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The Cause of World Unrest

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History is a vast early warning system.
                     Norman Cousins 

The 1920 American edition of “The Cause of World Unrest” {pdf} contains some things that could have been written today.{a working pdf link}

This book is anattempt to give an outline of the political aims and objectives of political Jewry. But a word of warning is necessary. Political Jewry does not comprise all Jewry. There are many Jewish citizens both in America and here who differ from the rest of us only in their religion. A blind Anti-Semitism directed against all Jews is both bad policy and an act of injustice to Jewry. But while we must be just, we must also be firm in our determination not to allow a duality of national policy in one and the same citizen.
                            H.A. GWYNNE,
                            Editor The Morning Post,
                            London. Sept. 1920

Note: I’m sure that this book was regarded as anti-semite in its day and would be today in many circles. The ‘duality of national policy’ could also apply to any number of ‘groups’ be they globalists, banker minions, neocons, neolibs or whatever term you choose. Basically it is those who pull the strings of a nation and act in ways that are not in the best interests of the majority of the people.


Those who have studied their history must at times have been astonished at the ease with which popular movements, honest and sincere in themselves, have been manipulated by clever and unscrupulous men to their own personal advantage or to further their own political aspirations. The people have throughout the ages presented a pathetic spectacle. Time and again they have been used with most barefaced effrontery as a means of producing results which they them- selves never desired. Indeed, in many cases, they have suffered terribly from their own achieve- ments. Nothing is more pitiful than the persistent betrayal of the people by their leaders and nothing more splendid than the people’s refusal to believe it.

A revolution is not the result of what we might call spontaneous social combustion but the result of design. Yet there is this caution to be made : a house does not spontaneously ignite, but it will bum fiercely if its materials are dry, combustible, and rotten. It will probably not catch fire at all if it is built of fireproof material and is inhabited by people who take proper precautions against fire. So with a nation; the social organization cannot be fanned into the flames of revolution, no matter what secret societies are at work, unless the conditions are favourable to revolution. The conditions favourable to revolution have been diagnosed by statesmen and by historians. They are not, properly speaking, the business of these papers, which was simply to look for the incendiary design, not to devise a fireproof house. Yet nevertheless we may suggest briefly the causes which predispose to revolution in all ages and in all nations.

Wars certainly, and in particular unsuccessful wars, which leave soldiers unemployed, and produce in men a fitness for desperate deeds, are one cause. Bad trade, which throws men upon the streets and leaves them idle and ripe for mischief, which makes thousands of men think that any change is better than present conditions — that is another cause. We shall find if we look into it that practically every revolution is preceded by a period of bad trade and unemployment. Bad harvests and scarcity of food, producing hunger and envy in the masses of the people, are another cause. Party rivalries and factions in the State, producing bands of men at enmity with the presiding Government, and willing to bring it down for their own purposes — these certainly constitute another cause. The character of the Government itself, whether it suppresses too much the common liberties of the nation, or, on the other side, is too indulgent with treason and crime, or, again, is inspired by impracticable ideals which bring the State to disaster — here we have still another cause of revolution. And extravagant ideas in the minds of the people, whether of liberty so great that it injures others, or of wealth so easy that it resembles plunder, these, too, may induce to revolution.

“The appalling thing,” says Lord Acton in his Essays on the French Revolution, “is not the tumult but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked, but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.”

Design and deception. It’s the first things to look for. Syria is the current ‘revolution’ du jour.

The U.S. and Syria: Facts you should know

 …timeline reviews the progression of U.S.-NATO intervention in Syria and counteracts the Big Lie in the corporate media aimed at preparing open imperialist military aggression against the Syrian people. 

From The Excavator

“Down with the Dictator,” is the CIA’s most popular Arab song at the moment. The CIA’s Syria song catalogue includes such hits as, “Assad, the Butcher,” “We Are The World, We Are The Children,” “Losing My Regime,” “Deception Song,” “Somebody To Hate,” “Will Get Fooled Again,” “Sympathy for the CIA,” “All Along Assad’s Tower,” “Give Syrians Shelter,” and “Hotel Bilderberg.”

Washington’s dance and song routine in Syria is far from new. It is a remix of its Libya and Iraq albums, which became instant international best sellers. But the CIA’s Syrian record has so far been a bust. The number of dupes willing to listen to the played out songs are down this time around.

In 1953 even the comics were warning us. They just didn’t identify the correct enemies.

