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Destroy the Afghan Opium Crops for Monsanto

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From this to this?
The occupation of Afghanistan will include a farming mix of opium and corporate genetically modified seed and herbicides.

The Afghan opium crops and the resulting drug trade create a multitude of problems for a great number of people. It also creates a monster of a money trail from the farmers right on up to the globalist world banking system.

It doesn’t matter if you are totally anti-drug or for legalization to stop the insane ‘war on drugs’ or somewhere in between, there are a few corporate/government/fascist side trails that should be looked at.

Monsanto is not one to shy away from exploiting the US war/occupation of Afghanistan. It plays one side for the made for TV crop eradication programs and the other as ‘friend’ who will give the Afghani farmers ‘free’ seed if they won’t grow their only cash crop.

Destroy the crops.

Although opium poppy production is reported to have decreased 19% in 2008, Afghanistan remains the world’s largest producer of the drug, reports The Raw Story, which quotes new Obama-administration ambassador Ambassador Richard Holbrooke speaking at the Brussels Forum conference:
“The United States alone is spending over 800 million dollars a year on counter-narcotics. We have gotten nothing out of it, nothing.”

One eradication method is aerial fumigation, a Bush-era policy of spraying chemicals such as Monsanto herbicide Roundup Ultra to eradicate the crop. Aerial fumigation — one of the widest anti-drug efforts in Afghanistan — began in 2008.

Roundup Ultra, which has glyphosate as an active ingredient, has also been blamed for health problems in people living near the targeted sites

Enter the seed.

From Robert Soave…my outrage wasn’t triggered until the very end of the article {The Wall Street Journal (U.S. Defines Its Afghan Strategy, 03/27/09) }, where the plan for handling Afghanistan’s illegal opium trade was detailed. Farmers who grow opium — an illegal substance used to produce drugs like heroin and morphine — will be offered wheat seeds for free from either Afghan or U.S. officials to start growing wheat instead of opium. Then the kicker comes: “If the farmers refuse, U.S. or Afghan personnel will burn their fields, and then again offer them free replacement seeds.” Let’s repeat that for effect — U.S. personnel will burn their fields and then pressure the farmers again. And we wonder why the Afghan people have not yet warmed to our presence in their country. {more}

Corporate, hybrid, GM seed for the farmers. “The first one’s free.”

The genetically modified infestation into Afghan farming has been going on for awhile.

Multinational companies move into farming

Soya has never been grown in Afghanistan and it doesn’t form part of the country’s culinary tradition, but a new programme, supposedly devised to combat malnutrition, plans to change all that. 1 USAID has funded Nutrition and Education International (NEI), set up by Nestle, to teach Afghans to sow and eat soya beans. 2 NEI is linked to the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH),3 which was founded by the American Soybean Association (ASA) in 2000,4 to organise the distribution of free soya milk to pregnant women and infants throughout the developing world. WISHH works with the North American Millers’ Association (NAMA), whose members include global giants ADM, Bunge Milling and ConAgro. In Afghanistan NEI works with Stine Seed Company, Iowa, and Gateway Seed Company, Illinois, both of which supply it with genetically modified Roundup soya and Roundup-Ready herbicide to be sold on to the farmers. According to NEI, it distributed two tonnes of genetically modified soya seed in Afghanistan in 2005. {more}

The seed fascism in Iraq seems to have worked so the same plan is being implemented in Afghanistan.

The Real Victor in Iraq: Monsanto

It now looks like Monsanto is going to be the real victor in Iraq thanks to a postwar document known as Order 81.

Part of the infamous 100 Orders, Order 81 mandates that Iraq’s commercial-scale farmers must now purchase “registered” seeds. These are available through agribusiness giants like Monsanto, Cargill Corporation (a private company) and the World Wide Wheat Company (also private), but Monsanto is far and away the most significant player in the registered seed market.

Originally developed to avert world hunger (at least according to Monsanto), these GM crops not only do not produce more than their non-modified cousins, but the herbicide Roundup, developed in tandem by Monsanto to treat GM fields, is becoming increasingly ineffective. This has led to more herbicide purchases among farmers, greater profits for Monsanto, increasingly smaller yields, and greater environmental pollution overall.

