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I don’t usually get into the subject of abortion. I’m against them but it’s really none of my business. I can’t tell a woman what to do with her life and body except  if asked. I certainly can’t force them to do anything.

But the abortion agenda/industry in this country is another subject. What drives it and why? What groups push the agenda, who funds them and what is the bottom line?

My thoughts about this came from an article today in the student newspaper of my alma mater MTSU, where in the ‘news’ section was an obvious skewed and opinionated ‘feminist’ slam against a local pregnancy center because it does not perform abortions, is Christian oriented and does offer points of view that are not exactly the same as Planned Parenthood.

The title of the article is not neutral…..

Anti-abortion health clinic exposed

Foundation warns students about misleading clinics

By Rozalind Ruth

A pregnancy center in Murfreesboro is under scrutiny by the Feminist Majority Foundation, an advocacy group for women’s rights, for possibly misleading clients about pregnancy options, who seek to dissuade women from having abortions..

The FMF’s “Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics” is currently looking at Murfreesboro-based Pregnancy Support Center, located on South Church Street.

According to the campaign’s Web site, women’s centers that label themselves as “crisis pregnancy centers” or “pregnancy resource centers” may try to coerce or intimidate women into not choosing abortion, or prevent women from receiving medical advice.

The site also says these clinics are “typically run by anti-abortion volunteers who are not licensed medical professionals.”

Laura Messick, director of the Murfreesboro Pregnancy Support Center, said the center is a pro-life and Christian organization, and it is very honest about their stance with people receiving services. {also all for free}

“We will treat you with the utmost respect,” Messick said. “We respect their rights and we are here to help.”

The center provides counselors who are trained in-house to talk to women about their emotions when deciding on a pregnancy option. The counselors are not trained medical professionals.

Holly Tomlinson, a public relations intern for FMF and “Ms. Magazine,” said the issue is not that Christian or pro-life organizations women’s centers exist, but rather their advertising can mislead women.

“We believe they should be upfront about their religious affiliations and their pro-life position and not use pressure or misinformation to persuade women against an abortion,” Tomlinson said. “Our concern is that women are not deceived.”

FMF’s site also notes that some centers under umbrella organizations try to coerce and intimidate women out of considering an abortion or try to prevent women from seeking neutral medical advice.

Messick said the Pregnancy Support Center counselors do not use high-pressure tactics. It does not encourage or provide abortions, but she said the center can provide information on the procedure.

The FMF’s site says its campus program’s goal is to inform feminists about threats to abortion access, women’s rights, affirmative action and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights – particularly threats posed by right-wing extremists.

Lady Hamilton, a nurse practitioner that works in {MTSU} Health Services, said if a woman comes in and has a positive pregnancy test, the clinic would provide her with information on women’s health services.

“Nine times out of 10, I would tell people to go to plannedparenthood.org,” Hamilton said.

What this article is telling me is that the group Feminist Majority Foundation wants to keep any pregnant young lady away from anyone that may propose anything but abortion and that the abortion factory and money maker Planned Parenthood is the only way to go.

Let’s take a look at some Planned parenthood statistics

Planned Parenthood’s income break-down for 2006-2007 fiscal year
PP clinic income: $356.9 million
PP Government grants and contracts: $336.7 million
Total profit: $114.8 million
Total income: $1.02 billion

2006 Planned Parenthood service numbers
Number of abortions (medical and surgical): 289,750
Total number of abortions per week: 5,572
Adoption referrals: 2,410
Ratio of adoption referrals to abortions: 1 per 120

Percentages of U.S. Females, Age 15-44, Broken Down by Race (According to 2000 U.S. Census)
Whites: 64.7%
Blacks: 12.3%
Hispanic or Latino: 12.4%
Other: 10.6%

Percentages of U.S. Women Who Obtained Abortions, Broken Down by Race (According to Center of Disease Control, 2004)
Whites: 54.1%
Blacks: 38.2%
Other: 7.7%

Ever know any couples who can’t have children and want to adapt. If they’re white and want a baby of their own race…well, good luck. A young couple I know here in the area wanted to but there weren’t any available. They ended up making 4 trips to Honduras and getting shook down by the government there. $50,000 later, they finally got a little girl. Another couple I know actually went to China to get their baby and it cost about $50,000.

So where are the unwanted white babies that folks are looking to adopt? I guess aborted.

Our government and Planned Parenthood have a thing going on. With the latest report that half of our kids today will be on food stamps at some point in their childhood, if not all of it, it’s cheaper to kill them early.

The elitist depopulation agenda, the old Rockefeller/Rothschild plans, used their ‘feminist’ activists, almost all of the leaders are and always have been jewish, to mold the mindset of the youth toward abortion is the answer. Destroy the family, free abortions for the masses, etc. etc. A planned and anticipated white minority for the future so we’ll be easier to control. After all, we are the biggest threat to that less than 1% of the population that owns most of the resources. The less of us, the easier for them to maintain their position.

What a mess. No wonder there’s such an emotional abortion debate going on where the sides are so polarized. Oh yeah, it’s also a good ‘divide and conquer’ technique to keep us distracted from from war, poverty, massive financial theft, corruption in every aspect of government, on and on.

I don’t come from a Christian/religious point of view, only a human one. I just have a lot of questions.

Today was such a beautiful Tennessee fall day to be alive. But somewhere a kid was aborted and a young person died in war.