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Today’s Sad Holocaust Story… (III)

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More remarkable “true” stories (below) from the Holocaust™, brought to you by Yehuda Abraham and Regular Joe of Stormfront.


New York Times, May 7, 1920: “Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe, where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death.”

New York Times, May 5, 1920, p. 9: “…To save six million men and women in Eastern Europe from extermination by hunger and disease.”

New York Times, May 5, 1920, p. 19: “Six million starving, fever-stricken sufferers in war-torn Europe appeal to us.”

New York Times, May 3, 1920, p. 11: “Your help is needed to save the lives of six million people in Eastern and Central Europe.”

New York Times, May 2, 1920, p. 1: “…Six million human beings, without food, shelter, clothing or medical treatment.”

New York Times, May 1, 1920, p. 8: “But the lives of 6,000,000 human beings are waiting for an answer.”

New York Times, Dec. 3, 1919, p. 19: “nothing on earth except a miracle can prevent the death by freezing and starvation of from 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 people in Europe and the Middle East this winter. …atrocious Jewish massacre.”

New York Times, Nov. 12, 1919, p. 7: “…tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth. …a million children and five million parents and elders.”

The American Hebrew [right], Oct. 31, 1919, pp. 582-.: “From across the sea, six million men and women call to us for help. …six million human beings… Six million men and women are dying. …in the threatened holocaust of human life. …six million famished men and women. Six million men and women are dying…” The Birdman on the Origins of the Six Million

New York Times, Sept. 29, 1919, p. 7: “tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease… about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth.”

New York Times, Aug. 10, 1917: “Germans Let Jews Die. Women and Children in Warsaw Starving to Death… Jewish mothers, mothers of mercy, feel happy to see their nursing babies die; at least they are through with their suffering.”

New York Times, Jan. 14, 1915, p. 3: “In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow […].”

But let us go one step further back in time. In 1900, Rabbi Stephen Wise made the following statement before Jewish welfare organizations in the USA: “there are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.”

It would seem that we are dealing with a constant in Jewish sufferink, the figure of 6 million.

Does this not strike anyone as, at least… Interesting? Intriguing? Suspicious?

– Regular Joe

Historians Bertrand Perz and Florian Freund:

Based on eyewitness testimony, these historians have concluded that Himmler ordered that the equipment for the gas chambers at Auschwitz were to be shipped to Austria, and rebuilt at Mauthausen. Because the Nazi’s still wanted to kill all the Jews, even after they left Auschwitz in January, 1945.

What the reader may find odd about these historians’s claims is that the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz were an empty room, with hollow pillars into which Zyklon B was dispensed.

Did the Nazi’s intend to ship the pillars? Or the empty room? Or the fake shower heads?

Those sneaky Nazi’s! Read More Here

This sad holocaust tale is a doozy. The story of William and Rosalie has just been published by the University of texas, and the Dallas news is printing an excerpt.

William was just married when Rosalie’s dad abandoned his family to their fate, and William’s dad was too catatonic with sorrow to do anything. Then the Nazi’s captured the family, and sent them to the death camp of Auschwitz. Then the Nazi’s sent them to the labor camp of Plazsow. Then Rosie and William were separated, so William smuggled himself into the death camp of Auschwitz.

The Nazi’s suspended a dead Jew on a fence. When the prisoners jumped off the train, the Nazi’s beat them all with whips! Then they gave William a tattoo, # 774248 (Didn’t Auschwitz tatoos begin with A-xx?)

Then the Nazi’s took William to his barracks. The barrack leader beat to death a Jew with a wooden club, just for fun! He told the Jews that this was what it was like when he was in a good mood.

Then the Nazi’s took the Jews to the medical block. They gave all the Jews shots. Some of the Jews keeled over the next day. The Jewish doctor wanted William as his assistant, so a Russian boy got William’s shot instead. The boy fell over, dead! It was a miracle!

Then Willaim saw meat being taken into a garage. So William stole some of the meat by cutting it off with a screwdriver. Because all Jews had screwdrivers in the death camp.

He cooked the meat for the barrack leader in his private room, assuming on his private stove. So the barrack leader made William a garage administrator (they had garage administrators?). Then he sewed him a pair of underpants with a pocket in the middle, and William stole meat with a screwdriver every day for a year.

