Love Hollow Cave, Cannon Co. TN

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Love Hollow, Cannon County, Tennessee.

Although I lived less than 1/2 mile from this cave for about 6 years, I didn’t know it existed until yesterday. It’s hidden on a dead end private road.

According to the owner:
Cavers from Nashville have been coming out approximately once a year and reported that they have been back into the cave three miles. There are some very large rooms with one reportedly big enough to “land an airplane in”. They said there are formations not seen in any cave they have been in here in Tennessee. The problem is that one must crawl on their hands and knees for about 1,000 feet in water before reaching a stand up area and the rooms. After that it’s a pretty easy.

In heavy rains the full mouth of the cave has been seen to be pouring water. A pipe has been put into a spring flowing out just to the right of the mouth and has been used for drinking water in times past. The water is clean and very good.

The owner doesn’t allow anyone but experienced cavers to go in and his property is marked “No Trespassing”.