Touchdown Sunday

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Texas Christian University uses a Sunday to implode its 80 year old stadium to make way for bigger and better.

Since football is considered a religion by many in Texas, I suppose it could be seen as a sacrificial death with the resurrection to come.

Controlled demolitions are a great spectator sport “when” they are announced in advance. 

Notice that the tower attached to the grandstands does not fall into its own footprint. Mishap or planned that way?

Other case studies of pre-planned controlled demolitions where no one was hurt via IranContraScumDid911.

Key Bank Tower (Aug 2007) 

Union Carbide West Virginia April 15, 2009

Demolition Fail – Homerton Flats (1985)

Hackney Flats (10/10/1993) 

Glasgow Flats (9/12/93) 

Core Implosions 

Leeds BT Block Feb 1990

Demolition Experts Weaken Buildings With Explosives and Make Them Collapse 

Controlled Demolition Ltd. Engineers Describe Churchill demolition Job (Nov 2004)

Belfast Ireland Nov 2004 


Atlantic City Sands Hotel Collapses Due to Fire(works)!


One thought on “Touchdown Sunday

    A. Celt said:
    December 6, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Good vid, Kenny.Probably did not use nano thermite there, as they did with the controlled demolition of WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7?Just conventional explosives perhaps, and only placed at the base by the look of it, unlike the World Trade Center where the explosives and cutter charges were all through the towers and blew them to smithereens.Still, the Texas controlled demolition had the pyroclastic dust flows, just like the WTC controlled demolitions.–

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