Day of Insanity

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In Oakland there was insanity today.

Mass fatalities” are reported in a shooting at an Oakland religious nursing college.

A sick SOB enters the campus and kills 7. Cops may have caught the shooter but it’s after the fact. The victims in the shooting gallery were unarmed and helpless.

Meanwhile across town, the feds, also being the sick SOB’s that they are, raided Oaksterdam University, California’s first cannabis industry training school. The victims in this were also unarmed and helpless. No casualties except for the Constitution and some green plant material.

This is a calculated attack across the state on everyone who is trying to bring the cannabis industry out of the darkness and into the light,” said Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones. “They’re going after industry leaders one at a time.”

Travesty at two campuses.  Both schools are very similar. They both taught people how to help others and become an integral part of the economy.

You can’t blame the local and state law enforcement for the killings with the information we now have, although it is convenient the shooting story buried the illegal fed raid one. The cops can’t be everywhere. But where are they for the federal medical marijuana ‘Stalinist’ purges?  Jerry Brown could send in the state cops and tell the plutocrat goons they have no jurisdiction and to get the hell out of there and never come back. Oh yeah, the top boys are laying back and counting their federal bribes and putting a spit shine on their toys.

Speaking of toys and insanity, the Pentagon and one day the local arm of the police state are wanting nuclear powered drones that can stay up for months without refueling.

Sandia National Laboratories is often asked to look at a wide range of solutions to the toughest technical challenges. The research on this topic was highly theoretical and very conceptual. The work only resulted in a preliminary feasibility study and no hardware was ever built or tested. The project has ended.”

Uh… right, the project has ended. If you believe that then I’ve got a building that used to house a pot college to sell you, a blood splattered classroom you can clean up and I’ll give you an old original piece of paper that is now worthless except as a fire starter for the cold and homeless.


Ron Paul in the Lion’s Den of the Conservative Political Action Conference

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The idea of Ron Paul speaking a the Conservative Political Action conference is an enigma. Go see the list of speakers. They’re some of the most despicable corporate banker zionist war whores in America. The whole sordid affair drips with blood money.

But Dr. Paul is allowed to come on in and give his standard message that totally contradicts the neocon agenda. In the context of this conference and the last decade of political power, Paul is not a conservative but a radical. Even more radical than many of the so called progressive left who continue to fraudulently justify foreign intervention and war.

Dr. Paul is the designated dissenter on the right. The message gets attention but always is undermined at the same time in this left/right con game.

Agree or not with everything Paul has to say, the basics of the message are actually what most thinking Americans are concerned with.

Cass Sunstein … here … ‘nudge’ this

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Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar is a piece of work. A dual citizen, zionist first, Chicago mafia, anti-constitution, bill of rights hating, Supreme Court wannabe is all over the alternative news with the finding and public outing of his 2008 treatise on destroying the opposition. He also wrote a book called ‘Nudge’ that just by it’s name explains the administrations tactics of slow but sure domination.

But his talk is old, it won’t work. He can attack the 2nd Amendment all he wants but all he has done is warn us. These guys think they can disseminate their American hate speech to their cohorts just like PNAC did and we won’t be paying attention. Too late, we’re watching.

The sickest aspect of the Sunstein agenda is that he is portraying himself as an animal activist. Yeah … he’s all for animal rights but when it comes to the free speech and constitutional rights of humans, well … that’s a different story.

Most likely, all the Sunstein talk is nothing but a diversion. The controlling powers know that the opposition is awakening and that it’s not yet time for a confrontation.

They can keep ‘nudging’ all they want but all they’re going to get is a big push back.

Evading the Constitution

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The constitution is the set of rules that all government officials swear an oath to uphold. That seems simple. If enough people want to change those rules, there are provisions to do so.

But wannabe despots, dictators and their ilk want to take the fork in the road of least resistance to achieve their goals. It’s their task, their job in working for the bankers and corporations.

It’s been signing statements by the executive branch overriding Congressional mandates here lately. Bush Jr. was straight out in your face in saying that “we’ll do damn well what we please” with his signing statements. That crew of criminals was more old school. They dared anyone to challenge them and nobody did enough to matter.

Obama was criticized for his use of signing statements early in his game and so stopped doing it. In keeping with his contrived persona of  ‘change,’ his handlers came up with something new … ‘statements of administration policy.’ Same game, different name.