William went to the medical ward, and he saw 2 Nazi’s sawing off a 12 year old girl’s arm, with no anesthetic. William puked!

Rosalie saw a woman eat the arse of a dead girl. A man told Rosie he had a friend who had some bread, so Rosie met him the next day for a piece. The evil Nazi’s heard them the day before, and captured the man and hung him! The incident was so upsetting it gave Rosie dysentery. Rosie cured herself when a man gave her an apple. Read More Here

Herman Feder:

Herman was conscripted by the evil Nazi’s in 1939, but since he was sedentary most of his life, and unable to work, the Nazi’s sent him home without pay.

Then the Nazi’s sent Herman to jail for no reason. Then the Nazi’s sent Herman, who has already acknowledged he was too useless to work, so 7 different labor and death camps. At which Herman apparently experienced neither work nor death.

Herman received letters from his wife in the death camp. Herman was going to die because he gave his soup to another inmate in exchange for teaching him how to make shoes, but Herman saw a potato in the same road the Jews marched everyday, and he picked it up and ate it. Miracle!

Herman made a pair of shoes for the head chef, who rewarded Herman by giving the men an extra cauldron of soup or mashed potatoes every day. The soup weighed 75 lbs, but the men took it with them 8 miles back to camp.

Then the Nazi’s sent Herman to the gas chambers at Bergen-Belsen. Herman volunteered to take the bodies off the trains every day, so he could steal a sharp stone. Herman cut his tongue with the sharp stone, and survived without food or water for 5 days by drinking his own blood.

Then the Russian used a board to break out the steel bars on the windows. Herman ran away. The Nazi’s shot him in the ankle, but Herman kept running. Then the doctor removed the bullet without any anesthetic.

William and Rosalie:

The war is ending, and William is at Auschwitz. The sound of Russian artillery is heard, and panicked guards herded William into gondola cars, which the Nazi’s just happen to have at Auschwitz. William steals some blankets, which saved his life, because the guards were shooting everyone whose head they could see. (like an earlier sad tale, apparently these blankets were invisibility blankets)

Even though the war was ending, they took Willam and the Auschwitzer’s whose heads they didn’t see to Gross-Rosen to labor in a quarry. The Nazi’s still needed boulders at the end of the war. William escaped, but a German farmer turned him in!. The Nazi’s stripped and whipped William. Then they shipped him to Buchanwald.

Meanwhile, at Czestochowa, Rosie was making anti-tank shells and coughing up blood. She was worried, because the Nazi’s killed all the people who couldn’t work. The Nazi’s marched all the Jews into a warehouse, which just happened to have a pit in the middle. They made Rosalie lie down in the pit, and prepared to machine gun her and the other Jews. Just then, the Nazi’s all ran away! It was a miracle!

At Buchanwald, William is dying, but he doesn’t know why. A German chemist saves his life by giving him 3 small crusts of bread. Then the Germans took all the Jews out and shot them, except for William, who was too weak to get out of bed. But William heard the other Jews being shot, and crawled under the barracks. The Nazi’s ran away, forgetting about William! It was a miracle!

Then the Russians tried to rape Rosalie, so she ran into the forest. Rosalie walked 100 miles in shoes that made her toes bleed. Rosalie went to her house, but there was a Polish woman living there. The woman yelled “Get out, dirty Jews!” and slammed the door. Rosalie ate garbage to survive. (still infected with Typhus, one assumes) Then Rosalie met a Jew who made a lot of money during the war and he fed and housed them.

William was saved by another miracle. The Americans fed him intravenously for 4 days, which was lucky, because the Americans killed half of the prisoners by giving them food too soon.

Then the Red Cross dressed William up as a Cossack, and William scoured Poland for Rosalie. He found her! It was a miracle!

Then they married, and moved to America. They have been unable to tell their story until just now. Read More Here

From The BBC:

Five year old, yes that’s FIVE years old Alex spends nine, yes NINE months living on berries in a North European forest before he is picked up by Nazis who adopt him as a “mascot.”

He doesn’t “remember” his sad past until he’s seventy-five years old. Then he writes a book that gets a free plug on national British TV. Heartwarming eh? Read More Here

– Regular Joe

In this sad holocaust tale, we find that PHD Janine Beck has nightmares of Nazi’s chasing her, because her Grandmother survived the Holyco$t.

