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"What I Saw That Day" Available in Hardcover – Now When is the Movie?

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At long last, the book co-authored by Mark Glenn and USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney is now available for sale at Besides the hardcopy version, there is also an audio version available as well.

from the Ugly Truth

If the message from Hollywood wasn’t controlled, this would make a heckuva major motion picture.

Academy awards, Mel Gibson wins best actor and director, millions awakened, school textbooks revised to add the story, History Channel apologizes for not covering it sooner …..

Oops, sorry, just daydreaming.


30 days in the hole

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Rule of Thumb: Any major legislation that comes to a full vote in the Senate or House is not in the best interests of the majority of the American people.

So far that is….I won’t bet otherwise.

Why these Saturday sessions? So we won’t pay attention?

For the uninsured and those without adequate health care, keep repeating “I don’t need no doctor, I don’t need no doctor.”

My dream is locking the traitors up in the capital dungeon until they come up with an end to the wars, health care for all, abolishing the federal reserve, putting a halt to lobbyists and obeying the constitution that they swore to uphold.

30 days in the hole might do them some good.

9/11 con- illegal war-corporatist-shill-liar-traitor-clowns are coming to motivate you…’Theater of the Absurd’

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Thanks to A. Peasant and Peter Chamberlin for the heads up on this. It’s too surreal.

On Monday, the former US president – whose policies inspired millions of Americans to vote Democrat in the 2008 election- will headline at a popular Get Motivated programme, appearing at a seminar about, among other things, “How to master the art of effective leadership”.

Mr Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq provoked widespread criticism, and his steering of the US economy drew censure. But he is likely to be paid around $100,000 (£61,000) for a 40-minute speech on his experiences as leader of the free world – so he may yet have the last laugh. {read the rest at TelegraphUK but it’s basically just laughing it off and spinning away from their war crimes and treason against the U.S. – Telegraph is alleged to have links to MI6…aangirfan}

Bush, Powell and Giuliani are among the most despicable traitors to ever walk our land. No need to elaborate, you know what they have done.

Let’s hope there are many to show up in Fort Worth on Monday to express their outrage that these enablers of the murder of thousands of Americans and over a million Iraqis/Afghanis are allowed in pubic when they should be imprisoned for life…or…….

Blowing Smoke

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Storm,’n Norm’n
This Old Tool has been reintroduced in Washington D.C. by the New Administration.
Tobacco Smoke Enema (1750s-1810s)
The tobacco enema was used to infuse tobacco smoke into a patient’s rectum for various medical purposes, primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims. A rectal tube inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke towards the rectum. The warmth of the smoke was thought to promote respiration, but doubts about the credibility of tobacco enemas led to the popular phrase “blow smoke up one’s ass.”

The old tool has actually never been out of service. It’s been used time and time again. The main stream media pumps the smoke and we the people take it, especially when it come to war.

A Little News from what Obama calls “The Right War”

Understanding “The Right War” and all it’s Globalist implications – An adviser to President Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski, once wrote “For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia… Now a non-Eurasian power is preeminent in Eurasia – and America’s global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained.“ {more – American Everyman}

British Army chief says military may have 40-year Afghan role

The new head of the British Army, General Sir David Richards, has said that Britain could still be in Afghanistan in 40 year’s time.

Richards, who takes over Afghan command as chief of the general staff on August 28, told the Times, “I believe that the UK will be committed to Afghanistan in some manner—development, governance, security sector reform—for the next 30 to 40 years.”

Questioned about the heaviest troop losses of the Afghan occupation in recent weeks, Richards said that the British campaign was “demanding, certainly, but winnable.” {more – wsws}

Pentagon to Obama: Send more troops or lose war

The stage has been set for the Obama administration to announce another major escalation of the war in Afghanistan, amid warnings that the Taliban insurgency has to be stemmed over the next 12 to 18 months to avoid the risk of a humiliating US defeat.

General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, is continuing to use the American media to condition public opinion to accept the dispatch of more troops and the allocation of more money to bolster the occupation. The commander was due to present a review of the war to the White House this week but it has been delayed until after the August 20 Afghan presidential election. {more – dprogram}

Gates: ‘A few years’ of combat in Afghanistan

The Pentagon presented a grim portrait of the Afghanistan war Thursday, offering no assurances about how long Americans will be fighting there or how many U.S. combat troops it will take to win.

“In the intelligence business, we always used to categorize information in two ways, secrets and mysteries,” Gates, a former CIA director, told a Pentagon news conference.

He added: “Mysteries were those where there were too many variables to predict. And I think that how long U.S. forces will be in Afghanistan is in that area.” {more}

Obama’s Afghan war More Expensive than the Iraq War

As the Obama administration expands U.S. involvement in Afghanistan,
military experts are warning that the United States is taking on security
and political commitments that will last at least a decade and a cost that
will probably eclipse that of the Iraq war.

