Bill C51 in Canada is a MAJOR WARNING to all of us. Fascism is coming in through food and health products.

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July 19, 2008

by Linn Cohen-Cole

Activists in Canada have wrung some changes from the government in regard to Bill C51

the bill is so draconian that it stands as a warning to all of us of what corporate/government agencies will do to destroy alternative movements that are growing, whether in health or in food, and the means that they are using.

The bill derives its forces from the Codex Alimentarius, created by the United Nations in 1962, through a series of relationships between The World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Trade Organization (WTO) as well as the American FDA and USDA.

The dangerous elements of the Codex are first, that these standards are devised as international rules intended for world-wide adoption, and second, that they classify nutrients as toxins.

“The Codex Commission decided—with the support of the United States—to use something called Risk Assessment, which assesses the maximum level of a substance – in this case a nutrient — that may be ingested without causing any discernable biological effect.

Risk Assessment is a branch of Toxicology, a.k.a. the science of toxins (as opposed to the science of nutrition). In a sane world, it is used to assess how much of a toxic substance you can safely eat without noticing any physical effects or problems. As soon as there is a biological effect, you have hit the upper, maximum limit for that substance.

Codex is slowly but surely shimmying into position to mandate the universal maximum “safe” level of every vitamin, mineral, supplement and herb that may legally be manufactured, used or sold — with “safe” being a level that has no physical effect.”

Bill C51 would amend Canadian law to allow trade agreements to become law without Parliamentary involvement and “for the regulation to incorporate documents produced by a foreign state or subdivision of a foreign state.” If Canada adopts the Codex rules, supplements would be treated on a toxicology scale and if the North American Union goes into effect, the United States and Mexico would “may have little choice but to fall under the same umbrella of laws and standards.”

So, what happens in Canada could be our future.

“And, even if you refuse to believe that the North American Union will ever take place, passing similar, potentially restricting natural health laws in the U.S. will be a whole lot easier if Canada sets the precedent.”

What seems critical to watch in all the current large bills aimed at “protecting” our health or food, is the radical alteration of terminology. Bill C51, for instance, replaces the word “drug” with “therapeutic product,” the same term for all natural products, thus setting natural products up to be controlled as though they were drugs, and “toxins.” More, the bill redefines “sell” which we have always understood to mean to distribute with consideration – that is, for payment of some kind.

But the new definition of “sell” in Bill C51 is “includes offer for sale, expose for sale or have in possession for sale, or distribute to one or more persons, whether or not the distribution is made for consideration and in relation to a device, includes lease, offer for lease, expose for lease or have in possession for lease.”

That is, for free. This would include sharing and giving, and the criminalization of either if the thing being shared were any nutrient the government wished to control. That could include herbs and even food. Raw milk people, alert by now? Seed bankers should also be on the edge of their seats since all of this is coming down from the Codex was influenced by the WTO and our USDA and FDA, which are Monsanto controlled. And seed banking is the sane, generous, caring, biodiversity-protective solution to the genetically engineered patented and biologically devastating trap Monsanto has lured farmers into around the world.

Mercola reports that “Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement decided to make some vital changes to the bill after rallies were organized across Canada by the Canadian Health Food Association, which represents manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the natural products industry.

The Natural Health Products Protection Association also launched a campaign to rid the bill of its “police state” powers to search private property for illegal products, stating the proposed legislation “read like a police state manual.”

After hearing the opposition, Mr. Clement admitted that “it became clear that some things that we thought were implicit in the bill needed to be spelled out.”

To me, that particular statement sounds a bit funny coming from a lawyer (he was previously employed as legal counsel with the law firm Bennett Jones LLP.), and this incident of “oops, I didn’t see those loopholes,” unfortunately ends up smelling like industry infiltration.”