Janine’s Grandmother threw her father over a Death Fence, in the hopes that someone would find him. It seems people in the Death Camps would throw bread outside the camp fence, so Janine’s Grandmother knew people would be there, just outside the Death Wires, waiting for bread to be thrown from the Death camp, to rescue the baby who would have otherwise been put to death immediately.

Miraculously, Janine’s father and grandmother were reunited after the war. Janine’s father doesn’t remember any of this, but Janine is certain it is true, and her father is suffering from trauma. Read More Here

Gene Klein:

Gene was only 11 when the evil Nazi’s invaded Poland, and captured his family. The evil Nazi’s immediately sent Gene and his family to Auschwitz. In 1939. The evil Nazi’s, in spite of needing grown men as slave laborers, immediately gassed Gene’s father, but spared 11 year old Gene. In 1939. At Auschwitz.

Then the evil Nazi’s sent Gene to a slave labor camp. Within 1 hour, Gene’s shoulder was bleeding from carrying bricks. Since the Nazi’s gassed everyone who couldn’t work, it would be a safe bet to assume his shoulders bled for the next 6 years.

Gene’s best meal was potato skins he stole from the garbage.

Gene lost 104 members of his family during the holocaust. For a long time, Gene was uable to talk about his sad tale, since it was painful. Now it makes him glad. Read More Here

Debbie Lipstadt:

At the Irving versus Lipstadt trial, Debbie’s holyhoax experts claim that the evil Nazi’s, the most advanced nation on the planet at the time, rounded up Jews and gassed them… with a captured Soviet diesel submarine engine!! A submarine engine that the Nazi’s knew so little about, it took the head gasser 2 – 1/2 hours to start the thing!

Hilarious! It’s one thing to tell such stories to school children. If this is the best Lipstadt can do, with her 6 million dollar defense, how is it possible that this hoax has taken hold to the point where almost every state in the union has a Holyco$t museum?

How do you capture a Soviet submarine at wartime? Don’t subs sink? Do they seriously expect people to believe such rot? Read More Here

Stephenie Seltzer, who is now 69 years old:

Little Stephanie was only 3 years old when the evil Nazi’s tried to run her and her cousin over with a car. Stephanie would run hand in hand with her cousin through the streets of Warsaw, while the Nazi’s chased them.

Stephanie’s mother placed Stephanie with a prostitute to flee. Then her momma came back. The children would hide in the attic with 29 other Jews. The Jews would cry, and little Stephanie and the other 4 year olds would have to hold their hands over the crying Jews’ mouths.

Stephanie saw the Germans inspect people’s pickles, and shoot them if they were circumcised. Read More Here

Jay Ipson:

Jay was only 6 years old when the evil Nazi’s invaded his town, and took his coat. Then the Nazi’s killed all 5,000 people in Jay’s town, leaving only 2 survivors; Jay, and his mother. And his father.

Then they all lived in a hole in the ground for 6 months, never going topside. They found bread and saurkraut in the hole.

Then Jay escaped from living under the Russians in 1944/5, to the Germans. The Germans, who were trying to holocaust Jay only a few weeks before, gave Jay’s father a job. Jay’s father, who was one of only 2 people to escape death of a town of 5,000, except for Jay and his mother, was responsible for deporting people in trains after the war. Apparently, Jay’s father had Eichmann’s old job.

The US government gave Jay a building for his holocaust museum. Jay is happy, because people come in smiling, but leave crying. Read More Here

Zev Kedem:

Zev was only 5 years old, vacationing with his sister in Carpathian mountains, when the Nazi’s captured him. Unless Zev was 8 years old, and the Nazi’s captured him while he and his family while they were fleeing to his grandfather’s house in Poland. Zev remembers seeing his mother and sister on the other side of barbed wire.

The evil Nazi’s would kill all the children who were younger than 13 and could not work, so Zev was smuggled into a concentration camp where he worked alongside older men. Zev saw some other workers stealing Jewish headstones to use as paving tiles. The rest of the family managed to hide in a chicken coop where they avoided being sent to concentration camps. The Nazi’s would drive around in trucks at night, warning the Jews that if there were any Jews hiding, they should come out so they would be killed. Jews would be forced to dig up Jewish graves, and extract the gold teeth.

