Month: October 2013

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Living in the Wild Wild West

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Infiniti’s reputation as a tough car for bouncing off of barriers and cop cars at the White House and the Capitol with a baby on board has been enhanced. Bullet proof windows would’ve helped though.

As the story goes right now an African American woman from Connecticut did some fairly wild  things and was executed by the police for it. 
 “A history of mental health issues.”
No capture and arrest, no explanations, no trial, no psychiatrists, no lawyers. It’s much easier that way. Early myths reported were that at the end she jumped from the car blazing away with a gun but I think the official story has morphed into she was shot where she sat in the drivers seat and she wasn’t armed. Luckily the cops missed the baby.

Whatever really went down…what a great diversion…again. Right on cue here in the government slowdown theater. Lawmakers and aides huddled in a lockdown. “Shelter in place!” That’s getting to be a popular phrase these days.

Gov shutdown, Obamacare, mental illness, security…..there must be a narrative developing here.

The funnest thing I heard was Fox ‘News’ promoting the idea that since Janet Napolitano left as head of Homeland Security and no one has taken her place that things are likely to fall apart. 

Operation “Capital Shield 2014” just happened to be finishing up today. Those guys must be training for the next big crisis and “mass panic” all the time.

This cop car got the raw end of the chase. It just didn’t have the maneuverability of the Infiniti…or maybe it was the driver.

The Sun Came Up Again Today

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It’s being said the government is in a partial shutdown. Hard to tell from here. A beautiful morning, the sky is blue and the air seems fresh.

Many government employees are on vacation without pay. Does that mean that the chemtrail spraying is halted? We have to look on the bright side.

By coincidence it’s also the first day of Obongo Care. Sign up kiddies. It’s your duty and a mandate. Seen the ads? $700 million for promotions seems a little excessive but it’s just funny money.

Speaking of funny money, can we lay much of the blame on the Federal Reserve and their lackeys? Yes, we can.

Federal Reserve Bank (Inc.) A Murderous History? Banksters, the Worlds Worst Gangsters

Usury-interest on debt, the war machine, theft of money earned on labor by the Fed’s enforcement arm the IRS, waste, fraud, bribery, blackmail etc., etc. Just how much is being spent spying on us? And what about all the psyops being constantly imposed upon us? Not cheap, not cheap at all.

These Are Not the Normal Activities of a Government Planning for Peace and Stability