“Afghan forces will need $4 billion a year for another decade, with a like
sum for development,” said Bing West, a former assistant secretary of
defense and combat Marine who has chronicled the Iraq and Afghan wars. {more}

Israel urged to ‘rush into attack on Iran

An Israeli defense official believes Tel Aviv must rush to carry out a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities even without US approval, a report says.

A ‘senior defense official’ said that Tel Aviv believed a military strike could ‘significantly delay’ what it claims to be an Iranian nuclear weapons program, the Israeli daily Maariv reported on Wednesday, without revealing the official’s name.

The official added that Israel could carry out such an attack without US approval but time was running out for it to be effective.

“The Iranians are creating fortifications and camouflage to defend against a strike from the air,” said the official. {more}

Permanent war…permanent lies…permanent profitsdeath is permanent for both soldiers and civilians alike.

The smoke enema is a permanent tactic to blind, deafen and divide us. With a significant amount of the population taking it in, the lies of the neverending wars and deceptions continue unabated.

Blowing smoke is the rule, not the exception.

Rabbi/Government "Culture of Corruption"

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Edmund Nahum, 56, of Deal, one of many people arrested this morning.

Black market organ trafficking and money laundering involving Talmudic Rabbis and all kinds of government officials and willing accomplices makes for very interesting news. This should be the number 1 news story of the next few days but all the money roads will most likely lead to Israel and well known banks so it will probably be buried fairly quickly. Notice how the illegal organ trafficking part of the story will be downplayed and that, when mentioned, the rabbis are from the Syrian jewish community.

A real life jewish mafia story if there ever was one.

Just the tip of the iceberg. Low level criminals get caught but the higher ups are still free.

Massive New Jersey corruption probe snares officials, rabbis

Posted by The Star-Ledger Continuous News Desk July 23, 2009 4:35PM

Federal authorities arrested 44 people in New Jersey and New York in a broad-ranging corruption and international money laundering investigation that led to charges against two N.J. assemblyman and mayors of Hoboken, Secaucus and Ridgefield. The FBI and IRS investigation also ensnared rabbis from the Syrian Jewish communities in Deal and Brooklyn. {much more on this story Here}

Culture of Corruption – press conference video

This guy didn’t last long. Mayor of Hoboken for 23 days before being arrested. That may be a record.

Peter J. Cammarano is sworn in as Hoboken’s 37th mayor by United States District Court Judge Katharine S. Hayden, Wednesday, July 1. He is joined by his wife, Marita and daughter, Abigail.

July 23 (Bloomberg)Peter Cammarano, Hoboken, New Jersey’s youngest mayor, celebrated his 32nd birthday last night by bartending at the city’s St. Ann’s Festival.

“I would like to thank everyone today for the birthday wishes,” Cammarano, who took office July 1, wrote in a Twitter message early today. “Hope everyone had a great time at the opening night for St. Ann’s feast.”

The birthday cheer didn’t last long. Within hours of that post, Cammarano was taken into custody by the FBI along with about 40 local and state officials and rabbis as part of a public corruption and money-laundering investigation.

In Hoboken, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and former working-class enclave whose townhouses and tree-lined streets became a haven for young professionals starting in the 1980s, the arrest may remind some residents of the 1954 film about corruption, “On the Waterfront,” which was filmed in the city.{more}

Human Organ Peddlers…..

FBI agent and a cooperating witness allegedly spoke with defendant Issac Rosenbaum about procuring a liver for the undercover agent’s sick uncle.

“Let me explain this to you,” Rosenbaum allegedly said in the taped conversation. “It’s illegal to buy. It’s illegal to sell. They are going to investigate him [the donor], not you, not your uncle. He’s going to speak to a social worker and a psychologist to find out why he is doing it … and it is our job to prepare him.”

Rosenbaum allegedly set the cost at $160,000 — half of it up front, according to court papers. {more}

It probably seemed exciting to those of you not intimately familiar in the ways of Jews from the Garden State but this thing really didn’t elicit much more than a NBD from us this morning. Money-laundering? Rabbis? Shady politicians? Welcome to my childhood. Now, our interest has been piqued, not so much because of the dead bodies but the notion that you could make an entire career out of peddling this shit:

The probe also involves the trafficking of body parts, according to a person familiar with the matter. One of the individuals who was arrested Thursday morning is an alleged organ dealer, this person said. {source}

Corruption in politics isn’t exactly anything new, but human organ traffic? Here in America? Are you fucking kidding me with this? This is the kind of heinous atrocity that happens in seedy slums of the third world, not the seedy slums of New Jersey and the bright shiny operating rooms in expensive hospitals in New York, Los Angeles and Philly, right? Right? WRONG!

This is what happens when capitalism goes unchecked for too long. This is what happens when a society is so corrupt and rotten that it has lost its center and can only spiral into decay and collapse.

I had to find out more to try to quell the nausea. What I’ve found so far follows.

