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Hell Yes We Have Demands

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Although some are saying it is premature for the ‘Occupy’ protests to put concrete demands in place and in the context of wanting to increase the numbers in the streets to put more pressure on the criminals in charge perhaps that is a valid point. But sooner or later demands must be articulated and some kind of consensus, however loose, must be come to.

Right now OccupyWallStreet has a proposed list of demands here and here, user generated and not the official positions, but in my opinion they don’t go far enough. Not addressing the issues of the Federal Reserve and the wars does not pass my litmus test. That’s not to say that there aren’t a great deal of folks for whom these two issues are right at the top of the list but it seems many have fallen for the ‘left’ distractions from the wars. This needs to change and I think it will.

There are a great number of opinions on what the demands should be but in my searching for a ‘list’ this is one of the best I’ve seen so far. It’s a starting point and everyone so inclined could add, subtract and clarify some of the points.

From Video Rebel … hat tip to Jody

1) The US Treasury seize the Federal Reserve and audit the books with complete transparency.

2) Seize the assets of all Wall Street criminals. Arrest the criminals. Demand the return of all bonuses paid to banks that received Bailout money either from the Treasury or the Federal Reserve. Most of these men are Jewish and could receive Israeli citizenship if they do not already have it. Therefore they should not receive bail.

3) Use seized assets to pay off all government debts that cannot be cancelled outright.

3) Eliminate all CDS (Credit Default Swaps) which are unregulated insurance contracts. Currently, the potential losses from CDS is 30 times greater than the total output output of goods and services for the entire world.

4) Eliminate naked shorting of stocks and commodities. It should illegal to sell what you do not own.

5) Issue debt free money from the Treasury as President Kennedy directed shortly before the bankers murdered him.

6) Raise tariffs to protect what few industries remain in America. Dedicate these revenues to Social Security and Medicare to relieve tax burdens on younger workers.

7) Demand the release of all hidden advanced technologies held by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration.) The federal government to date has not even released the technology found in the labs and notes of Nikola Tesla nearly 70 years ago.

08) The royalties for that technology must be given to American corporations in exchange for stock shares. This stock is to be deposited into accounts held at Depository Trusts in the name of younger employed citizens. These trust funds are to be in our name and in no way to be government accounts. Upon death all funds are to be inherited by the designated heirs.

9) We demand a complete criminal investigation of both 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995.

10) We demand an end to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. We also demand an end to all aid to Israel.

Some points from the ‘Occupy’ movement are worthwhile for inclusion.

Congress pass specific and effective laws limiting the influence of lobbyists and eliminating the practice of lobbyists writing legislation that ends up on the floor of congress.

Congress pass “revolving door” legislation eliminating the ability of former government regulators going to work for corporations that they once regulated.

Eliminate “personhood” legal status for corporations.

The recent events of U.S. Attorneys and the IRS attacking the medical marijuana industry highlights the need and the demand to end the war on drugs. This repression is so blatant and unconstitutional that it almost defies comprehension. On the other hand it is not surprising as there is an all out police state war on the American people. From marijuana to raw milk to nutritional supplements and pure foods, total control of what we put in our bodies for the profit of a few is the goal.  No problem for the CIA and military protecting opium crops and trafficking in hard drugs though.  

Corruption is so rampant in elements of government, corporations, the financial sector, etc. that the demands  could ultimately be overwhelming. Purging every criminal in the system and making examples of them is a tall task but not impossible. Once the purge begins the cowards will run and try to find a place to hide.

The demands that are needed are being seen by many as possible by working within the system. Electing the right people, regulating or eliminating existing institutions, basically seeing to it that for once in our history that the common man actually has a voice and the power over our future. I’m not sure that it’s possible but I can see that it needs to be the focus at this moment.

Just to get Congress to bow to our will means that they will not only have to fear for their jobs but also for their lives.  They already do but it’s from those 1% that now control them, not us.

Most of us are as non-violent as they come. That’s one of the best qualities of being human. Peace within can become peace manifested outwardly throughout the world we’ve been told. Still, the idea of not being afraid to die for what we consider a worthwhile cause and for the protection of our children, grandchildren and those to come is what the powers that be fear the most. They don’t think we’re up to it. They may be wrong.

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The Wild West Train Robbery of Social Security

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At the end of a barrel of a gun we and our employers were forced to pay into social security. In return we received a promissory note saying that when we were too old to work and compete in the job market all that extorted money would be returned to us. It is not an ‘entitlement’ as the word is so casually thrown around. It’s our money.

Social security  has worked well enough. Our parents and grandparents benefited. It has kept so many of them from being thrown out into the street.

Admittedly the bloated bureaucratic SS administration needs some adjustment. Ever try to deal with them for an elderly person who is unable to? There are also a great number of people who have played the system to gain unwarranted disability but there are more who actually are disabled and still alive today because of the benefits. A caring society should expect a ‘safety net’ for those truly unfortunate. For those who say it’s not the government’s responsibility to take care of everyone, I say end the illegal income tax on our labor and we’ll see what we can do to take care of our own.

What is usually missing from this debate is the untold trillions spent on killing. The lies of war for profit take precedent over the common folks. Trillions missing from the Pentagon. Trillions also going into the coffers of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve and the 1% at the top of money chain. They want us to pay for it. They also want many of us, the useless eaters, to die.

The plan for complete control requires the destruction of the middle class. Gutting social security moves that plan on down the road. A helpless, hungry society is a slave society.