Signing statements and admin policy are used under the guise of unconstitutionality. If a law is unconstitutional, as most major legislation from a corrupt Congress is, then all the president has to do is veto them. Again, simple enough. Send the bill back to the drawing board. Of course following the rules doesn’t move the agenda along.

The New York Times has some details on the continued executive branch power grab in ‘Obama Takes New Route to Opposing Parts of Laws.’

Puppets don’t have to worry about rules. They just move to the tune of the strings …..

ATF tells Tennessee that a federal gun law trumps the state’s

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NASHVILLE — The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told Tennessee gun dealers to disregard a state statute that exempts firearms made and sold inside Tennessee from federal gun laws and registration.

The ATF says the federal laws still apply regardless of the state’s move.

The Tennessee legislature considered and approved several bills this year to reduce restrictions on firearms, including one bill that its sponsors labeled the “Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act.” It passed overwhelmingly — 87-1 in the House and 22-7 in the Senate — despite warnings by some lawmakers that it could subject Tennessee citizens to federal prosecution and imprisonment.

“This bill simply asserts that if a firearms and/or ammunition is made totally within the state of Tennessee, then the federal government has no jurisdiction over that item in any fashion, so long as it remains in the state and outside of interstate commerce,” Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, the bill’s sponsor, said on the Senate floor when it passed there in June.

The bill was a two-fer for conservatives in the legislature: a gun bill and a state sovereignty bill rolled into one.
“An effort by the federal government to regulate intrastate commerce under the guise of powers implied by the interstate commerce clause could only result in encroachment of the state’s power to regulate commerce within its borders,” said Beavers.

But ATF Asst. Director Carson W. Carroll, head of the agency’s enforcement programs and services, sent an “Open Letter to all Tennessee Firearms Licensees” a month later that explained the agency’s position on the law.

“The act purports to exempt personal firearms, firearms accessories and ammunition manufactured in the state and which remain in the state from most federal firearms laws and regulations,” Carroll wrote. “However, because the act conflicts with federal firearms laws and regulations, federal law supercedes the act and all provisions of the (federal) Gun Control Act and the National Firearms Act and their corresponding regulations continue to apply.”

The letter is posted on the Tennessee Firearms Association’s Web site with this unsigned commentary by the association: “The ATF — as expected — has issued a letter in which it disregards the 10th Amendment restrictions on federal power (as seems to be the trend since the late 1930s) and has notified Tennessee’s federal firearms dealers that the Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act is meaningless. … We expected such from a tyranny that no longer lives within the bounds of its express authority.”
But ATF Nashville Special Agent-in-Charge James M. Cavanaugh said several U.S. Supreme Court rulings have upheld the federal gun laws.

“The Constitution says the Supreme Court interprets the law,” he said. “The ATF hasn’t ruled this, the Supreme Court has, and we’re a law enforcement agency.”

Cavanaugh said Tennessee has nearly 2,000 licensed gun dealers and manufacturers and the agency has received no complaints from them about the letter.

“It’s analogous to a speed limit. If the speed limit on the interstate is set at 70, a city along the interstate can’t come along and say there is no speed limit on the interstate through our city. The highway patrol could still enforce the speed limit,” he said.

Although Montana was the first state to pass its version of the Firearms Freedom Act, Tennessee was the first to implement it because the Montana law specifies an effective date of Oct. 1.

Although the bill passed overwhelmingly — and with no debate in the House — it had its critics in the Senate who warned of its likely outcome. And Cavanaugh said some legislators inquired about the bill before its passage.

“If one of the citizens of our state reads about the passage of this legislation and uses it and relies upon it and goes out and does something … couldn’t they be convicted under federal law?” asked Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga. “I see this as a real danger to our citizens.”‘

Murdering People and the Constitution

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The 222th birthday of our constitution would have been today if those sworn to uphold and defend it had not purposefully let it die a premature death.

Illegal wars, executive orders, traitorous Congress members, the greed for money, lying media whores, a fraudulent ‘war on terror’ and the apathy of the American people are contributors to the demise of the constitution. It’s death did not come suddenly but in slow motion steps over a great number of years.

Chris Floyd has some thoughts in Blood on the Tracks…..