Now, for the petition:


Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The Canadian government, afraid of the public reaction once people find out what they are trying to pull, is currently fast-tracking a Bill which threatens to strip you of your rights to access a wide range of natural health products. If it passes, and you buy/sell/share/collect/dry/eat/feed to your family any of the restricted stuff, you become a criminal subject to fines 1000X bigger than those currently in effect.Please take action to protect your current right to use the foods, herbs, supplements, and therapies …

The government is putting out misleading information that this Bill
is OK, that it has none of the nasties that the opponents are claiming.
Let’s take it as a sign that the pressure of opposition is having an effect, and rather than backing down, let’s keep the pressure steady.

(NaturalNews) A new law being pushed in Canada by Big Pharma seeks to outlaw up to 60 percent of natural health products currently sold in Canada, even while criminalizing parents who give herbs or supplements to their children. The law, known as C-51, was introduced by the Canadian Minister of Health on April 8th, 2008, and it proposes sweeping changes to Canada’s Food and Drugs Act that could have devastating consequences on the health products industry.

Among the changes proposed by the bill are radical alterations to key terminology, including replacing the word “drug” with “therapeutic product” throughout the Act, thereby giving the Canadian government broad-reaching powers to regulate the sale of all herbs, vitamins, supplements and other items. With this single language change, anything that is “therapeutic” automatically falls under the Food and Drug Act. This would include bottled water, blueberries, dandelion greens and essentially all plant-derived substances.

The Act also changes the definition of the word “sell” to include anyone who gives such therapeutic products to someone else. So a mother giving an herb to her child, under the proposed new language, could be arrested for engaging in the sale of unregulated, unapproved “therapeutic substances.” Learn about more of these freedom-squashing changes to the law at the website:

Take action — click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:
Call for an investigation of the reorganization of the FDA, stop the FDA Globalization Act of 2008, stop NAIS, legalize real milk nationally.

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

I’m a mother and grandmother. There is no way I can leave my family or anyone else’s children, things as they are now.

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Is there anything filthier than a big business corporado?

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July 12th, 2008

The Greanville Journal

Canadian ISPs Plan Net Censorship

Concerns grow that Canada’s plan will wipeout alt news sites and spread to U.S.

Time to strike back at these avowed enemies of the public interest, and throw their crooked political whores out, as well. Enough is enough. How long are we gonna take it?

By Mike Finch

A net-neutrality activist group has uncovered plans for the demise of the free Internet by 2010 in Canada. By 2012, the group says, the trend will be global.

Bell Canada and TELUS, Canada’s two largest Internet service providers (ISPs), will begin charging per-site fees on most Internet sites, reports anonymous sources within TELUS.

“It’s beyond censorship, it is killing the biggest ecosystem of free expression and freedom of speech that has ever existed,” I Power spokesperson Reese Leysen said. I Power was the first group to report on the possible changes.

Bell Canada has not returned calls or emails.

The plans made by the large telecom businesses would change the Internet into a cable-like system, where customers sign up for specific web sites, and must pay to see each individual site beyond a certain point. Subscription browsing would be limited, extra fees would be applied to access out-of-network sites. Many sites would be blocked altogether.

“We had inside sources from bigger companies who gave us the information on how exclusivity deals are being made at this moment between ISPs and big content providers (like TV production studios and major video game publishers) to decide which web sites will be in the ‘standard package’ offered to their customers, leaving all the rest of the Internet unreachable unless you pay extra subscription fees per every ‘non-standard’ site you visit,” Leysen said. “We knew the source to be 100% reliable, but we also knew the story would be highly controversial if we released the information. We did it because we knew that we’d get more official confirmations once we’d come forward with it. And indeed that is what happened. Dylan Pattyn, who is writing the soon-to-be published article for Time Magazine, received confirmation from sources within Bell Canada and TELUS after we released the information.”

The plans would in effect be economic censorship, with only the top 100 to 200 sites making the cut in the initial subscription package. Such plans would likely favor major news outlets and suppress smaller news outlets, as the major news outlets would be free (with subscription), and alternative news outlets, like AFP, would incur a fee for every visit.

