Good things happen to bad people

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Todd Snider

“New York Banker” 


“In Between Jobs”


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It seems like a good time for bad things to happen to bad people.

An excellent start would be Jamie Damon with the rest of the Wall St. criminals to follow. A few more can be found here and here.


Our basic common ground is that we don’t forget ….. and we don’t forgive

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The celebration on Wall Street as Germany surrenders in World War I was for much more than the end of the war. Now it was pay back time. Investment = principal plus interest. It was also time to plan for the next round of theft, destruction and murder. The planning and execution of those crimes continue to this very day.

It’s a cliche now but but every good criminal investigator follows the money. Cui Bono? Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the City of London and all the other affiliates of the international banking syndicate make their real money from chaos in the marketplace and death.

For many of us the Vietnam war was our awakening. We watched as our soldier friends who had little choice came home in boxes, damaged physically and psychologically and maybe even dancing with addictions from which they would never recover. We heard the stories firsthand but many times it was what was not to be said that was most telling.

Man Down

 Our idealism in the Vietnam era screamed it would never happen again. We would end war. We would stop the insanity. We’re still working on it.

We have never forgiven the bankers and their hierarchy of minions for what they have done. It doesn’t seem we ever will. Forgiveness comes only after justice and justice is in short supply.

A little over ten years ago the money handlers jumped the shark. They threw at us the ‘all or nothing’ and ‘in your face’ catalyst for all things destructive to come. They gambled that they could pull it off and by god they did. Questioners were met immediately with misinformation, disinformation and infiltration of the non-official narrative right alongside bits and pieces of clues as to the who, why and how. The 9/11 truth movement was from the beginning a divide and conquer playground for those tasked with the cover ups and continuation of a perverted end game.

After all this time we are still arguing about the hows and it plays right into the hands of the perps. Honest sincere people will agree to disagree no matter how passionate their viewpoints may be.  One person’s analysis may not fit another’s perceptions but among the honest there is always common ground and a chance to find allies even in disagreement of details. Goon Squad puts it in perspective:

Ladies and Gentlemen, what Ben Franklin said during America’s Revolutionary War, where for once we breathed free air after ridding the USA of the Rothschilds agents and banks is true today and what he said was something like, “Gentleman, if we don’t hang together, we most assuredly will hang separately.”

Let us agree to disagree about the unknowns during the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, as long as we stay on the path TOGETHER, seeking REAL 9/11 truth or the last sound you’ll hear on this Earth will be the trap door swinging open, as we get picked off or picked up, one by one.

Our basic common ground is that we don’t forget ….. and we don’t forgive.

Scary People

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It’s somewhat beyond belief that in such a tight economy U.S. spending for Halloween is estimated to be over $6 billion this year. That includes over $300 million for pet costumes. Americans love this sort of thing. Dressing up and pretending to be something they’re not. It’s play time and party time. Getting scared makes one feel more alive is the idea behind the blood and gore.

Unfortunately for a lot of kids, being scared can be an almost daily occurrence. Just ask those in Gaza, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and an ever increasing  number of other places. A faceless drone circling in the sky is the new Frankenstein. A programmed to kill soldier can often be compared to a zombie. The scattered body parts and burning skin are all too real. 

Of course monsters do walk among us. They’re easy to pick out while poorly disguising themselves as politicians, candidates, diplomats, bankers, ideologues and any number of other figures who claim to speak for us.
I saw the other day a contrived composite of the “Every Man” representing the 7 billion on earth. This got me to thinking of what a composite of the psychopathic ‘elite’ would look like. I’ve found 3 of these ‘monsters’ to include in the representation along with their latest thoughts on a single issue … Palestine.

Hillary Clinton … the designated wicked witch of the west …

on UNESCO’s moves towards accepting Palestine as a full member 

                “confusing” and “inexplicable”

Herman Cain …
          the “so-called Palestinian people”

Elliott Abrams’ wife talking about Palestinians …

“…the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women—those who aren’t strapping bombs to their own devils’ spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others—and their offspring—those who haven’t already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god—as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they’re traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.”

Hollywood horror doesn’t have a thing on these real life ghouls. 

The higher ranking creatures of the night use their words as weapons. These arm chair killers and cowards always let others, underlings and pawns, do the dirty work. Oops, sometimes the pawns they too get blown up. No problem, there’s more to take their place and no opium poppies were harmed in this sequence of the movie.