“Two-thirds of my countrymen read this kind of newspaper, read things written in this tone every morning and every night, are every day worked up and admonished and incited, and robbed of their peace of mind and better feelings by them, and the end and aim of it all is to have the war over again, the next war that draws nearer and nearer, and it will be a good deal more horrible than the last. All that is perfectly clear and simple. Any one could comprehend it and reach the same conclusion after a moment’s reflection. But nobody wants to. Nobody wants to avoid the next war, nobody wants to spare himself and his children the next holocaust if this be the cost. To reflect for one moment, to examine himself for a while and ask what share he has in the world’s confusion and wickedness—look you, nobody wants to do that. And so there’s no stopping it, and the next war is being pushed on with enthusiasm by thousands upon thousands day by day. It has paralysed me since I knew it, and brought me to despair. I have no country and no ideals left.”

                                                                 Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf ~ 1927 {pdf}



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Morris Dees

The Southern Poverty Law Center should actually place itself on their list of dangerous extremists but that might cut down on the donations.  The hate-mongering group has its new list of  30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right.

Check out the list. I always get the feeling that when someone rises to the top of the SPLC’s focus that they are part of the controlled opposition designated to keep us divided.  Maybe not all but enough to wonder whether they might even be secretly funded by the SPLC or their friends.

Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires, most powerful people, richest in America, most powerful women and the world’s biggest public companies give us a good look at what 99.99% of the world is up against. The name Rothschild is frequently thrown around as being at the top of the money food chain but unless I missed it, Forbes does not have that name listed at all.

The list of those in contention to become Egypt’s president has gotten shorter. A broken, divided and weak country needs a western controlled leader to stay that way. Unfortunately, democracy in the Middle East too often comes down to ‘what is good for the zionists.’

The list of those to become Romney’s running mate is coming together. Mitt’s chosen one will be vetted by AIPAC of course.

Google has a hit list. Copyright offenders. There are many who would like to see the concept of ‘fair use’ go down the drain. It’s already happening and will be a bigger target sooner or later.

The ‘assassination list’ of the White House seems to be in the hands of one small group led by John ‘targeted killing’ Brennan.  Assassinations outside the war zones are to be debated in secret.  Those killings will be right here at home eventually. Nothing really new, there is a long history of assassinations on our soil. We’re just not using drones at the moment.

Somewhere there is a list of Americans killed in the wars of the last decade. Over twice as many US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan under the peace prez than under George W. Bush but Bush wins hands down for those who died in vain in Iraq. Nowhere is there a list of all the civilians murdered under both presidents.

We have lists of the suspects for 9/11. List of dead witnesses. What we don’t have is a list of actual  perps indicted. Neither do we have a list of war crimes indictments for Americans, Israelis and NATO leaders. Often we have our doubts if we ever will.


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“AL-CIA-da” with the blessing of NATO is bombing the hell out of Damascus.

Nice little dance step by the cop in the middle.

Chicago cops protect and defend the assets of the war machine from those who have different ideas on invading and occupying foreign countries and how many murders are acceptable.

Looking good …..

The NATO gathering was a pre-planned photo op to not only try and demonize the protesters as our own home grown ‘terrorists’  but also ultimately to show how ineffective it was. The killings, the false flags, the NATO way is not going to stop anytime soon. The protest numbers are too low. A half a million people converging on any city sends a much bigger message and would gain even more allies. Strength in numbers. Keep the paid provocateurs at bay and it could even be peaceful.

Maybe there is a better way than taking to the streets? If you think you know it, please let us know.

There’s even a soundtrack.

Of all the almost all dead Bee Gee’s songs, this is the only one that stood up to my test of time …

Change is Made

Well, I’ve been a good man. Oh Lord, Lord, I’ve been a good man.

But what’s good’s a good man after the change is made?

Touching Moments?

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Wishful thinking or is reality setting in for jews who haven’t completely lost their minds?

Farewell Israel? So is the American-Jewish romance with Israel coming to an end? Are the American Jews known for their liberal views distancing themselves from Israel? Or is it simply an overstatement? Do they support the current Israeli policies? Does the Israeli lobby represent their views? And do they have a strong connection to the Holy Land?

The judaic mormon may visit Israel soon.   

Rumors in Washington claim that the expected Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney, is planning a quick visit to Israel in a few months in order to embarrass President Barack Obama, who has never visited Israel since taking office. According to these rumors, Romney’s staff hope that a visit to Israel, which will win extensive media coverage, will motivate Jewish voters to abandon the Democrats, their traditional political home, in favor of Romney.