Zev was on Schindler’s list, but the Nazi’s found that he was younger than 13, so they sent Zev to Auschwitz to be killed. At Auschwitz, Zev wore a Harry Potter-like cloak of invisibility, so he survived 3 years in the Death Camp. The rats would walk over Zev at night. The Nazi’s tormented 5 year old Zev for 7 years.

Then the Nazi’s tried to Death Walk Zev. Twice. But old Zev survived. Zev was silent about his ordeal for 50 years, but now he speaks every chance he can. Read More Here More

– Yehuda Abraham

Holocaust Kids Sue Germany

Germany Eager to Pay more Holocaust Survivors


HIV-AIDS was created with the use of Gay men as targets for Eugenic experiments suggests U.S. doctor

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by Alan Cantwell, M.D

U.S. investigative researchers

There is no doubt that AIDS erupted in the U.S. shortly after government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981) using gay men as guinea pigs. The epidemic was caused by the “introduction” of a new retrovirus (the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV for short); and the introduction of a new herpes-8 virus, the virus that causes Kaposi’s sarcoma, widely known as the “gay cancer” of AIDS. The taboo theory that AIDS is a man-made disease is largely based on research showing an intimate connection between government vaccine experiments and the outbreak of “the gay plague”

The widely accepted theory is that HIV/AIDS originated in a monkey or chimpanzee virus that “jumped species” in Africa. However, it is clear that the first AIDS cases were recorded in gay men in Manhattan in 1979, a few years before the epidemic was first noticed in Africa in 1982. It is now claimed that the human herpes-8 virus (also called the KS virus), discovered in 1994, also originated when a primate herpes virus jumped species in Africa. How two African species-jumping viruses ended up exclusively in gay men in Manhattan beginning in the late 1970s has never been satisfactorily explained.

Researchers who claim AIDS is a man-made disease believe it is much more likely that these two primate viruses were introduced and spread during the government’s recruitment of thousands of male homosexuals beginning in 1974.

Large numbers of gay men in Manhattan donated blood for the experimental hepatitis B vaccine trial, which took place at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan in 1978. Extensive evidence supporting the man-made theory of AIDS is easily found on the Internet by Googling: man-made origin of AIDS; and in my two books, “AIDS and the Doctors of Death” and “Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot.”

Government interest in “gay health” before the AIDS epidemic

Beginning in the mid-1970s, government scientists became interested in the health of gay men, particularly in the realm of sexually-transmitted diseases, and specifically in the sexual transmission of the hepatitis B virus. The early 1970s was a time when large numbers of gays come out of the closet and identified themselves as homosexuals at government-sponsored health clinics. Organizations such as the Gay Men’s Health Project were formed at this time. Promiscuous gays were avidly sought as volunteers to test the efficacy of a newly-developed hepatitis B vaccine manufactured by Merck and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

By 1977 over 13,000 Manhattan gays were screened to secure the final 1083 men who would serve as guinea pigs to test the hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccine was manufactured from the combined plasma of 30 highly selected gay men who carried the hepatitis B virus in their blood. Developed over a period of 65 weeks during 1977-1978 and tested for six months in chimpanzees (the primate in which HIV is thought to have originated), the first group of gay men were inoculated at the New York Blood Center in November 1978.

That same year a final cohort of 6875 homosexual men at the San Francisco City Clinic was assembled to study hepatitis B virus sexual transmission in that city. By the end of the decade gays in clinics in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St. Louis, also came under surveillance by the Centers for Disease Control. An additional 1402 volunteers were finally selected to participate in similar vaccine experiments in those cities beginning in March 1980.

Before 1978 there was no stored blood anywhere in the U.S. that tested positive for HIV or the KS virus. There were no cases of AIDS and no cases of “gay cancer” in young men.

The first cases of AIDS appeared shortly after the experiment began in Manhattan. In June 1981 the epidemic became official and was quickly labelled the “gay ­related immune deficiency syndrome”, later known as AIDS.

The gay community was the most hated minority in America. After the experiments ended, the gay community was decimated by the “gay plague.” In the first years of AIDS, the epidemic was largely ignored by the government (see Randy Shilt’s best-seller, And the Band Played On) and the disease was blamed on gay anal sex, drugs, and promiscuity. Gays were immediately labelled “high risk.”

