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Arson at Murfreesboro TN Mosque Construction Site

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The psy-ops of the Muslim mosques is not just for New York. Locally, the issue of construction of a mosque is taken to another level as someone sets fire to excavation equipment at the site. Dumb media and politician manipulated redneck bigot arsonists or paid provocateurs? Either way, the manufactured controversy heats up. 

From Channel 5 News …

Murfreesboro, TENN. – Agents from the ATF, the Nashville branch of the FBI, and investigators from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department are seeking the public’s help in solving an overnight construction site fire at the future home of a Muslim Mosque.
Eric Kehn, spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Tennessee and Alabama, told NewsChannel 5 Saturday evening that investigators are actively pursuing any and all leads this weekend. Kehn stopped just short of calling the fiery assault on four pieces of giant, excavating equipment and vehicles a hate crime; rather, Kehn said it’s being pursued and prosecuted as a fire at the site of a future house of worship.
Call it what you will, but local Muslims are truly frightened and taking the attack quite seriously.
“The members of the community are very scared,” said Camie Ayash, spokeswoman for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. “As I mentioned, it’s Ramaadan. We try to come together as a community in the evenings to break our fast together. Our attendance level has been very low, because people are scared to leave their homes.”
Ayash is quick to point out that Muslims have quietly co-existed in this community for 20 years. Only since plans were unveiled to build a brand new Mosque, at the intersection of Bradyville Pike and Veals Road, has such public opposition become so loudly expressed. {more}

Feds investigate fire at Murfreesboro mosque site – The Tennessean

Fire Strikes Future Site – DNJ


War Rally

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Agitator Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally today at the Lincoln Memorial will be hiding behind the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in what is essentially a neocon ‘war cry’ for the gullible hijacked ‘tea partiers.’

Beck claims it just a coincidence that he scheduled his rally on 47th anniversary of the historic 1963 March on Washington, where Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Uh huh.

Also today, agitator Al Sharpton has his own  DC “Reclaim the Dream” rally so that we have a clash of the false left/right paradigm to intensify the divide between Americans and keep us distracted from the real enemies in this ‘city of crimes.’

The media is surely hoping for some made for TV confrontations between these two groups as proof of the manufactured ideological schisms that confront this country.

What’s missing from these rallies? It’s the cohesiveness against the wars that are destroying us. For the powers that be, silence is golden.

Gordon Duff explains the scam of wars and the need for an anti-war uprising:

Over 40 years ago, Americans of conscience went to the streets to end a war.  They saved more than just the lives of American soldiers and Vietnamese civilians, they restored Americas honor.

Control of American education and media, whether by Zionists, right wing fanatics, thieving banksters or a coalition of “evildoers” combining all three, has attempted to rewrite history.  We are told mobs in airports attacked returning soldiers.  We are told thousands of Americans died because of protests, not because of Kissinger’s lies.

Those who know better are still alive, some still awake and too many silent.

A generation of soldiers, now men and women, return from war, maimed, crushed and thrown away.  21st century America sees nothing, not the corruption, the narcotics, the lies, the evil in what has gone on so long in the name of the people of the United States.

What is war?  All war is class struggle.  If we still had more communists around, they would remind us.  Rich people start wars, poor people die and resources are stolen, banks emptied and all of it hidden behind flag waving and childish scare tactics.  War is part of the grander plan.  Is war politics or is it economics? {more}

While these rallies unfold, deceived American pawns die in foreign lands while following their orders to destroy those who only want to live in peace. Our country and much of the world crumbles in the shame of these deceptions.

Wave the flag fellow Americans but don’t question the lies. That’s the definition of ‘patriotic’ today.

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Building What? New York TV Ad

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This is an interesting concept to try and wake up more New Yorkers to the false flag of 9/11. My question is whether the controlled media will actually repeatedly air this ad if can come up enough money to pay for them.

Statement from BuildingWhat …

Dear Friends,

We are pleased and tremendously excited to share this groundbreaking TV ad with you for the first time. We hope, with your help, to be able to show it to one million New Yorkers one month from now. Please go to to watch the ad and please donate generously. Every $750 we raise is enough for another spot to reach another 10,000 people. Your donation will be fully tax-deductible. 5% of it will go to the WTC Rescuers Foundation. And 5% of it will be matched by another generous donor.

Our strategy for buying spots is guided by two principles. Firstly, showing it to audiences who will respond productively and influence the public discussion, such as young people, academics, journalists and the political class. And secondly, repetition!

We will be sending off the ad two weeks from now. Between now and then we welcome your comments. We’re all in this together! {more}

“Building what?” – Judge Edward Lehner upon hearing the words “Building 7” in a NYC courtroom


9/11: WTC Building 7 “Collapse” video compilation

WTC7, about to blow up, CNN

BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early– TWICE

Wikileaks and the CIA – Third Rate Romance

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Hey Julian,

After all the latest publicity of rape/no rape and the mantra of the CIA is out to get me and amid accusations of being a CIA plant … this is the best you can do?

“CIA Red Cell,” the newest Wikileaks secrets expose, takes us into familiar propaganda territory featuring the domestic terrorist.

What If Foreigners See the United States as an “Exporter of Terrorism”? gives us sub-standard CIA PR campaigns from American/Muslim al-Qa’ida to David Headley misdirection to ancient Irish ‘terrorists’ and the IRA with even an attempt to build a little credibility by mentioning, god forbid, an American jewish terrorist in 1994.