When confronted with backlash against their crimes and corruptions certain tribes of vampires and werewolves use false claims and intimidation to try and silence those who oppose them. The words racist and anti-semitic are some of their favorites.

Not everyone backs down. My friend , an exiled Palestinian, must be scary to her detractors. She bites back and justifiably so. Accusations of racism and anti-semitism are met with logic, critical thinking and facts which include the problem of the ideology of jewish supremacism, the problem of global jewish-zionist networking and lobbying and the problem of idolizing the holocau$t (which is used as a tool to further Zionists aims). The blood suckers have no comeback except for name calling and the threat of potential violence. It’s sad.

Happy Halloween everyone. Stay Safe.

Maybe one day soon the beauty will slay the beast.

A Forensic Pathologist: From JFK to Caylee

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The Cayce Anthony trial.

Yes, it’s a modern day version of a circus. The OJ trial of the 21st century. Millions follow it and media whores such as Nancy Grace exploit it.

It’s a diversion from all number of other crimes happening right under our noses.

My wife served on a murder trial jury one time so it’s an interest to her and gets tube time and internet live feeds here at the house.  I haven’t been following the trial that much until today when the defense called up high profile big money forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz, an Israeli Henry Kissinger lookalike and similar in speech to that war criminal.

Spitz has quite a history.

He has served on committees investigating the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Jr., Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mary Jo Kopechne, who drowned after the car driven by Senator Edward Kennedy plunged off the Chappaquiddick Bridge. He has also served as an expert witness in numerous high-profile cases including the California Night Stalker, the Preppy Murder Trial in New York, and the wrongful death suit against O.J. Simpson.  

He was also involved in the Jon Benet Ramsey case and as a witness in the Phil Spector murder trial where he allegedly ‘flipped out’ when asked how much money he was being paid by Spector.

Spitz was adamant on the stand today that the original Caylee autopsy was ‘shoddy’ in not examining the inside of the skull. The second autopsy he performed did so.

To me his statements today were not exactly in line with what he said as an appointee by Nelson Rockefeller to the Warren Commission.

Spitz: “I do not believe that an examination of the President’s brain would contribute significantly to a clarification of the circumstances [of the murder];” and, “Microscopic examination of skin slides from the bullet wounds would not, in my opinion, have added pertinent data.

Werner Spitz, MD, devoted considerable attention to explaining why Connally’s dramatic reaction to the first shot, though occurring later in the Zapruder film than JFK’s, posed no obstacle to the Single Bullet Theory.

The HSCA endorsed Rockefeller consultant Werner Spitz’s finding that the wound in JFK’s back was lower than its purported exit in the anterior neck. This presented a problem — how could a bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository travel upward through Kennedy’s neck? The theorized solution to this “upward bullet” problem was that Kennedy was leaning forward when struck, as the HSCA diagrams above illustrate (see HSCA vol. 7, p. 100).
The cropped portion of Zapruder film frame 228 reproduced below, however, shows that Kennedy was upright immediately after being struck. Neither the Zapruder film nor still images of JFK in Dealey Plaza disclose him leaning forward at any moment in the relevant time period.  {more}   {also more on this}
It’s obvious to me that Spitz was paid to help cover up the JFK assassination and despite his experience and expertise in forensics, it’s apparent he loves the limelight and the money of his ‘have autopsy will travel” show. I have no comment on Cayce Anthony’s guilt or innocence but regarding Spitz my opinion is that he is a criminal that aided in hiding the truth of the murder of JFK. The repercussions of this cover up continue to this very day and will for long into the future, well past after the memory of little Caylee has vanished.

Only in America …  

One World Trade Center Gets a Deal

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The Vision

One World Trade Center is a fitting name. The criminal ‘elite’ are blatantly telling us what is the planned outcome of their false flag of 9/11 and planet wide reign of terror. 

It’s also fitting that in a big deal between members of the tribe that the chairman,  Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr., of publishing giant Condé Nast signed his company up to become the anchor tenant in a 1 million-square-foot, 25-year, $2 billion lease in the under-construction tower.

After all, without the monopoly control of the ‘major’ media, all the lies and deceptions would not have been possible. Without the social engineering programs from the likes of Condé Nast the agenda could not progress.

From left: Developer Larry Silverstein, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Conde Nast Chairman Si Newhouse Jr., and Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward at a news conference on the 34th floor of One World Trade Center. May 26, 2011

Reports are that Silverstein was paid more than $4.5 billion in insurance settlements for his properties that he was in on destroying. He’s not called  “Lucky Larry” for nothing.