In my view, what made gay men “high risk” was the fact that they were the exclusive volunteers for government medical experiments that undoubtedly put them at “high risk.” The evidence for this conclusion is outlined in this report. Further evidence can be obtained from abstracts of scientific reports available on the Internet at the PubMed website of the National Library of Medicine.

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The gay hepatitis B experiments (1978-1981)

The experimental hepatitis B vaccine injected into gays was unlike any other vaccine previously made. As stated, it was developed in chimpanzees and manufactured in a year-long process of sterilization and purification of the pooled blood of 30 gay men who were hepatitis B virus carriers.

The final group of 1083 selected for the first experiment at the Blood Center were inoculated from November 1978 until October 1979. At one point, there was great concern that the vaccine might be contaminated. According to June Goodfield’s Quest for the Killers, p 86, “This was no theoretical fear, contamination having been suspected in one batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.” Each gay man was given three inoculations of the vaccine over a period of three months. The vaccine proved successful with 96% of the men developing protective antibodies against the hepatitis B virus.

It has been assumed by some that these men might have been already immunosuppressed due to promiscuity and venereal disease. Although the young men in the study were indeed “promiscuous” (this was a requirement for entrance into the study), they were in excellent health. Despite many previous sexual partners, these volunteers had never been infected with the hepatitis B virus, which was a requirement for participation in the experiment. Furthermore, the 96% success rate would not have been accomplished if the men were immunosuppressed, because such people often do not respond to the vaccine.

When Robert Gallo’s blood test for HIV became available in the mid-1980s, the New York Blood Center’s stored gay blood specimens were re-examined. Most astonishing is the fact that 20% of the gay men who volunteered for the hepatitis B experiment in Manhattan were discovered to be HIV-positive in 1980 (one year before the AIDS epidemic became “official” in 1981). This signifies that Manhattan gays in 1980 had the highest incidence of HIV anywhere in the world, including Africa, the supposed birthplace of HIV and AIDS. In addition, we now know that one out of five gay men (20%) tested positive for the new KS herpes-8 virus in 1982 when stored blood samples from an AIDS trial in New York City were re-examined by epidemiologists at the NCI in 1999.

Never mentioned by AIDS historians is the fact that the New York Blood Center established a chimp virus laboratory for viral vaccine research in West Africa in 1974. One of the purposes of VILAB II, in Robertsfield, Liberia, was to develop the hepatitis B vaccine in chimps. The lab also prides itself by releasing “rehabilitated” (but virus-infected) chimps back into the wild, perhaps accounting for some of the ancestors of HIV and the KS virus found in the jungle by some government researchers. The Virus Cancer Program and the birth of AIDS,

In the decade before AIDS the Virus Cancer Program (1968-1980), sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, attempted to prove that viruses caused human cancer. Ultimately the Program was unsuccessful in providing proof, yet it succeeded in building up the field of animal retrovirology, which led to a more complete understanding of how cancer-causing and immunosuppressive viruses in animals might cause disease in humans. The VCP was also the birthplace of genetic engineering, molecular biology, and the human genome project. As the VCP was winding down in the late 1970s, the gay experiments began in New York City.

The introduction of HIV and the KS herpes virus into gay men during this period (along with some “novel” and now-patented mycoplasmas discovered at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) miraculously revived the career of Robert Gallo and made him the most famous virologist in the world. And, of course, turned the “failure” of the VCP into a triumph by providing proof that these primate-derived viruses could cause disease in humans.

The fear of the hepatitis B vaccine

When AIDS began there were scattered reports in the medical journals questioning whether the “gay plague” might have its origin in the hepatitis B experiments. It was well-known in medical circles that the vaccine was made from the pooled plasma of gay men – and there was fear that the AIDS agent might be in the vaccine. As a result, when the hepatitis B commercial vaccine became available in July 1982, many people refused to be injected with it.

The fear of the vaccine was readily admitted by the CDC. Nevertheless, in detailed reports the CDC concluded that the vaccine was safe. Although it was clear the hepatitis B vaccine eliminated all “known” viruses, this obviously did not apply to “unknown” viruses at the time, such as HIV and the KS virus.

