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 According to ‘officials,’ deaths of US military personal in Afghanistan have now hit a milestone, 2000. Statistics. The kind where if none of them were your family or friends, it is rarely thought about. Most don’t care.

Put into the perspective of the wars of the 20th century the death toll is small but even one death in the name of evil is too many. 

The toll in treasure we won’t get into but the significance is immeasurable. 

Those with the power who send our ‘volunteers’ to these foreign lands aren’t very concerned about lives. Their concern is money. The first thing we did after invading Afghanistan and kicking out the anti-opium Taliban, our former allies, was to re-establish the crop of debilitation, destabilization and death. Newly built heroin processing plants and CIA drones carrying the bounty have become the norm. Just how much has been made in the opium/heroin trade in the last 11 years? It has to be in the trillions. That money props up the illicit banking cartel and lubricates the palms and pockets of anyone who has influence in keeping the trade going.

2,000 lives and the debt put on the backs of taxpayers are a small price to pay for such a lucrative business say the bankers, politicians and high level traffickers.

Some analysts want us to think that Obama’s surge was filled with incompetence and naivety. 

“Nobody bothered to ask, ‘Tell us how many troops you’re sending here and there,’ ” said a senior White House official involved in war policy. “We assumed, perhaps naively, that the Pentagon was sending them to the most critical places.”

The problem escalated later in 2009 when McChrystal asked for 40,000 more troops. Some of the new forces would be sent to Kandahar. Others would secure the regions around Kabul as well as a few Pashtun-dominated pockets in the north and west where insurgent activity had increased. But thousands of the additional troops were slated to go to Helmand — on top of the nearly 11,000 Marines who already were there.

I don’t buy that analysis. Helmand is the biggest opium producing province.  The surge troops not only guarded the crops but gave time for the logistics and allies to be set up so the profits flowed into the right hands. Bringing the surge troops home was an indication that the ruling powers at least thought they had the growing and distribution under control. Will most of the rest of the US troops leave by the end of 2014? We’re already being set up with the meme that leaving would bring disaster. Unless we still have control of the resources or something unforeseen happens, we won’t be leaving. Please correct me if you think I’m off base in this line of thought.

As if 2,000 US dead in Afghanistan and over 4,800 in Iraq is not bad enough, probably over 1 million natives of the two countries have been slaughtered. We tend to forget that.

It’s just the tip of a sinking ship. Veterans are dying everyday. Suicides, killed by police, drug overdoses, drinking themselves to death, ‘accidents,’ maybe DU and radiation poisoning. So similar to the tens of thousands that came home from Vietnam and died early and often.

Just yesterday at about the same time the 2,000th died in Afghanistan, a local 26 year old two tour vet only back home less than a year was stabbed to death by his brother in the parking lot of the Tennessee Titans stadium. His whole life led up to that point and did his service time have anything to do with it? An educated guess says it very well could have.

It’s a harsh thing to say but all of the soldiers died in vain, the civilian victims of war too. Profiteers and the deceived masses may say otherwise but many of us see the picture as it is really painted. We want to slash that painting into pieces and burn it, never to be seen again. We fail at the moment, it still hangs on the wall.


As a Last Resort

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So just what is the last resort of madmen? The unthinkable, the unimaginable? No, it’s all been done before and we’ve all thought of what could be. It’s only the scale of horror that varies.

Just how far does Hollywood go in its predictive programming? The latest is ABC’s  “Last Resort.” A scenario of false flags, rogue military where killing one’s own is a means to an end, nuclear war and of course…the good guys.

Are we being played for the future of a military coup with competing factions? Is the show similar to the ‘Lone Gunman’ 9/11 episode but with a new spin and having Pakistan as the fall guy instead of Iran? The message will never be dead on target, only close.

Perhaps it is as simple as catering to the ever increasing number of ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Perhaps as we sit on our couches and watch the TV version of beginnings of a real new war we’ll be saying “But where are the good guys, that show said there are some.” Yeah, where indeed are the ‘good guys.’

There’s probably no need in watching future episodes of  “Last Resort.” This one may be telling us all we will ever need to know…or what the powers that be through their programmers want us to know.

Netanyahu Steals Bomb Diagram From Boris and Natasha…..or Was It From Donald Duck?