Roundup, a glyphosate, is the direct descendant of Agent Orange (also produced by Monsanto), and is especially toxic to marine animals. Glyphosates, known as endocrine disruptors, are being increasingly implicated in neurological disorders, DNA damage and even death.

Order 81, by first forcing Iraq’s farmers to use GM seeds, and then by declaring natural seeds an infringement on Monsanto technology, will result in the sorts of tragedies seen elsewhere in the developing world, reducing Iraq’s farmers to drinking field-grade herbicides to escape financial catastrophe.

Nor will the Iraqi people benefit in terms of more food. Order 81, mandated under the dystopian title “Plant Variety Protection,” turns the agricultural world on its head by defining indigenous crops as invasive and GM crops as uniform and stable. Moreover, the six varieties of wheat developed for Iraq are primarily used in pasta. Since the Iraqis don’t eat pasta, one can only assume these food crops are destined for Western nations, leaving the average Iraqi that much closer to starvation.

Order 81, carefully crafted to look like humanitarian legislation aimed at rescuing a country decimated by half a decade of war, is in fact a Monsanto power play under U.S. government sponsorship. Farmers who do not comply will have seeds, farm implements and even land seized.

The infamous 100 Orders, of which 81 is only an instance, are clearly a ploy to allow multinationals like Monsanto to take over an entire nation. As Iraqi resentment over this privatization grows, expect continued resistance, more deaths, and ultimately a failure of democracy. {more}

The ones you don’t kill, you must rape. That sounds like a good motto for the occupying empire and their corporate sponsors.


Plus ça change: "Progressive" Leaders Ride War Machine Deeper Into Darkness

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There is no main stream press to say what Chris Floyd does in this very succinct discourse.
The lemmings who will not seek out any alternative message and possibly act upon it are leading us all to ruin. There could be strength in numbers but the majority is numb and will allow the crimes against humanity to continue. As Ryan Dawson said this week, “Take back the Media”. It’s our only hope.


Written by Chris Floyd

Armed with the same invincible ignorance and arrogance that have for generations led their imperial forbears to bitter defeat in Afghanistan, Barack Obama and Gordon Brown have both pledged themselves to a substantial escalation of the Anglo-American adventure in Central Asia. Thus these two self-proclaimed “progressive” champions of benevolent change are guaranteeing more of the same bitter fruit already produced by this misbegotten enterprise: more death, more ruin, more suffering, more corruption – and more violent extremism.

The latter, of course, is where we came in, with the Carter-Reagan marshalling of extremist jihadis — known as “freedom fighters” in those days of yore — to hotfoot the Soviets and their secular Afghan clients. Indeed, the entire arc of America’s bipartisan policies in the region over the past 40 years can be seen as the elaborate construction of a gargantuan, self-propelled blowback machine, producing an endless effluent of violence, threat, chaos and crime that is now sluicing through the entire world. But blowback, as we all know, is not a design flaw of imperial policy, at least not for the most part; it is a design feature. No War Machine without perpetual war and rumors of war; no war profits – and no war powers – without the War Machine.

So perhaps we do wrong to criticize Obama and Brown, on policy grounds, for their intention to kill more civilians and kindle more hatred and sorrow in Afghanistan. After all, we are told over and over how very intelligent these two leaders are, how well-read, how penetrating, far-seeing and deep-delving they are, especially in comparison to their fatuous predecessors. The glaringly obvious folly – in human terms, and on the moral plane – of escalating the war in Afghanistan, and possibly expanding it into Pakistan, cannot have escaped such perceptive men. Therefore, we can only conclude that their policies, like those of their predecessors, are based on altogether different considerations, ones in which the lives of the Afghan people, and the genuine security of their own people, are of little concern.