Newsweek magazine published a story earlier this year written by a Medical Anthropologist named Nancy Scheper-Hughes, from UC Berkeley. Not Just Urban Legend

By accident or by design, she believed, surgeons in their unit had been transplanting black-market kidneys from residents of the world’s most impoverished slums into the failing bodies of wealthy dialysis patients from Israel, Europe and the United States. According to Scheper-Hughes, the arrangements were being negotiated by an elaborate network of criminals who kept most of the money themselves. For about $150,000 per transplant, these organ brokers would reach across continents to connect buyers and sellers, whom they then guided to “broker-friendly” hospitals here in the United States (places where Scheper-Hughes says surgeons were either complicit in the scheme or willing to turn a blind eye). The brokers themselves often posed as or hired clergy to accompany their clients into the hospital and ensure that the process went smoothly. The organ sellers typically got a few thousand dollars for their troubles, plus the chance to see an American city.

This is a racket that transports living people from third world countries and extracts their organs in hospitals so that they can be transplanted. Where are we living again, some chapter of Brave New World, or Coma? {more}

I have to wonder how many of the organ donors contributed against their will. Remember the Israeli white slave market involving tens of thousands of women and girls?

Ah, perp walk season in New jersey. (AP PHOTO) Ah, perp walk season in New Jersey.

The Kennedy Assasination, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, Israel…

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McNamara and Kennedy

aangirfan has put together a number of questions concerning the Kennedy assassination that takes into consideration most of the likely players.

For those interested, it’s a must read. The puzzle continues Here.

Obama, Health Care, FDA, Big Pharma Scams

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Disastrous Daschle-Obama strategy to “fix health care

Tom Daschle is President-elect Obama’s choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services. But what sort of Secretary would he be? What positions might he take on “universal” health care, malpractice and tort reform, and other issues?

Insights into Daschle’s approach may be gleaned from his book Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis, which was endorsed by Barack Obama. The details that emerge from a careful reading of the book are ominous at best.

Daschle first proposes the establishment of a board to set standards for health care. The board would be modeled after the Federal Reserve and the SEC, overseeing every aspect of care for public health systems. Thus the board would administer Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Health Administration, etc., or roughly one third of all health care in the country.

Apparently this board is desperately needed because there aren’t enough bureaucrats overseeing medical affairs in Washington. And Daschle recommends the Federal Reserve-SEC central planning model, presumably because it’s working so well to manage our current fiscal crisis.


Mike Adams Predictions

Big Pharma is headed for tough economic times in 2009 and beyond. In fact, I predict a long, steady contraction in the pharmaceutical business from here forward, and in the 2009 – 2011 timeframe, you’ll see several large drug companies undergo mergers, acquisitions or layoffs.

There are several big trends to pay attention to here. First, Big Pharma’s research pipeline is scarce. They don’t have any more blockbuster drugs that would help them cash in on disease in the years ahead.

Second, the Big Pharma scam is finally starting to be understood by more and more people, including some journalists, scientists, lawmakers and even many doctors. They’re realizing that the Big Pharma / FDA conspiracy is based on fraud, not science, and that most drugs simply don’t work on most people!

I predict the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in favor of Big Pharma in a pending court case, betraying the American public by taking away its right to sue over dangerous pharmaceuticals that harm or kill.

The victory will be short-lived, however, as a Democratic-controlled Congress will pass new legislation in 2009 that will reestablish the right of consumers to sue drug companies for dangerous products that cause harm. more


The Drugging of Children

Mike Adams

Filmmaker Kevin Miller has released a second exclusive video clip from his new film Generation Rx which documents the mass drugging of children with powerful mind-altering prescription medications.

The new clip is here:

This clip features health freedom champion Dr. Julian Whitaker describing the insanity of drugging children with amphetamine drugs inside the schools while those very same schools claim to be “drug free zones.”

The drugging of children with psychiatric medications has reached a level of madness in modern-day America that can only be described as a maniacal crime against humanity. That any society would drug millions of its children with dangerous psychiatric medications that cause violence and suicide — and then call it “therapeutic medicine” — is beyond rational comprehension.

Generation Rx is one of the pivotal films that stands to turn the tide against the psychiatric drug pushers and ultimately outlaw the chemical abuse of children by drug companies.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Will the World Bank’s profiteering by spreading HIV in the 3rd World continue under Obama?

Is there a national innoculation scam in the US? Is there a testing and treatment Lyme Disease scam involving Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services which is allegedly involved in domestic and international espionage, and the helping of sending scientists exposing the fraud to mental hospitals taking away their children? [more information].

How does the Plum Island Chemical Weapons/Bio-Warfare research facility between Long Island, New York and Connecticut play into the equation? Was Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus an “accidental” release out of Plum Island?

Lisa Masterson in the UK and Kathleen Dickson in the US came upon the same smoking gun involving Big Pharma and the Lyme Disease testing and treatment scam. Both have scientific backgrounds. The FDA listed Kathleen Dickson as an expert witness who help cost Big Pharma and Yale University plus, or minus, a billion dollars helping take a dangerous drug, Lyme-Rx off the market. Dickson was then allegedly spied upon by Connecticut’s Department of Administrative Services along with the Connecticut State Police, to have Dickson falsely arrested, hauled away to a mental hospital, and have her kids taken away.

~ more… ~


The New Drug Pusher Man