At some point earlier this month, Barack Obama took a moment out of his busy day to sign an “execute order.” That is, he ordered American agents to kill a man without any legal procedure whatsoever: no arrest, no trial, no formal presentation – and disputation – of evidence, no defense…and no warning. They killed him on the open road, in a sneak attack; he was not engaged in combat, he was not posing an imminent threat to anyone at the time, he had not been charged with any crime. This kind of thing is ordinarily regarded as murder. Certainly, if you or I killed someone in this way – or paid someone to do it – then we would find ourselves in the dock, facing life imprisonment or our own execution. But then, you and I are subject to the law; our leaders are not.

And not a single voice of protest was raised anywhere in the American political and media establishments. Churchmen did not thunder from the pulpits about this lawless action. The self-proclaimed patriots and liberty-lovers on the ever-more militant Right did not denounce this most extreme expression of state tyranny: the leader’s arbitrary power to kill anyone he pleases. It is simply an accepted, undisputed fact of American life today that American leaders can and do – and should – murder people, anywhere in the world, if they see fit. When this supreme tyranny is noted at all, it is simply to celebrate the Leader for his toughness — or perhaps chide him for not killing even more people in this fashion.

So let us put the reality in its plainest terms: if the president of the United States decides to call you a terrorist and kill you, he can. He doesn’t have to arrest you, he doesn’t have to charge you, he doesn’t have to put you on trial, he doesn’t have to convict you, he doesn’t have to sentence you, he doesn’t have to allow you any appeals: he can just kill you. And no one in the American power structure will speak up for you or denounce your murder; they won’t even see that it’s wrong, they won’t even consider it remarkable. It’s just business as usual. It’s just the way things are done. It’s just the way we are now.{more}

Paul Craig Roberts explained a little a few months ago in From One Assault on the Constitution to Another…..

The US Constitution has few friends on the right or the left.

During the first eight years of the 21st century, the Republicans mercilessly assaulted civil liberties. The brownshirt Bush regime ignored the protections provided by habeas corpus. They spied on American citizens without warrants. They violated the First Amendment. They elevated decisions of the president above US statutory law and international law. They claimed the power to withhold information from the people’s representatives in Congress, and they asserted, and behaved as if, they were unaccountable to the people, Congress, and the federal courts. The executive branch claimed the power to ignore congressional subpoenas. Republicans regarded Bush as a Stuart king unaccountable to law.

The Bush brownshirt regime revealed itself as lawless, the worst criminal organization in American history.

Now we have the Democrats, and the assault on civil liberty continues. President Obama doesn’t want to hold Bush accountable for his crimes and violations of the Constitution, because Obama wants to retain the powers that Bush asserted. Even the practice of kidnapping people and transporting them to foreign countries to be tortured has been retained by President Obama.

The civil liberties that Bush stole from us are now in Obama’s pocket. {more}

Jake Towne reflects…..

Government is certainly NOT any single person or group of people. Government is a principle – the Rule of Law. The American Government exists – simply and solely – to protect the freedom of the individual.

The Declaration of Independence was the promise to setup a new government to protect individuals from tyranny following the revolt. The Constitution of the United States was the fulfillment of that promise, the creation of a supreme law that would bind the hands of government.

We are not exactly in a blissful meadow where we have the luxury to daydream up a theoretical anarchic scheme and then live happily ever after. For while there is no imperial monarch from some far-off island imposing his tyranny upon us all, our greatest enemies are not hiding in desolate mountains or the sands of some far-flung desert!

No, our true enemy is the enemy domestic. Many who walk the halls of Washington, D.C. are far greater threats to our liberties and prosperity.

They have left our borders as sieves, protected by non-military personnel from the so-called Department of Homeland Security.

We no longer have a Department of Defense – we have a Department of Offense, a Ministry of War, that has launched preemptive, unconstitutional, and illegal wars of aggression, most egregiously in Iraq.

Our enemies try to operate the national economy as if it were a machine, and not a complex biological system of individuals working together to mutually improve our lives.

They have spit upon the standards of human dignity by torturing others in our name.

It is a fact that if they had been forced to abide by the Constitution, their schemes would have failed or been much harder to implement. Those elected to Govern us have broken their oaths and must be removed and replaced with those who will not.