After HIV was discovered in 1984 some of the vaccine was retested and declared free of HIV. Of course, it was impossible to say whether the vaccine contained the KS virus, because this virus was undiscovered until 1994. I am unaware of any subsequent testing of the vaccine for this herpes KS virus.

Possible contamination problems with the hepatitis vaccine was the impetus that led Luc Montagnier to hunt for a virus in the new gay disease in the autumn of 1982. He began testing batches of human plasma for “reverse transcriptase activity”, a biochemical sign indicating the possible presence of a retrovirus. (See page 46 of his book “Virus”). Montagnier’s research eventually led to the first discovery of the AIDS virus at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Although the CDC and the New York Blood Center claimed it was safe, many health professionals refused the hepatitis B vaccine. In 1985, only 23 out of 162 Rhode Island dentists agreed to take the vaccine because of concerns about AIDS. As late as 1990, 13 out of 14 black nurses at a university hospital refused to take the vaccine for the same reason.

The fate of the gay men in the gay experiments

The purpose of the gay experiments was to test a vaccine that could immunize people against hepatitis B virus. Infection with this virus could lead to severe liver disease and sometimes to liver cancer. Ironically, an unprecedented explosion of cancer took place in male homosexuals after the experiment. Reports of the fate of these men attest to the fact that participating in the government’s experiments was clearly injurious to the health of gay men.

Significantly, there were no reported blood specimens anywhere in the U.S. that were HIV-positive prior to the epidemic in 1979, except in the samples stored at the NYBC.

In a May 12, 1983, letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, Cladd Stevens (who supervised the NYBC experiment) wrote : “No cases haves occurred in the vaccine recipients from populations at low risk of AIDS, and there is no excess incidence in the high-risk population.” But this proved to be incorrect in later reports co-authored by Stevens.

In a 1985 report Cladd Stevens et al. claimed that seven men (out of 1083) were HIV-positive before they received either vaccine or placebo. If true, this indicates that HIV (and possibly the KS virus) was already present in the blood of Manhattan homosexuals and could have contaminated the pooled blood of gays whose plasma was used to make the vaccine in 1977.

As stated previously, a 1986 report in JAMA showed 20% of the men in the experiment were already infected with HIV by the end of 1981; and by 1984, more than 40% of the men were HIV-positive and doomed to death.

Another follow-up study of 8,906 gay men who donated blood for the hepatitis experiments in Manhattan was released in 1992. Statistical analysis of this group showed that mortality rates for men aged 25-44 began to rise in the 1980s, with AIDS the leading cause of death among young men in New York City. Remarkably, “The all-cause mortality in this cohort in 1988 was 24 times higher that the mortality rate in the cohort before the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.”

Was the hepatitis B vaccine contaminated with HIV and the KS virus?

Largely forgotten in AIDS history is the hepatitis B vaccine trial that also took place with 685 gay Dutch volunteers in Amsterdam between November 1980 and December 1981. Unlike the American vaccine makers, the Dutch researchers heated their experimental hepatitis B vaccine for added safety.

A 1986 report of the trial clearly states the AIDS virus “was not transmitted by the heat inactivated hepatitis B vaccine.” Of the 685 participants, five were already infected with HIV when the trial began. The researchers theorized that HIV entered the Dutch gay population at the end of the 1970s.

Another follow-up Dutch report of this trial in 1993 again suggests the efficacy of heating the vaccine for safety. (The experimental vaccine was not heated in the U.S. until after all the gay experiments were completed.) At the end of 1982, one year after the Dutch experiment had ended, only As stated previously, a 1986 report in JAMA showed 20% of the men in the experiment were already infected with HIV by the end of 1981; and by 1984, more than 40% of the men were HIV-positive and doomed to death.

7.5% of the Amsterdam men were infected. In contrast, 26.8% of the men in the New York experiment were HIV-positive; and a whopping 42.6% of the San Francisco men were HIV-positive. These statistics showing many men infected in the American trials in 1982 further prove that Cladd Stevens of the NYBC, and the CDC, were incorrect in declaring there was no excess incidence of AIDS in the “high-risk” gay male population.

The fate of all the men who participated in the hepatitis B vaccine trials in six U.S cities has never been revealed. However, it is likely from the statistics presented in JAMA in 1986 that many, if not most, of the men eventually died of AIDS. The actual number of AIDS deaths has never been revealed, nor have the individual medical records been studied. Attempts to secure this information have been rebuffed by the Blood Center, due to the “confidential” nature of the experiment.