For this is the hard truth – the blood-and-iron truth – that our age has taught us so well: war is always a win-win proposition for the corporate-militarist state that has devoured the American Republic. Even if the particular conflict itself ends badly or inconclusively, it always engenders vast profits and increased power and privilege for the corporate-militarist elite — and the temporary managers they graciously allow the American people to “choose” from a rigorously sifted, highly circumscribed menu of “viable” candidates. So it doesn’t matter if this war or that war is “ill-conceived” or “badly managed” or a “serious mistake” or “the wrong war at the wrong time,” or if its public justifications are based on lies or ignorance or arrogance, or if it bankrupts the treasury, beggars the citizenry, and destabilizes the world. The small, golden, coddled circle still reaps dividends of profit and dominance.

Naturally, this kind of thing can’t go on forever; history is replete with examples of imperial elites who eventually bled their nations dry and saw them fall into ruin or curdle into a fearful insignificance. But I think that those who believe – either hopefully or in despair – that the American empire will shrivel away anytime soon are badly mistaken. The war machine and the security apparatus are not shrinking; they are growing by leaps and bounds, and Obama has promised to make them even larger. The economic disaster doesn’t threaten the position of the imperial elites at all. On the contrary, as we have seen in the last few weeks, the Obama-backed “bailout” plan has enriched the already rich and powerful to a staggering degree. As CNBC reports, the government has spent more on saving the rich from the consequences of their greed than it spent in winning World War II: more than $4 trillion so far, with much more to come. This astonishing theft – the largest gobbling of public loot by a rapacious elite in the history of the world – will only further cement the powerful in their entrenchments on the commanding heights of society. The nation may rot beneath them, may be roiled by storms of blowback; but that is not their concern, it is no defeat for them. You can lose; they do not.

This is not to say that our elites don’t tell themselves any number of flattering, self-justifying fairy tales about the boundless nobility and righteousness of their intentions. They can do this because they identify the interests of the system of elite rule (and the comfort, power and privilege they personally receive from the system) with the common good of the nation, or the world, as a whole. This allows them to pursue truly monstrous policies without regarding themselves as monsters. This allows them to order actions, such as the escalation of the destructive, destabilizing conflict in Afghanistan, which they know, with absolute certainty, will needlessly murder innocent women, children and men — and still talk earnestly and sincerely about their hopes for peace, their concern for humanity, their deep, abiding faith in a loving God. But again, as we have said over and over here, what matters are not the rhetorical justifications of power or the stated intentions of power — or the charisma, likability or compelling story of the wielders of power; what matters are the operations of power, its actual effects on the human beings on the receiving end of its machinations. Like love, power is what it does, not what it says.

Any discourse that omits this perspective seems to me to be lacking in rigor and realism, and leaves one highly vulnerable to delusion and manipulation — and complicity in evil.


Follow the Leader: 30 Years Ago and Today

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Jonestown, Guyana 1978…………………………………… Afghanistan 2008

In 1978 the phrase ‘drinking the kool-aid’ gained notoriety, essentially meaning following the leader or going along with crowd, idea or system. Damn the consequences.

Nothing much changes. Going along with the ‘leader’ often means death, millions of them, more than can even be accurately counted.

Thirty years ago today over 900 people led by Jim Jones committed murder and suicide in a cult ritual sacrifice.

Today, innocents and children die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and elsewhere in a cult ritual sacrifice. We prefer to just call it war.

We follow the leader, making believe it’s all justified, God’s will or some other delusional concept.

See the sign in the photo above. Do we ever remember or conveniently forget, hoping someone else will take care of the problem and clean up the mess?


It should be named our national drink.

Homage to John Brown

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Thomas Paine’s Corner


By George Novack

First Published: New International, Vol.IV No.1, January 1938, pp.23-26

Simulposted with Marxists Internet Archive

John Brown was a revolutionary terrorist. There was nothing alien or exotic about him; he was a genuine growth of the American soil. The roots of his family tree on both sides reached back among the first English settlers of Connecticut. The generations of Browns were pious Protestant pioneers, tough and upstanding, and singularly consistent in their ideas, characters, and ways of life. John Brown was the third fighter for freedom of that name in his family and was himself the parent of a fourth. His grandfather died in service as a captain in the Revolutionary war. His father was an active abolitionist, a station-master and conductor on the underground railway.