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The yahoo says it is Iran’s plans but we know better.

Rocky and Bullwinkle cry “Copyright Violation!”

Donald Duck claims Bibi stole the plans from him. 

The full UN Speech…

What Israeli CRIME MINISTER BETTY NUTTYAHOO Should {Have Said} at the UN 


The lawyers for Wile E. Coyote are now saying the plans are from their client’s custom and proprietary blueprints with Bibi altering the shape in an attempt to hide his dastardly theft. Wile E. is calling for the Acme Co. to suspend all bomb shipments to Israel.

One of Them is Lying

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On Syria, Obama says this at the UN…..

Sondos, 6, Syrian refugee

“In Syria, the future must not belong to a dictator who massacres his people.  If there’s a cause that cries out for protests in the world today, peaceful protest, it is a regime that tortures children and shoots rockets in apartment buildings.  And we must remain engaged to assure that what began with citizens demanding their rights does not end in a cycle of sectarian violence.

Together, we must stand with those Syrians who believe in a different vision, a Syria that is united and inclusive, where children don’t need to fear their own government and all Syrians have a say in how they’re governed — Sunnis and Alawites, Kurds and Christians.  That’s what America stands for.  That’s is the outcome that we will work for, with sanctions and consequences for those who persecute and assistance and support for those who work for this common good.

Because we believe that the Syrians who embrace this vision will have the strength and legitimacy to lead.”

This filmmaker tells a much different story…..

               hat tip to Penny for the video

Of course the liar once again is Obama. Mercenaries and Wahhabists…killers for profit and power and Israel hegemony…that’s who we support. 

“It is a total falsehood that the international community has been trying to halt the bloodshed in Syria, since it took them so long to build the violence to this point.  For the “international community,” there is only one acceptable way to halt the war against Syria–the removal of Bashar al-Assad and the empowerment of an Islamist (Wahabbi) government.  The sheer audacity of American hypocrisy is unmatched in all of human history.”   Peter Chamberlin

Journalists are seen as fair game by the mercenaries.

FSA Terrorists Caught Robbing Convenience Store on Security Camera

Yom Kippur 2012…Day of Atonement…very funny but we’re not laughing.

“Atonement excludes penance for occupation harshness. Crimes of war and against humanity remain out of sight and mind. Few rabbis discuss them. Media scoundrels ignore them. Decades of Palestinian suffering go unmentioned.”

More Reasons to Attack Iran Now

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1. It seems that Iran is doing research into GMO crops and producing a few but moving very slowly in that direction. That’s because they are not doing business with Monsanto. There’s also a debate involving the Quran that regards crop pollutants an abomination. How can we expect Iran to be the next Iraq unless they are ‘controlled by seed?’

2. Iran has a 5 year plan where at least 25 percent of agricultural crops are to be produced through organic methods and the organic farmers receive subsidies. This is a very un-American stance and they should be subsidizing factory farms and paying some of the large landowners not to grow food like we do.

3. Apparently Iran does not add enough fluoride to their drinking water as all the good American cities do. Iran seems to have varying degrees of fluoride in their natural water supplies and has done studies showing that children’s IQ’s are lower where the fluoride levels are higher. We can’t have them spreading this pseudo-science all over the world. Only Harvard can do that.

4. Iran may or may not produce aspartame but they do trade in it, probably with China. Not only does this cut into the profits of American companies but is proof that they traffic in WMD’s. No wonder Donald Rumsfeld was so hot to trot to go to war with them.

5. Besides Ahmadinejad questioning the jews magic 6 million number he jumps the shark by claiming that Iran’s enemies are creating a drought by destroying the rain clouds before they can reach his country. Is he calling those who say chemtrails is a myth and that HAARP is only a peaceful means of communication with submarines deniers? 

6. Can you believe this? Iran is allegedly dealing in UN carbon credits worth millions a year. Al Gore says “bomb them now, that’s my scam.”

7. Rumors. Iran is actually working on free energy technology and we can’t have that. 

8. More rumors. Iran is one of the biggest buyers of gold bullion over the past decade after China, Russia and India, and is among the 20 largest holders of gold reserves. Everyone knows that only central banks, legitimate countries and the super-rich can be trusted to hold that much gold. How can there be a one world currency with the illusion of gold backing if Iran has that much?