The con is that reducing social security payments by the people is a ‘tax holiday’ that will stimulate the economy. Everyone loves tax relief, right? Combine the reduction in  revenues with permanent high unemployment causing even less revenues and you  create the perfect storm for speeding up the call for the end of social security. We can’t afford it they will say.

Thieves steal. That’s what they do. It’s no different from the train robberies of bygone days except the criminals wear high end suits and use electronic transfers while the bought politicians run interference. In all probability they have also stolen the physical gold reserves.

As always, it’s done with a gun  to our heads. You know the story. It’s tiresome to keep repeating it.

The only question left is …

Are we going to do anything about it?

The Plot to Destroy Social Security

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MSM throws us some bones

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MSNBC covers the Sony Pictures/CFR Shill Charles H. Ferguson documentary “Inside Job” and does a fairly good job in pointing out the crimes of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve and the need for firings, indictments and prosecutions. But … Dylan Ratigan could be called a ‘designated dissenter’ for the main stream media, one who speaks a lot of truth but stops short of telling the whole truth. Relatively speaking his audience is small and doesn’t reach much of main street America. It’s the way the media works … throw us a bone and hope we are satisfied while nothing changes and the thefts continue.

INSIDE JOB: New Documentary Exposes How ‘Banksters’ Continue To Steal Our Money

Israeli “art students” at it again, door to door spies, nothing new, it’s been going on for years all over the country, all over the world says this ABC affiliate but they don’t dare to mention the “art students” activities right before 9/11.

Does Anyone Believe Kenneth Feinberg?

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These payments will be made. That is my responsibility. I’m here to tell you we’ll improve it.”

Feinberg, the Executor Of BP Relief Fund, has made his career as a cover up agent to minimize costs to corporations and the government for their criminal activities.

Besides 9/11, other compensation ‘events’ that Feinberg resided over were the shootings at Virginia Tech, Hurricane Katrina, the original Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, the Holocaust slave labor litigation, Agent Orange litigation, human radiation experiments, catastrophic nuclear accidents and was the ‘Special Master’ for TARP executive compensation.

                              videos from Mox News

Feinberg: ‘I over-promised and under-delivered’ in processing oil spill claims

Analyst Says BP Doesn’t Expect Claims to Reach $20B Mark

 Feinburg’s task is to see to it.

The oil spill is not the last crisis America will face. "Pray Baby Pray"

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Giving his obligatory Gulf disaster speech but lacking real specifics on what to do, Mr. Obama transforms into Pastor Barry and tells us to put our faith in the Lord ’cause there’s more to come and this leak “has tested the limits of human technology.”

“The blessing is not that God has promised to remove all obstacles and dangers.  The blessing is that He is with us always,” a blessing that’s granted “…even in the midst of the storm.” 

The oil spill is not the last crisis America will face.

This nation has known hard times before and we will surely know them again.  What sees us through – what has always seen us through – is our strength, our resilience, and our unyielding faith that something better awaits us if we summon the courage to reach for it.  Tonight, we pray for that courage.  We pray for the people of the Gulf.  And we pray that a hand may guide us through the storm towards a brighter day.  Thank you, God Bless You, and may God Bless the United States of America.”

As with all teevee preachers, there’s also the cost of salvation. Only this time it goes far beyond tithing and it’s not voluntary …..


Another Police State Beta Test

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Restricting media access and controlling the message is the fascist goal. Always has been, always will be. The gulf oil spill provides yet another test in progress to see how far cover ups can go.

Air space over oil disaster restricted, media access limited

MARTIAL LAW ALERT: Gulf Coast Evacuation Scenario Summer/Fall 2010

Gulf Oil Syndrome

BP: Too Big to Bail, Too Big to Fail?

BP May Be Taken Over By Exxon, The UK is Being Attacked

BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR

BP Censoring Media and Destroying Evidence

The question still remains …

Is BP allowing the spill to continue and hindering the clean up or have the limits of human endeavor been reached?

Top Down Killing

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I heard in the latest, Shape of Things to Come- ALTA Report that… BP is largely owned by Zionists. I didn’t know this. Do they own everything? It’s a good question. Forbes puts out the world’s richest list at certain intervals. How come The Rothschild’s are never listed?
I’m not going to go into all of the intricate details, which are made intricate by those using the confusion to engage in criminal activity. I’m just going to lay it out as a direct statement and you can assume it is true, even if there are other factors at work. When money gets tight, it’s because the Central Banks caused it. When the housing market crashes or any other financial problem occurs, the Central Banks, along with Goldman Sachs, or Wall Street, if you prefer, caused it. When war breaks out anywhere in the world it is because the Central Banks want to generate capital from financing both sides of the conflict. When any nation in the world is suddenly in serious financial trouble or on a breathing apparatus, due to the weight of crushing debt on their chests, the Central Banks caused it in order to loot the resources of that country without paying for them.

There are a few simple reasons why all of the complicated problems you hear about occur. Let’s look at the result first and then work backward. 1% of the population possesses 40% of the wealth and the lower 40% of the population (economically speaking) possesses 1% of the wealth. This is some kind of official number, so I suspect the gap is actually wider. I can say with some authority that it is certainly getting wider every day. Who owns all those millions of foreclosed houses? Banks own them. Did banks lose money making risky loans to these people whose houses they now own? They might have but the American people gave them bailouts to cover what might have been their losses. It’s hard to imagine these banks ever losing money (except for the smaller banks swallowed up for lunch by the Central Banks) because they can print more money out of thin air any time they want to. {more – Les Visible}
Also see Twelfth Bough for an ongoing analysis of BP’s top down ‘killing floor.’

“Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” by Skip James