A Change in the Weather

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The Children of Iran.

As the decibel level of the drumbeats of war increase day by day, let’s ask this question. Are we willing to victimize the youth of Iran as we have with Iraq and Afghanistan? Iran is a nation with which we have no legitimate quarrel.

Are these the kids you are willing to sacrifice for Israel and war profiteers?

Music by the late great Nashville/Murfreesboro TN band “Freedom of Expression”

From their early 80’s LP “For Lack of a Better Word”

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Children are never too young to be taught to despise the State

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…to distrust its agents, and to avoid cooperating in any way with the mechanism of official plunder, deception, and coercion. Parents should seek to instill such attitudes in their children as soon as possible.

Isn’t it our responsibility to end the worship of the state?