na na na. Hey Jude got the finale honor with everyone joining in on stage

Just one question … WTF was Seinfeld doing there?

Gatekeepers Talk

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Democracy Now – July 28, 2010

Gatekeepers Amy Goodman and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, both of whom are adverse to  discussing the root conspiracy of the current wars – 9/11, talk among themselves about “the leaks.”

Not much here of important interest. Only one thing stood out to me, the idea from Assange that one is a pacifist if they are antiwar. Being against wars based on lies, deceptions and profiteering has nothing to do with being a pacifist. It has everything to do with being anti-criminal.

AMY GOODMAN: And for those who say you’re an antiwar campaigner, and so, though the documents aren’t suspect, because they’re clearly from the US government, your motives are, what is your response?

JULIAN ASSANGE: We have clearly stated motives, but they are not antiwar motives. We are not pacifists. We are transparency activists who understand that transparent government tends to produce just government. And that is our sort of modus operandi behind our whole organization, is to get out suppressed information into the public, where the press and the public and our nation’s politics can work on it to produce better outcomes.  

{more – the transcript and video}

WikiLeaks Works For The CIA and Mossad?

Amy Goodman, Left Gatekeeper

The message falls on deaf ears

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The American public deaf from propaganda lies and distractions. Politicians deaf because they are paid and blackmailed to be so.

No matter what one may think about Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich it should be the message that counts. Even they don’t go deep enough.

On the House floor … July 27, 2010

Ron Paul “We Give Them 2 Options! Do It Our Way Or We Bomb The Hell Out Of Them!” 

Wake Up America! WikiLeaks Gave Us 92,000 Reasons To Leave Afghanistan PICK ONE! Dennis Kucinich 

Ron Paul: Osama Bin Laden & The Taliban Used To Be Our Best Friends!

‘WikiLeaks story soft, coverage a 9/11-like lie’

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Leaky Vessels: Wikileaks “Revelations” Will Comfort Warmongers, Confirm Conventional Wisdom

Getting this message out via “critical” stories in “liberal” publications is much more effective than dishing up another serving of patriotic hokum on Fox News or at a presidential press conference. In fact, it is so much more effective that one almost begins to wonder about the ultimate provenance of the leaks. Did some deep-delving gamester allow these files to get out? Most likely not; but their ultimate effect does provoke the age-old question, cui bono?

If I believed anything would come of this document dump, if I believed it would actually lead to, say, the prosecution of even one single person for a war-related crime, or to a genuine debate over the morality of the war in the political and media establishments, or even a 5 point rise in public opposition to the Terror War project, then I would rejoice, and embrace the flashy packages of the NYT, Guardian and Der Spiegel at their own self-inflated valuation.

But I honestly believe that the net effect will be simply to entrench the conventional wisdom about the war in the halls of power — and in the echo chambers of opinion — on both sides of the Atlantic. We have already seen far too many atrocities, brutalities and acts of criminal folly countenanced, when they are not actually praised, far too many times — over and over and over again — in the course of the last decade to believe that these disgorgings of junk intelligence and apparatchik memos will make any difference. 

Any difference for the better, that is. For I believe they will supply plenty of ammunition to those bent on further murder and plunder. {more – Chris Floyd}

WikiLeaks, a source of disinfos?

People often ask me if I think this source or that source is disinfo…

My response is always: TREAT EVERY SOURCE AS DISINFO.

You’ll avoid disappointment when the thing starts serving up rat poison—which, unfortunately, happens a lot.

Julian Assange’s recent comment in the Belfast Telegraph about 9/11, however, may be a more tangible source of concern for me. I know Assange isn’t an idiot, so I see three other possibilities:

1. He is profoundly ignorant of the vast body of material that demonstrates that the 9/11 spectacle was a false flag operation.

2. He’s “picking his battles” and not wanting to have to deal with the inevitable conspiracy theory stigma that could threaten his media access

3. He’s running a limited hangout/honeypot

Of these three options, I doubt that it’s number two.Vet the data as you would anything else from any source. Use your skills of discernment. For me, the most worrying thing about WikiLeaks is the promotion it receives from the corporate media. Even the trash talking Wired is promoting Wikileaks by constantly mentioning it.

In the end, though, obsessing about disinfo this and disinfo that is generally a waste of time. It’s safe to assume that damn near everything we come across contains disinfo.

There is the issue of stench, however. Sources that say, categorically, that there’s nothing to see here on 9/11 smell really bad to me. As bad as anything can smell. {more – Revelations}

A. Peasant left a comment for a link that hints that Hillary Clinton was setting the Pakistan stage right before the leaks.

Hillary Widens Pak US “Historic Distrust”

Fox News shills  …

” We Should Execute Leakers!”

‘Official’ reports can’t confirm? …

NATO Rocket Kills 52 Civilians In Afghanistan!

Dennis Kucinich gets one thing right …

We’ve Got To Start Focusing On Our Problems At Home!

The Biggest Secret That Wikileaks Doesn’t Reveal – America Needs Pakistan To support The Taliban

The whole war is a big show, has been since the fall of Tora Bora. This war and the one in Iraq were both won on the battlefield after a few months of fighting. The decision was made to carry-on with this American Kabuki theater, where remnants of the Iraqi Army, as well as the Taliban, became mercenaries for America, Britain and Israel, staging war simulations to mislead Western audiences.
{more at Peter Chamberlin’s site}

WikiLeaks ‘partners’ NY Times and The Guardian point the finger at Pakistan

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Could the leaks be used  to expand the war in Pakistan? Another ‘never waste an opportunity’ moment? The MSM is playing up this point. Will the American people ever say ‘enough is enough?’

Afghanistan war logs: Clandestine aid for Taliban bears Pakistan’s fingerprints

 Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert

The leaks portray Gen. Hamid Gul, former head of the ISI, as a major player in aiding the insurgency against the U.S. and NATO forces.

Hamid Gul Response to WikiLeaks Allegations

Gull on 9/11 …

Afghanistan The War Logs – Guardian

The War Logs – NY Times

Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from Those Fighting It – Der Spiegel

The U.S. House of Representatives of Israel Puppet Dance

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I’m up for re-election. I need the jewish lobbyist money and support. So what if most of my constituents don’t want more war. They don’t pull the strings, they just pull the controlled voting lever. 

Call us un-American traitors if you wish but we have the power, not you.

                                      co-sponsors of H. Res. 1553

Republicans in the US House of Representatives on July 22 introduced a measure that would green-light a possible Israeli bombing campaign against Iran.

Resolution 1553 provides explicit support for military strikes against Iran, stating that Congress backs Israel’s use of ‘all means necessary’ against Iran, “including the use of military force.”

Hawkish former Bush Administration official John Bolton recently laid out the game plan to prod Israel into attacking Iran, arguing that outsiders can ‘create broad support’ for a strike by framing it as an issue of Israel’s right to self-defense.

Supporters for military strikes, Bolton says, should “defend the specific tactic of pre-emptive attacks” against Iran. He said that Congress can ‘make it clear’ that it supports such strikes and that ‘having visible congressional support in place at the outset will reassure’ Israel. {more}

So are we going to do anything about these Israel war profiteering lackeys or just sit back and watch the dance?

Most of us are puppets too. We just ignore the strings.