Barry did visit Israel in 2008 as a presidential candidate. I would think Mittens will use some of the same photo ops.

Obomber got a photo op today by posthumously bestowing the Medal of Honor on a Vietnam War soldier killed in Cambodia in 1970. All the grunts, especially those drafted, who served in that war deserve a Medal of Honor for dying and suffering in vain for the bankers and war contractors. The basic reasons for war never changes, only what we are told are the whys are what vary from one conflict to another.

A gaggle of criminals and media whores including George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton came together for
“An Evening of Remembrance” and raised $2 million for the Flight 93 National Memorial to a lie. Only $8 million to go. It was disappointing to see that Vince Gill performed and is obviously a dupe for the con. 

There’s a Greece fire and it all goes back to the central bankers who want control. Let’s not forget that the arms dealing nations strong armed and bribed Greek politicians to buy, buy, buy. 

 Iceland anyone?

The Icelandic people have demonstrated a way to beat the international money printers and controllers of information. The last thing entrenched usurers would want is for you to think you could also free yourself from their chains.

From a comment at the above linked article:  “This can only happen in a country where people have the same mindset. Most western countries are too divided to stand strong as one to oppose the tyrant.”

Yep, that division continues to work its wonders. 

We give Israel at least $8 million a day and that’s a conservative number if you don’t include the wars for the jews and that amount is going up, up, up. We give who knows how much to terrorists in Syria and in every other country we want under our thumb. But social security is being portrayed as for losers. Health care for all is a commie plot according to the psychopaths in charge. Laws are being passed to drug test the poorest of the poor in the name of using taxpayer’s money appropriately. The crime syndicate Federal Reserve made $77 billion (probably a low number) last year in their money from nothing scam. J.P. Morgan lost $2 billion + at the casino and says ‘sorry.’  College kids fell for the American dream that going into debt will pay off sometime. We find the money to kill and bail out corrupt banks but education is useless and passé when the military is the only job option. 

For $30 billion annually, the U.S. could provide free tuition for all students who want to go to college.

We now find that  ‘psychiatrists’ and other ‘specialists’ are re-writing the book on what constitutes an alcoholic or drug addict which will add 20 million or more to those categories. This is all for the insurance companies to limit addiction treatment by saying ‘it’s just too expensive, there’s too many of them’ and gain some more profits. We’ll just build more prisons and let the addicts dry out there. And no medical marijuana for you.

Ahh, but this touching moment made my day.

Judge Napolitano : First American to shoot down a Drone will be an American Hero

Lock and load.

Dancing Around the Maypole

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May 1st, or May Day, was considered by several cultures to be an important holiday, especially in occult circles due to celestial alignments.
The Beltane festival, an ancient Gaelic celebration of sexuality, fertility…and blood sacrifices.
The origins of the Beltane festival can be traced back to the celebration of the Sumerian God Enlil – who is known to us as Baal.  more

Dances of deception…..

Obama makes a secret trip to Afghanistan, meets with Karzai and signs a long term agreement to never leave as long as there are profits to be made.  He gave an address to the nation from there saying basically… 9/11, al Qaeda, bin Laden, Taliban, “God bless our troops, God bless the U.S..”

Reinforcing the myth of bin laden’s death … hereherehere … ad nauseum.

Occupy has violence up its sleeve? The police certainly do. 

Watch out for the homegrown terrorists. Dupes never learn.

Provocateurs? What provocateurs?

White powder sent to banks is hinted at to be from occupiers and turns out to be corn starch. Bankers said “oh heck,” we thought it might be our coke shipment.

Don’t forget the old time psyops with new techniques. The greatest threat to the US … al Qaeda in Yemen! They’re cranking up the radiation on the x-ray machines at the airport checkpoints it was reported.

What???  RT says with a straight face “Porn files reveal Al-Qaeda master plan to terrorize Europe.”

What???   Tzipi doesn’t want war and says that Netanyahu’s government is putting the existence of the jewish state “in mortal danger.”  Pat Robertson’s peeps interview an Israeli pilot who says “we’re getting ready.”  Last chance to send Pat some mo’ money before the rapture. Let’s hope he’s one of the first to ‘disappear.’ And that he takes several of his ‘friends’ with him.

An oldie but goodie. Suitable for the new order maypole dance?