“Gay Cancer” and the origin of AIDS

After the introduction of HIV and the KS virus into the U.S. gay male population in the late 1970s, the incidence of KS skyrocketed.

A 1989 report by Biggar found no cases of KS in young men in New York City during the years 1973-1976. But by 1985 the incidence of KS in “never-married men” in Manhattan had increased 1850 times. In San Francisco the rate of KS increased over 2000 times!

KS is now 20,000 times more common in AIDS patients than in the general population. A 1985 autopsy study by Lee Moskowitz of 52 AIDS cases (23 Haitians, 19 gays, 5 intravenous drug abusers, 2 hemophiliacs, and 3 persons at unknown risk) showed that 94% of AIDS patients from the various risk groups had internal KS. The CDC claims KS now occurs in only 15% of gay men (down from 30% at the beginning of the epidemic), but these statistics are not based on current autopsy studies

KS was never a sexually-transmitted disease before the introduction of HIV into gays. For a century after the first reported KS cases were discovered in Vienna in 1872, there was no evidence that KS could be transmitted from person-to-person.

By 1950, a more aggressive “endemic” form of KS was uncovered in African blacks. Still, there was no evidence the disease was transmissible or contagious. Suddenly with the introduction of HIV into the homosexual community, scientists began to view KS as a contagious “gay cancer” out of Africa.

The new KS virus is closely related to a monkey tumour virus, known as herpes virus saimiri, that was extensively studied by researchers in the VCP in the decade before the epidemic. Initially found only in KS from AIDS patients, the new KS virus has also been found in non-AIDS-related KS tumours and in other forms of cancer, such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

HIV is a cancer-causing virus. Infection with HIV (with or without the KS virus) has resulted in a noticeable increase in various forms of cancer. A 2005 study of over 4000 AIDS patients showed higher rates of melanoma, basal and squamous cell skin carcinomas, anal carcinoma, prostate carcinoma, and Hodgkin disease, when compared with age-adjusted rates for the general United States population.

The KS virus is now in the U.S. blood supply; and blood is not screened routinely for this virus. A 2001 study indicated that 15% of normal Texas blood donors showed evidence of KS virus infection in the blood. A 2002 study of healthy children (ages 4-13) in South Texas showed that 26% had antibodies to the KS virus in their blood.

Is AIDS a man-made disease?

How did these two viruses of primate origin get into the gay male population to cause AIDS and a contagious form of cancer? AIDS experts blame monkeys and chimps in the African jungle. My research indicates it is much more likely these viruses were introduced during government-sponsored hepatitis B experiments using gays as unsuspecting guinea pigs. Extensive documentation of past “secret medical experiments” by the government can be found on Google. A recent BBC news report (30 Nov 2004) uncovering unauthorized and dangerous HIV drug experiments on infants and children in New York City orphanages can be found by “Googling“: BBC + guinea pig kids.

Until proven otherwise, a “new” HIV retrovirus and a “new” KS virus could easily have been developed in a laboratory as part of the Virus Cancer Program. In the decade before AIDS it was common to transfer and adapt primate retroviruses and herpes viruses into human cells in genetic engineering experiments. Such viruses were deemed potential “candidate human viruses,” as clearly stated in the annual progress reports of the VCP. For further details on the relationship of the VCP to the introduction of HIV, Google: virus cancer program + AIDS.

The connection between the hepatitis experiments and the AIDS epidemic was quickly dismissed by government authorities two decades ago. However, it is clear from a review of the scientific literature that the “gay plague” began immediately after the government experiments; and the experiments permanently damaged the health of the gay community, and led to continuing spread of HIV into the “general population.”

Are we to believe that all this is merely a coincidence -and that AIDS in America resulted simply from two viruses jumping species in the African jungle? Or is the origin of HIV and AIDS -and the KS virus- related to secret medical research and covert human testing, as suggested here.

About the writer:

Dr. Alan Cantwell is an author of diverse books on the man-made origin of AIDS and the infectious origin of cancer, all published by Aries Rising Press, PO Box 29532, Los Angeles, CA 90029. LINK.

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