The poor CIA … worried that if foreign countries see us as exporting terrorism that they won’t help us anymore with lying about wars, illegal renditions, torture, assassinations, drug smuggling and false flag cover-ups.

Even the main stream media is having a hard time coming up with something that would make this a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of secrets that the CIA would rather not become public.

‘Secret’ CIA memo on Wikileaks is not very revelatory

Better hurry kids, you might miss your chance to get those secrets out.

The document you have been reading was passed to us by an individual stepping forward to reveal the truth or preserve the integrity of the historical record. WikiLeaks is acknowledged to be the most successful defender of confidential sources and the public’s right to know. If you have confidential material, contact us securely at:

Third Rate Romance

Cannon Fodder for the New World Order

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Deanna Spingola once again speaks truth to the masses who would rather take the easier road of lies.

In 1926, General Cherep-Spiridovich wrote, “War is only a ‘legalized mass murder.’

General Cherep-Spiridovich said that those who arrange wars have a “lust of murder.” They also demonstrate a lust for power and profit, made possible by government-sanctioned warfare, funded by privately owned central banks which print billions of debt-based, interest-laden dollars, debt that is passed off onto the citizens who also fight and die in those wars. The increased glut of cash into the market devalues the currency already in circulation and further jeopardizes the country’s diminishing economy. The malevolent, parasitical bankers achieve their objectives by funding power-hungry, often psychopathic, well-compensated politicians who accommodate the bankers at the expense of the citizens they claim to represent. Representative government ends when the polls close.

International bankers, without particular national loyalties or regard for those used as cannon fodder, typically fund both sides of every war and often have major investments in, or outright ownership of, ammunition production facilities. Guaranteed contracts for tons of one-time-use bullets and bombs are tremendously more lucrative than selling cars and washing machines to consumers. Henry Kissinger, one-time U.S. Secretary of State said, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
{more – The Peoples Voice}


Nature symbolically reveals our world of war …..

The CFR/Globalist/Zionist Hegelian Dialectic New York Mosque Conspiracy

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Tony Cartalucci’s The Anatomy of a Globalist Propaganda Operation has exposed the facts that the New York “Imam” Faisal Abdul Rauf, the frontman for the near ground zero mosque, is a CFR member and that his Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement are at least partly funded by the usual suspects in the ‘new world disorder’ including the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers, Rockefeller Philanthropy, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Of course the main stream media has ‘failed’ to inform us of this little bit of information in their nonstop fearmongering and freedom of religion ‘reporting.’ It’s hard to spin the CFR as either neocon or neolib because its members are comprised of both as well as a who’s who list of criminal globalist bankers and corporations.

Whether Rauf is a CFR globalist stooge or a willing participant in a pre-planned and ongoing Hegelian dialectic conspiracy remains to be seen. The effect is still the same; division among Americans to distract them from the ongoing economic thefts, neverending wars and loss of constitutional freedoms.

Who benefits? Again, the CFR corporate members are the most obvious but that’s just the short list. Those who profit from the so called “Clash of Civilizations” are many and varied.

No discussion of the major benefactors of this ‘clash’ would be complete without mention of Israel and their zionist supporters. The goal of ‘Greater Israel‘ and indeed the continued existence of this rogue state depends on the contrived concept of us (the western world) vs. them (the Muslim world). The new peace process will be derailed, Israeli expansion and genocide will continue and the U.S.will go on bleeding to death from the wounds of blackmail and bribery inflicted by our ‘best friend’ in the Middle East.

The New York mosque conspiracy, which includes the false ‘official’ 9/11 narrative, will continue until the ‘think tanks’ decide there needs to be a resolution. Then there will something else along the same lines to distract us. There always is. The bankers, war profiteers and the CFR will see to it.



Fox News co-owner funded ‘Ground Zero mosque’ imam: report

Corbett Report on the Mosque Funding

Wikileaks Psyops Takes a New Twist

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Honey trap’ ensnares Assange? Time for Julian to cash it that ‘insurance’ policy?

Are these charges to discredit Wikileaks or to enhance the perception that Assange is not a part of the intelligence services?

Deception is the way of war …..

Wikileaks Founder ‘wanted for rape’

Julian Assange, the founder of the whistleblowing WikiLeaks website, is reportedly wanted for rape in Sweden.

The prosecutor’s office in Stockholm was said to have issued an arrest warrant late on Friday against Assange for two offences.

“Julian Assange is wanted for two different issues, one of them is that he’s suspected of rape in Sweden,” Karin Rosande, the director of communications, told the AFP news agency.

The other charge against the 39-year-old Australian national was said to be molestation.

Assange denied the charges on Saturday, stating on his Twitter account that the accusations were “without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing”

“No one here has been contacted by Swedish police. Needless to say this will prove hugely distracting.”

Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan, in London, said: “The two alleged victims in this are in their twenties.
“One is supposed to have happened last weekend in Stockholm and another last Tuesday in Sweden but in a separate town.” {more}

Additional reports:

Sweden’s The Local




Sweden drops arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder

Aug 21 (Reuters) – Sweden has withdrawn an arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who had been wanted on suspicion of rape and molestation, the National Prosecutor’s Office said on Saturday. 

It said in a statement on its website that Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne had determined there were not enough grounds for the warrant.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office said Assange, whose whistle-blowing website last month published secret U.S. military files on Afghanistan, was no longer wanted by Swedish authorities. 

“She (Finne) has come to the decision that he is no longer suspected of rape. All the charges concerning rape have been lifted,” she told Reuters.

A police investigation will continue.