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Alex Chilton

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As a Memphis kid of 16, Alex Chilton, became a star with the Box Top’s ‘The Letter.’ That period was the peak of his commercial success but he became a ‘cult’ hero with Big Star and with his solo albums influencing countless alternative bands over the years.

Scheduled to play this weekend at Austin’s South By Southwest, Alex died on Wed. March 17th at the too young an age of 59. Sympathy goes out to his wife, Laura, and son, Timothy.

He will be missed.

The Letter ‘Live’ ~~~ from 1967

I’m Your Puppet

Soul Deep

Alex Chilton Holocaust

Thank You Friends


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"Diebold-vote riggin’ blues" – Ralph Buckley

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“Diebold-vote riggin’ blues”
It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore, folks. Voting fraud is real. It’s been real for some time now. It has been used to provide controversial results to many close elections, especially the main event fights in 2000 and 2004. It’s so real that it has been the subject of an HBO movie. It’s so real, you can find articles about it in the New York Times. The fraud, which comes in the form of electronic voting, is being battled once more because it’s again time to select the next President of the United States. The most recent story comes straight out of New Hampshire, home of the first primary election.
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This is absolutely huge news. We’re on to the scam…but it’s not over. Let us hope that the recounts are conducted with some trust worthy individuals. Far from bribes and threats. This could be the biggest accomplishment in decades. Imagine an honest election…….well let’s hope so!

‘Diebold-vote riggin blues’ was written last night and recorded this morning. It’s rough and far from perfect…like me!!!

The opening movie clip is from “Land of the Blind”…one of my favs. I remember this very scene the 1st time I watched the film. Some movies just stick with you I guess.

Ralph Buckley