But he and his ‘friends’ day of reckoning is coming. Their ‘luck’ is having equal and opposite reactions.

One suggestion is to never spend one penny in support of the major OWTC tenet Condé Nast and their advertisers. That should be easy. Who really needs to read Vogue and They New Yorker anyway? Who needs the so called ‘high end’ overpriced consumerist crap the advertisers peddle?  It would be fitting if  Condé Nast went belly up before their 2013 move to the one worlder shrine. Larry might not feel so lucky then. 

A Tribe of Bottom Feeders

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That’s what Randy Quaid says his former attorney joined up with. As we all know Randy is using a code word to describe the jewish Hollywood mafia. The ones who will really be out to get him now after going public with this. This is a preemptive tactic by Quaid which he says is to save himself. He names names, makes accusations against the judicial system and bankers, takes a jab at google and although Randy and wife may be a looney tune couple, everything they say is believable.

“It’s possible for people to gain control of every facet of your life,” Quaid said.

Added Evi Quaid: “They are businessmen. It’s the mafia. It’s organized crime.”

Quaid’s use of the term “whacker” is what I don’t like. It doesn’t fit the seriousness of his issues. This one word is causing a lot of commotion. The proper term should have been assassin.

Quaid may be telling us the truth, or at least as he sees it, because there is a media effort to marginalize him and keep the secrets and crimes of the movie biz hidden but Randy has to take some of the blame. He’s played in this sandbox for a long time and should have had his act a little better together, at least to protect his assets.

Personally I can’t name a single movie Quaid has played in to earn what he says has been $40 million in his career plus the royalties he says the ‘tribe’ is trying to steal but he has something to say in this Vancouver press conference video below. Things that few in Hollywood would dare to say even if the same thing is being done to them. Maybe for fear for their lives?

One of the names Randy names as part of the crime syndicate out to get him is Bruce Berman. He’s a big time producer who had a hand in another movie I haven’t seen but I’m sure many of you have, The Matrix.

Just because you may like a certain movie doesn’t mean this guy is not playing a big part in the destruction of our culture and a criminal to boot.

As I always say … “boycott ’em all.” We don’t have to feed the ‘bottom feeders.’

It’s all just another diversion, a ‘sideshow.’ There will be another tomorrow. It’s called ‘election day.’

They’re scared, the tactics are not working

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The ADL has released a new ‘report.’ It’s a desperate attempt to portray all who have caught on to to the scams and crimes of the oligarchy as anti-government scammers and criminals. They call them sovereign citizens or … “The Lawless Ones.”

Our favorite Israeli agent and jewish racist supremacist, Mr. Abe Foxman, explains …

“There has been a resurgence of violence and anti-government activity from the sovereign citizen movement in recent months, ranging from police shootings to property seizures,”

“Make no mistake, despite the movement’s wide dispersal and loose affiliation, there exists a single-minded dedication to all things anti-government that unites these dangerous extremists.”

“Adherents don’t believe they need to follow any laws or regulations – they view government itself as the ultimate enemy. Along with preying on individuals vulnerable in these economic times, sovereign citizens pose a potential threat to every public official and police officer. This is a dangerous movement and more people need to be aware of it.”

And this anti-criminal government movement is not just for whites anymore …

Though the origins of the movement may be traced in part back to white supremacists, the sovereign citizen movement today is growing among Asians, Hispanics and especially African-Americans, some of whom have developed their own offshoot known as the “Moorish” movement. {more}

A while back it was ‘domestic terrorists’ but that didn’t work very well.  Change the terminology and mix it with new unproven villains and a merry-go-round of lies and try the term ‘sovereign citizens.’ That won’t work either.

Mr. Morphed could well be one of those ‘Dishonest Abe’ doesn’t like expressing their first amendment rights and anti-criminal government views.

If you haven’t already, see Visible’s “How They do it and The Solution to their Evil Intent.”

And while you’re at it take a look at aangirfan’s “The Truth About Israel.”

Ponder any number of your own favorite writers and truth seekers and pick out the bits and pieces of truth that are there and pass it around in your daily lives. If it’s disinformation, call it as you see it.

You know as well as I do, a great number of people have caught on and more are on the way. Once a sheep doesn’t mean always.  This is the psychopaths who think they control us worst nightmare. It makes them run scared.