Born in 1800, the pattern of John Brown’s first fifty years reproduced the life of his father. His father has married three times and had sixteen children; John Brown married twice and had twenty children, every living soul among them pledged to hate and fight black bondage. Like his father, John, too, was “very quick on the move”, shifting around ten times in the Northeastern states before his call to Kansas. He was successively—but not very successfully—a shepherd, tanner, farmer, surveyor, cattle-expert, real estate speculator, and wool-merchant. In his restlessness, his constant change of occupation and residence, John Brown was a typical middle-class American citizen of his time.

How did this ordinary farmer and business man, this pious patriarch become transformed into a border chieftain and a revolutionary terrorist? John had inherited his family’s love of liberty and his father’s abolitionism. At an early age he had sworn eternal war against slavery. His barn at Richmond, Pennsylvania, where in 1825 he set up a tannery, the first of his commercial enterprises, was a station on the underground railway. Ten years later he was discussing plans for the establishment of a Negro school.

“If once the Christians in the Free States would set to work in earnest in teaching the blacks,” he wrote his brother, “the people of the slaveholding States would find themselves constitutionally driven to set about the work of emancipation immediately.”

As the slave power tightened its grip upon the government, John Brown’s views on emancipation changed radically. “A firm believer in the divine authenticity of the Bible”, he drew his inspiration and guidance from the Old Testament rather than the New. He lost sympathy with the abolitionists of the Garrison school who advocated the Christ-like doctrine of non-resistance to force. He identified himself with the shepherd Gideon who led his band against the Midianites and slew them with his own hand.

A project for carrying the war into the enemy’s camp had long been germinating in John Brown’s mind. By establishing a stronghold in the mountains bordering Southern territory from which his men could raid the plantations, he planned to free the slaves, and run them off to Canada. On a tour to Europe in 1851 he inspected fortifications with an eye to future use; he carefully studied military tactics, especially of guerrilla warfare in mountainous territory. Notebooks on his reading are still extant.

Read the rest:


Not everyone agrees that Lincoln’s Civil War was completely just and constitutional.

Some hidden history.

Abraham Lincoln’s “Bank War”

Abraham Lincoln: America’s Greatest War Crimial

The History of Money

No president in our history ever abused his power, trashed the US Constitution, or committed more crimes than Lincoln. He acted like a total Dictator.

He waged a war that cost the lives of 620,000 Americans. Including the murder of 50,000 innocent Southern civilians.

He suspended the writ of habeas corpus without the consent of Congress (as required by the Constitution).

He had duly elected State representatives illegally jailed without charges.

He illegally imprisoned without warrant or trial some 13,000 Northern citizens who opposed his policies

He illegally shut down and confiscated the printing presses of dozens of newspapers that had spoken out against him.

He re-instated and summarily promoted an Army officer who had been court martialed and cashiered by the US Army for war crimes.

He illegally deported a member of Congress after said congressman criticized his unconstitutional behaviour.

He even had an arrest warrant issued for the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court because said justice refused to back his illegal actions.

Chief Justice Roger B Taney ruled that Lincolns actions were illegal, criminal and unconstitutional.

Lincoln locked up Maryland legislators to prevent them from voting to secede from the Union, thats kidnapping.

He invaded the South without the consent of Congress as required by the Constitution, thats a war crime.

He blockaded Southern ports without a delclaration of war, as required by the Constitution, thats another war crime.

He imprisoned without trial, hundreds of newspaper editors and owners and censored all newspaper and telegraph communication.

He created three new states without the consent of the citizens of those states in order to artificially inflate the Republican Party’s electoral vote.

He ordered Federal troops to interfere with Northern elections to assure his Party’s victories.

He confiscated private property, including firearms, in violation of the Second Amendment; and effectively gutted the Tenth and Ninth Amendments as well.

He had his Generals attack US cities full of women and children and burn them to the ground.

I could go on but you get my point.

Lincoln should have been shot for his actions.

And he was.