“The Internet will become a playground for billion-dollar content providers just like television is,” said Leysen. “It won’t be possible for a few teenagers in their parents’ basement to start a small site like E-bay that then grows out to be the next big thing anymore. Right now the Internet belongs to those with the greatest ideas. In the future, it’ll belong to those with the biggest budgets.”

With plans in Canada uncovered, I Power thinks that companies in the United States and other nations are also planning similar actions.

“By 2012 ISPs all over the globe will reduce Internet access to a TV-like subscription model, only offering access to a small standard amount of commercial sites and require extra fees for every other site you visit. These ‘other’ sites would then lose all their exposure and eventually shut down, resulting in what could be seen as the end of the Internet,” Leysen said.

Such a subscription plan could possibly restrict free speech far beyond even the current restrictions set by the governments of communist China. Not only would browsing be limited, but privacy would be invaded, as every web site viewed would likely be recorded on a bill in a manner similar to a phone bill.

Why would the ISPs institute such a plan? One word: money.

“This new subscription model is commercially far more beneficial to them than how it is now,” Leysen said. “If Fox wants to launch a new television show online, they’ll have to pay big money to all major ISPs to ensure that their new show will be offered and pushed in the ‘standard package’ of sites/services/channels that people will get through their Internet access. Plus ISPs will also gain extra revenue out of people trying to access the rest of the Internet, as they’ll pay extra subscription fees for every web site they visit.”

But it’s not just the big ISPs that stand to gain.

“Marketing and big budget ‘content-pushing’ just doesn’t seem to work on the Internet, and this is something that several industries want fixed. ISPs know this and will benefit greatly by fixing this for the marketing and entertainment industry,” Leysen said.

The ISPs are said to be confident they can institute such plans through deceptive marketing and fear tactics.

“The Internet will be more and more marketed as a place full of child pornography and other horrible illegal activity in order to get people on their [the ISP’s] side once they start restricting it and make it ‘safer,’” Leysen said. “Unless we really make a stand for this and make sure that mainstream media thoroughly covers the issue, the whole thing will be eased in with proper marketing to make sure that most mainstream customers won’t make a big deal out of it. They will only realize what was lost long after it’s gone.”

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Weather by design

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Regarding the bizarre weather that has been devastating some of the most agriculturally productive areas in the world in the last few months we might want to consider that perhaps the strange weather is not just the result of: 1. “Global warming,” the most popular explanation for almost all bad weather ; 2. God’s wrath against his disobedient, insolent children, a favorite of Pat Robertson and Louis Farrahkan and their ilk; or even, 3. a bout of inclement weather no particular fault of anybody, divine or otherwise. I know what your saying, but what else can explain the strange, destructive weather if not for one of these three things?

How about environmental modification, or ENMOD for short?

I bring this up because about two months ago I got an email from award-winning journalist Keith Harmon Snow on this topic. His email came shortly after Myanmar (Burma) was hit by a massive cyclone that devastated a huge swath of its rice bowl region and killed an estimated 25,000 people. He was responding to others who had wrote to him asking him if he had thought that weather modification had somehow played a role in the catastrophe. Here’s what he wrote:

“[I] Just want to share that I believe the “cyclone” that hit Burma (Myanmar) was quite likely a product of U.S. military programs in weather warfare. I would assign the likelihood of that a 75 to 90% probability — that the Pentagon “modified” the storm center (as they clearly know how to do).”