They will do whatever they can to remain in power, to control us by debasing our money and frittering away our civil liberties as if they were garbage. They will use the typical stratagems – divide-and-conquer through terms meant to confuse like “conservative” and “liberal”, diversions by using hot-button topics like abortion and same-sex marriage, and prey upon our differences in race and creeds in attempts to turn us upon ourselves.

Well, the enemies domestic are on notice that they have a stalker. I plead with you to join with me and become a Champion of the Constitution yourself. {more}

Maybe the constitution is not dead? Maybe it’s just lying in wait for a new breed of patriots to re-animate it?

I prefer a man who will burn the flag and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag

A Constitution in FULL Crisis

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“We won – you lost—so STFU and take it!”

By JB Williams

America’s extreme left tricked American moderates into supporting their candidate last November by campaigning on post-partisan cooperation and transparency in government. Six months after the election of a freshman senator with a blank résumé, a laundry list of evil associates and a life more secret than your average CIA agent, Obama’s entire history remains a mystery and his administration is the most hardcore partisan dictatorship ever experienced in the USA.

Washington DC partisanship has turned into outright Obama-Pelosi dictatorship. The so-called “Commander-in-Chief” is fast losing control of his military, which is increasingly and viciously divided between those who are refusing to take orders from an overt enemy of the Constitution, and those who foolishly defend Obama’s right to destroy that which they took an oath to protect and preserve.

Obama should have ended the divisions over his ineligibility long before it reached the ranks of American fighting forces. He chose not to, and instead to allow the issue to fester into a powder keg that even Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are ill-prepared to extinguish.

The US Constitution is in FULL Crisis

The US Constitution is the contract between the people and their respective states, and the federal government established by it. The document was written to form a representative republic limited in power and scope to the matters and authority delegated and ratified in the Constitution. That contract has been breached by a runaway Fed…

Decades of outright destruction of the Constitution have left the nation on the brink of economic, political and social collapse. The 2006 and 2008 election cycles placed the Constitution in full crisis and the people are growing increasingly desperate for a peaceful means to restore their Constitutional Republic.

An administration which does not meet constitutional standards is expected to protect and defend a contract which it does not even recognize, much less respect. The contract either stands, or it doesn’t. Based on the 2008 election, and every policy put in place since, the contract does not stand at present. If the Constitution no longer stands, then the federal government which it established, no longer stands in authority. Tyranny reigns…

The States Take Action

Ignored by federal public servants and cut off from any access to peaceful means of redress in congress or the courts, the people and their states are forced to take matters into their own hands.

A “constitutional” interpretation of the Constitution is in order, as the people begin to demand that a runaway Fed blatantly acting against the best interest of its people, return to a constitutional foundation, or risk being stripped of all power and abolished.

The federal government is the product of the Constitution, the contract between the people and their states which established and assigned specific limited powers to the federal government, which is to serve at the pleasure of the states and the people.

If the Constitution no longer stands, then there is NO federal government. The federal government exists only as a result of the Constitution. A very real crisis is at hand…

As a result, more than 32 states are rushing to pass Tenth Amendment legislation intended to remind the federal government of this reality. But the Obama regime is not listening.

Many of those states are also passing Second Amendment protections for their citizens, making it illegal for the Fed to threaten private gun rights, even in cases of “Martial Law.” But the Fed has rejected all such state bills, claiming that “federal laws supersede state laws.”

Reacting to an “unconstitutional” letter from Obama’s ATF, which puts Tennessee on notice that the Fed will not recognize laws passed by the individual states under Tenth Amendment rights, Tennessee State Rep. Matthew Hill points out, —“Montana, Tennessee and all others, are SOVEREIGN states not subservient to the federal government. The Fed can send us letters all day long and it doesn’t change the fact that we are allowed to govern ourselves, under the 10th amendment of the US Constitution.”

A “constitutional” interpretation of the Constitution

All constitutional text must be read within the context of Amendment Ten… which clearly states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Does the Constitution delegate the power to “confiscate and redistribute private wealth” to the federal government?

Does it delegate power to force “Cap and Trade” or so-called “Universal Health Care” upon the people and the states?

Does it delegate the power over private industry, such as banking, auto manufacturing, energy and the likes? – Or the power to disarm American citizens under any set of circumstances, real or imaginary?