9. Doesn’t Iran know that sanctions are meant to destabilize their economy and that any attempt to stabilize its falling currency is an act of war? If at all possible Iranian children must starve to achieve Israel’s and the banker’s goals. As Madeleine Albright says, “We think the price is worth it.”

10. Although the mainstream media is shy on reporting it, the Iranian Central Bank has got to go. Iran just doesn’t get it that our system of the Federal Reserve and such upstanding Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs must be the way of the whole world. Why, Iran even has a law called The Usury-Free Banking Act of 1983 and as we all know that’s Sharia economic law and we don’t want anything similar coming to a town near us. As Pamela Geller would say, “They’re savages, savages I tell you.”

Sarcasm aside, the children of Iran are just like ours.

At the End of the Line

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It’s always great to have Ahmadinejad come to town. He gets to sit down with pricks like Piers Morgan and make fools of them while giving a few Americans the chance through the media to hear the other side and get some semblance of reality and a little bit of the truth.

Here’s a sneak preview with Ahmadinejad responding to a question on the likelihood of conflict between Iran and Israel.

“Of course the zionists are very much, very adventuresome

very much seeking to fabricate things

I think they see themselves at the end of the line.” 

Sounds like the lyrics to a song. Someone should come up with a tune, maybe a jazzy rock take.

Ain’t the US a great country? We let our designated enemies come right on in to New York, talk with the MSM, give speeches at the UN and let the media spin the story as their bosses want it. This is the guy who according to some folks will be a key player in new wars and possibly the ultimate one, World War III. At least while Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad are here we probably are safe for a few days and we miss an opportunity for a Yom Kippur ‘event.’

In some kind of suddenly sane world, Obama would be rounding up Bibi and Mahmoud while he’s got them here and all three would be sitting in a room discussing the future. A future that doesn’t include a nuclear holocaust where all the little people lose. A future where Israel’s perverted dream of from the Tigris to the Euphrates and the breakup into tiny pieces of not only the Middle East but the world for the benefit of the bankers and some few corporations will never happen. A future where psychopaths and criminals do not rule the world. A future of peace and prosperity.

 …Pipe dream…sorry for temporary lapse of reason. We’ll be seeing the reality soon enough. Maybe the end of the line…for whom is the question…

Let’s throw some gas on the fire and see what happens

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Charlie Hebdo…..Is that a jewish magazine?

The French like nudity. First it was Kate’s itty bitties now it’s Muhammad. The Hebdo sold out. It’s all about the money unless there is something more to it and it very well could be.

Charlie has a history of doing these things. In a court case against them in 2007 even Mossad squirt Sarkozy defended them and expressed his support for the ancient French tradition of satire. But not all satire and freedom of speech and expression are equal in France.

I have this new cartoon I’m sending Charlie. It shows Nazis herding 6 million smiling jews into the front door of an imaginary gas chamber and they all exit out the back into a Tel Aviv brothel waving fistfuls of cash. That issue would sell out too but there’s a wee problem. Some overzealous French fried prosecutor might look upon imaginary gas chambers and less than 6 million dying as some kind of denial and even as anti-semitic which might cause incitement to smirk which is of course against the law and get me and the publisher 5 years in jail.  I guess I’ll send it to the Onion instead. They’ll print anything.

There was some gas thrown on the fire here this week with the Mother Jones release of some Romney private statements at a $50,000 a plate get together. From the angle of the video it looks like it may have been taken by one of the help and that’s exactly the kind of folks the Mitt was talking about. Don’t you just love those little spy cameras? We should all have one.

I really liked that flare up but before we get all gaga about Mother Jones, let’s remember exactly what they are. Yes, they speak some truth about a few things that we may agree with but the bottom line is that they are deep in the two party scam and provide left cover for Obama. They do hit pieces against 9/11 truthers and try to make us think that there actually is a legitimate debate on whether Obama has the right to assassinate American citizens and detain whoever he wants without charges indefinitely. They also promote that ‘we’ killed Bin Laden. Really?

It’s only symbolic that we throw gas on the fires. It’s really money that stokes the flames.

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