Now, that’s quite a statement, and we may want to ask why we should give any credence to Mr. Snow’s comments. Well, for one thing Snow has researched and written extensively about weather modification for many years. He was one of the earliest journalist to tackle this hidden technology, and, most importantly, he was once also an insider. In the 80’s he worked on classified programs for the Strategic Defense Initiative program at GE Aerospace Electronics Laboratories. You will find his research carefully documented and cited. You can read his very comprehensive articles on weather modification on his website:

Snow writes in Out of the Blue: The invisible U.S. military offensives in weather as a weapon”:

“Adherents of weather warfare prefer to call it “environmental modification” – or ENMOD. The corporate media has reported almost nothing about these aerospace and defense programs. Global climatic mayhem is here, and it is happening now. On top of all this is the permanent state of war perpetuated by multinational corporations and their agents in western governments. Behind this threshold of climate chaos the military is manipulating our weather.”

So, you might be asking, is there any evidence that the military really is manipulating the weather? Well, we have the militaries’ own documents that prove they are working on such projects and have actually used them in the field. Recently this document “Non Lethal Warfare Proposal” surfaced from a FOI request and was reported in Wired magazine. It describes a proposal from the Navy’s China Lake Research Center for more ENMOD research and development. Under the subhead “Capability & Uses” the Navy advocates using weather modification for these stated purposes:

1: To impede or deny the movement of personnel and material because of rains – floods, snow-blizzards, etc. and

2: To disrupt economy due to the effect of floods, droughts, etc.

And, here the document spells out the success of the militaries’ weather modification program going way back to the Vietnam era:

“By way of background, weather modification was used successfully in Viet Nam to (among other things) hinder and impede the movement of personnel and material from North Viet Nam to South Viet Nam.”

So, here the military acknowledges that weather modification is part of military strategy and that they have used it successful in the field of operation.

But besides military applications, could there be other possible motives behind this program? Here Snow postulates:

“Destabilization and access are the motives. High profits for the AID (misery) industry. Access BY the misery industry allows the intelligence apparatus to penetrate deeper and with this the defense apparatus. Destabilization promotes popular disconent and offers countless opportunities for the WEST to manipulate and benefit from popular discontent (with the “regime”). More leverage against CHINA. And then there is a really simple one: The military gets to see its technologies in use, to prove and further refine and validate them.

I would also like to submit that besides these motives there are a great deal of profits to be made in the world’s trading floors from such technology. Ever hear of weather and commodities derivatives? These speculative trading schemes could only be possible in the Vegas-like system that we call western capitalism. When one plays in derivatives, traders can take a position that corn or rice, or even rainfall levels, will be below or above a certain “strike” price at some specified time in the future. Depending on whether the stock goes down or up on that date (the “put” or “call” option) the trader can profit mightily as it is only required that he put up only 10% on the value of the option. You might recall that a great deal of put options were placed around 9/11 betting that certain airline stock would fall, making some individuals very rich.

Could the elite be gaming the system by using this quiet warfare on us all for strategic purposes and for profits? Oh, I know, I am are going down the rabbit hole again with this one, but this blog isn’t called Redpill 8 for no reason. (If you consider yourself a respectable person who worries about their perceived reputation you shouldn’t linger around these pages for fear of getting called a nutcase, or worse.)

Today’s technology has advanced at such and astonishing rate that one wonders how far ENMOD has evolved since Operation Popeye days. If it is anything like the recent advances in biotechnology and nanotechnology we should be very aware and leery of this technology. In the wrong hands it is anything but “non-lethal,” and if it is being used we need some whistle blowers brave enough to expose it.

The fact that the media won’t talk about this technology but would rather focus on Britney Spear’s drinking binges and Obama’s ministers doesn’t make ENMOD any less unreal, it just means it is much more effectively covered up.

Progressive organizations are also missing the boat on this and refuse to acknowledge the existence of such programs, preferring once again to parrot the official narrative — that global warming is due to man’s carbon omissions and we are all to blame. But are we all?

I think Snow says it best later in his email:

What the military learned long ago was that global climate mayhem offers the perfect camouflage, the perfect cover for militrary adventuraism (devastation) in weather warfare. As long as people are complaining about how we need to address global climate change and not talking about weather warfare technologies and weather as a weapon programs we are involved in an exercise in futility.

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