No such powers were delegated to the federal government under the US Constitution. Unlike many ill-informed US citizens, Obama & Co. knows it. But they don’t care…

Since no clause exists in the Constitution which specifically assigns any of these powers to the Fed, Amendment Ten applies… “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

The Second Amendment Example

Each clause of the Constitution must be read within the context of the Tenth Amendment. Power and authority is either specifically delegated to the Fed in the text of the Constitution, specifically withheld from the Fed by way of the Bill of Rights, or in the absence of any such reference to power and authority, the Tenth Amendment applies.

In the case of gun rights, the Founders specifically denied the Fed any power via the Bill of Rights, specifically prohibiting the Fed from playing around with the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” –

Yet, operating in direct contradiction to this Second Amendment language, the federal government has assumed a power not assigned to it by the states, to regulate the right of the people to keep and bear arms. A case of the people’s past silence, being intentionally misinterpreted as their consent, which allowed the fed to step across boundaries it is specifically prohibited from crossing in the Bill of Rights.

As a result, the states have been forced to restate their border sovereignty and state rights in new state sponsored legislation, including Second Amendment protections for their citizens who wish to keep and bear arms, whether anti-second amendment leftists in Washington DC like it or not.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

My home state of Tennessee passed both Tenth Amendment and Second Amendment legislation, supported in such number as to override our Democrat governor’s attempts to veto.

But Obama’s Fed responded by issuing a letter, under his Justice Department headed by Obama buddy Eric Holder, on the letterhead of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms signed by Assistant Director Carson Carroll, advising the state that “federal laws supersede states laws.”

Like hell they do!

The states DO NOT serve at the pleasure of the Fed. The Fed exists and serves at the pleasure of the states, a FACT that most states seem in a rush to point out to Obamanation.

The US Constitution supersedes both state and federal laws. Don’t confuse the US Constitution with federal laws, passed by congress or passed by judicial fiat via the courts. Federal laws take precedent over state laws ONLY in matters specifically delegated to the federal government in the Constitution. If no such authority is assigned to the Fed, then no such power exists at the Fed.

When the federal government makes laws pertaining to matters NOT assigned to it under the US Constitution, which it has had a habit of doing for decades now, both in congress and in the judicial branch, the states are in NO WAY bound by those laws. Those laws are by definition, unconstitutional, no matter how they were passed.

As the Second Amendment makes it quite clear that the federal government has NO power to regulate the people’s right to keep and bear arms, and the Tenth Amendment clearly states that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”– Obama’s Fed, Justice Department and ATF, have NO constitutional authority over the states in the matter…

Tennessee State Rep. Matthew Hill is exactly right. They (the Fed) can send threatening letters all day long and those letters are completely irrelevant, as they are at odds with the Constitution. The ATF letter relates to federal laws written on matters NOT assigned to the federal government to begin with, matters therefore reserved to the states and the people under the Tenth Amendment.

Even the overly politicized US Supreme Court has recently defended Second and Tenth Amendment rights in its related rulings.

The Question of Enforcement

Clearly, Obama and Co. think they won the right to run roughshod over the states and the people last fall. If our Founders had given us a pure democracy, they would be right. But in a Constitutional Representative Republic, they are dead wrong!

Still, it’s also clear that they intend to force their will upon the masses, regardless of public or state dissent, or constitutional limitations. The “silent majority” has been silent for so long, that modern leftist think that they are now the new majority, free to run roughshod over the new “silent minority.”

Under this fantasy, they proclaim the right to ram their leftist agenda down everyone else’s throat. “We won – you lost—so shut up and take it!”… is the general sentiment displayed by O-bots on message boards across the blogosphere…

That sentiment has now reached within the ranks of the US Military, where a growing number of soldiers are beginning to challenge Obama’s right to issue orders and Obama minions are publicly attacking them with a vengeance. The heated chatter got so vicious on last week, that the publication removed ALL comments on the subject from its web site before the discussion could spin out of control.