A Few Bit and Pieces

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An Iranian TV perspective of the holocau$t gets the youtube down the memory hole treatment. It may be from a copyright complaint from MEMRI TV,  because they supplied the English sub-titles, through Content Lizenz Agentur but how NBC Universal could be involved I don’t know. I doubt the Iranians would care.

The video is still available here and here and I hope the links don’t doom them to the same fate.

It’s not really about copyright infringement and the fair use doctrine which doesn’t always count. It’s the subject matter that someone doesn’t want people to consider.

Tennessee is a very beautiful state in the spring but that beauty doesn’t extend to a great number of our law makers. Now they have gone over the top again by trying to pass a bill to update the state’s abstinence-based sex education curriculum to define holding hands and kissing as “gateway sexual activities.” Technically, I suppose that’s true in the same sense that all alcoholics started with the gateway liquids of mother’s milk or baby formula.

This ‘holding hands’ bill follows on the heels of one that allows teachers to inject creationism, which means the Christian and Judaic variety, into basically whatever classroom curriculum they want to. Oddly enough the same bill allows teaching that global warming is a scam to separate folks from more of their money to give to the rich.

Among some folks, the bill to allow gun permit carriers to have a pistol in their locked car at work is a bad idea but it makes sense to me. Very very few legal gun carriers have a ‘zimmerman moment.’  A few legislators do have a little common sense and the back from the dead medical marijuana bill is still being kicked around but will eventually be kicked to the ground and stomped on. The legislature basically fits the criteria of  ‘even a broken watch is right twice a day.’

Is Tennessee the current designated laughing stock of the nation? I’m not sure. There’s still quite a bit of competition.

Louis Farrakhan did make it over the state line, the road blocks have not yet been set up, and spoke to a packed house at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist church in Nashville. Funny that the almost all black university, TSU, made some excuses for not allowing him to speak there as originally planned.

Think this guy Richard S. Corenthal, a new board member of the 911 ‘non-profit’ Tuesday’s Children has the truth in his heart? Just another long-term part of the cover up I’m guessing. And what about this upcoming so called ‘trial of the century?’ I must be going soft. I’m starting to feel sorry for those who can’t seem to overcome the pressure of the psyops.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz  makes a point to say that Obama will not play the Mormon card. What her real concern is once it’s open season on Mormons, can open season on jews be far behind? Don’t worry Debbie, Abe Foxman has got your back and once again he’s on Mel Gibson’s back. Mel has denied allegations by a screenwriter for Mel’s proposed move Maccabee, which is now on hold, that he repeatedly referred to jews as ‘oven-dodgers.’

It’s a cache of data, 25 million gigabytes’ worth, roughly equivalent to half of the Library of Congress and nobody quite knows what to do with it. Much of it was/is legitimate personal files people were storing at Megaupload. It’s a reminder that one needs several backup locations, physical and cloud, for what they want to keep.

Here’s a pdf of Dave McGowan’s “Laural Canyon” if you might be interested.  h/t Jeff Prager

You can’t say "I love Castro." What’s next, "Maybe that 6 million number has been exaggerated a bit?" or "What was up with Building 7?"

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Miami Marlins president David Samson listens as manager Ozzie Guillen speaks at a news conference at Marlins Park in Miami Tuesday.

So Ozzie says a few things in a stream of consciousnesses interview with Time which include:

I love Fidel Castro.”  “I respect Fidel Castro.” “You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that mother—— is still here.”

The Cuban-American population in South Florida didn’t like that kind of talk and called for Ozzie’s head on platter.

Marlins jewish ‘art dealer’ owner Jeffrey Loria and his sidekick Sampson took mercy on ‘lost in translation’ Ozzie and only gave him a 5 day without pay suspension.

It appears that Loria is not the most transparent businessman, some even call him names like ‘treacherous, no good, low down, lying dog’ who loves to take taxpayer subsidies to fatten his profits through the usual tribal techniques of deception and bribery. But he did let his goy employee keep his job, probably after a lot of consternation about what was best for his bottom line and the overall public perception of his decision.

Ozzie learned his lesson. Free speech is not free in certain circumstances.

It’s also a reinforcing lesson to all, especially to the kids who look up to these ‘celebrities,’  to watch what you say. Can’t have loose lips in the public arena. As Barney Fife always says “Nip It In The Bud.” Free speech just ain’t what it used to be and that’s part of the big plan. These kind of ‘Ozzie’  incidents fit in with the plan very well and the media is more than glad to make it an ‘issue.’

Oh well, freedom of speech was a wonderous story while it lasted …..

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