Sky Trails 4-17-08

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Short Mountain, TN 4-17-08

Now I know that the Discovery channel news has explained the contrail phenomena,
April Weather Brings More Contrails, and being the trusted source that they are I know we should just take their word and go on but I still have a few questions.

When the trails have been the most prolific , it is always a day or two before rain is predicted. I have observed this for long time now. Rain is supposed to coming in tomorrow night. This kind of activity hasn’t been seen any other day this week although the morning temperatures have been similar. Atmospheric conditions I suppose.

NASA has even gotten in on the fun with their Contrail Formation Forecast.
But it seems that their forecasts aren’t exactly accurate. For today they leave out the middle Tennessee area completely.

This is the latest forecast image for the combined levels ( 400 – 150 mb ).  Contrail prediction for current hour at 0.3% eff

NASA also gives explanations at Contrails not Chemtrails. NASA wouldn’t lie or cover up anything, would they?

The photos taken at 8:30 am don’t even do justice to the trails today. They didn’t dissipate until this afternoon.

Just wondering.