Active duty soldiers are refusing Obama orders. Reservists are refusing recall and deployment orders. Retired Navy Commander Walter Fitzpatrick has filed criminal “treason” charges against Obama. Flight Surgeon, Lt. Col. Dr. David Earl-Graeff has sent a letter to Sec. of Defense Gates, stating the following…

“Enough is enough! You must be aware at this point of the tempest brewing among the Rank and File. I am writing you in an effort to appeal to your sense of concern for the Military; a concern we share not only for the Military as a whole but for each and every individual who wears the Uniform in the Service of our Country. I am in this regard specifically asking you for your help. I implore you to not wait until the “pot boils over” and we find ourselves in total disarray. –

I am convinced, beyond any doubt, that the moral well being and efficiency of our fighting forces to defend our Country is soon to be hanging in a precarious balance if not already. In my humble estimation this is NOT a theoretical possibility to construct a thesis or a contingency plan about. It is a reality and is happening right now. Resolution of this issue must be accomplished in the most expeditious manner available at your disposal to gain immediate relief to those of us who are struggling to fully comply with our sworn Oath to the Constitution while being conflicted by questions relating to the qualifications of the POTUS to hold the office in full and absolute compliance with the Natural Born Citizen Clause.”

So, how does Obama plan to enforce his global vision upon the masses when the US Constitution which provides for a federal government, delegates no such authority and an increasing number of soldiers and law enforcement are taking a stand against a “potential domestic enemy” in an effort to uphold their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution?

Once Silent running out of Tolerance

Convinced that the Constitution is under constant threat from within today, Americans normally happy to avoid the subject of politics altogether are building a head of steam to thwart the current constitutional crisis. They are erecting lines of defense at the state borders before Obama can capitalize on one of his many manufactured disasters by removing the people’s right to stand opposed.

His Department of Homeland Security has already redefined “domestic terrorist” to include anyone who disagrees with Obama. His minions have already labeled anyone concerned with the Constitution, “birthers,” in a childish name-calling effort to silence the dissent. His left-wing press has affixed the title of “racist” to anyone who dare doubt Obama’s anti-American Marxist agenda, or his mystery messiah status.

Pelosi has made certain that Republicans have no voice in congress and Holder has made certain that the people will not find a legal forum to resolve Obama’s overt agenda or hidden past in any court.

Growing increasingly desperate to restore the Constitution and fast running out of peaceful means of doing so, the people find themselves in a very real Constitutional Crisis.

Peacefully Forcing the Fed to Reverse Course

With a tone deaf Fed, the people are turning to their state legislators and the states are moving to close down the Fed. Led by the Tenth Amendment Center, state legislators are rushing to reclaim freedom and liberty on behalf of their citizens.

  • Step One – Tenth Amendment Affirmation
  • Step Two – Second Amendment Affirmation
  • Step Three – Kicking the Fed out of the States
  • Step Four – Shutting down the Fed by cutting off 97% of Fed funding by repeal of the 16th Amendment
  • Step Five – Repeal of the 17th Amendment, removing every current member of the senate and sending new representatives of states right to establish a new constitutional senate.
  • Step Six – cleaning house in Washington DC and establishing a constitutional limited government which will once again serve at the pleasure and benefit of the states and the people

Unlike drug rehab, it doesn’t take twelve steps to reinstate a constitutional Fed, although it could take a twelve step program to break many modern Democrats addiction to free-stuff from the public trough.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

If the people fail to quickly alter a Fed run wild, via their state legislatures, they will be left with no option but to abolish and start over from scratch.

Republicans in Washington DC have either lost their way or lost their nerve. As a result, they have lost all power.

But Republicans, Independents and even Blue Dog Democrats across the nation in state legislatures, are acting in defense of their citizens and the Constitution, and the people MUST take a stand with those state legislators, immediately.

Visit the Tenth Amendment Center for an up-to-date picture of where your state stands in the march to reclaim states rights and reign in the runaway Fed.

Contact your state legislators and get behind their efforts to affirm state sovereignty and rights. Even Obama does not have the power to force his will upon fifty states who stand united and opposed!

Source: CFP


This is a non-partisan issue. The two party system has turned into a criminal system of bribes and blackmail. No matter if one leans left or right or anywhere in between, all Americans should take a stand against the Federal government’s attack on the constitution and affirm the states rights.

Mr. Williams forgot to add that the Federal Reserve must be abolished. He did mention the abolishing of the IRS, the Fed’s enforcement arm, through repeal of the 16th amendment.

He also should have added the illegal wars of the US empire and the duty of soldiers to disobey orders, not because of Obama’s citizenship issues, but because everything about the wars are lies and Congress has never declared war.

Indictments and trials of past and present government officials, Republican and Democrat, for treason and a myriad of crimes would also be appropriate.