Luxury is not all it’s cracked up to be

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Heartfelt sympathies to all the victims of the  luxury Costa Cruises ship that ran aground and tilted over with 4,200 aboard.

Tragic yes. It could also be seen as symbolic.

Of what I’m not sure. Maybe you have some sort of idea.

Cruises are the corporate new age vacations. You don’t have to be rich to take one, although it helps. Fresh sea air, luxury accoutrements, all you can eat and the feeling of being rich for a little while. Could you ask for more? The chance of dying on a cruise is probably less than that of getting into a car. Food poisoning is sometimes a problem but you’ll most likely survive. Just always remember not to buy dope from the kids running up to you with their wares when you get off the boat at those exotic locations. It may be a set-up/shake down for the local cops to make a buck. Stuff happens.

My nephew just got married and his wife’s grandmother gave them a week long cruise. They loved it except for one thing … the on-board six dollar beers. Make sure you budget for that well in advance. Luxury with a buzz is not cheap.

Queen Elizabeth 1940

Cruises are big business. The economy will decide how many of the companies survive. Although they are still riding the waves high, what would become of a bankrupt cruise ship? Oh yeah, they make good troop carriers. My father returned from Europe after WWII on the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth. Luxury it wasn’t.

Interesting facts from the cruise industry:

The industry forecasted 16 million passengers in 2011, a 6.6% increase over 2010.

In 2010 a record of 15 million passengers are forecasted to have cruised, with 11.1 million originating in North America.

Of the total US population that is 25 years or older, with household earnings of $40,000+, 44.6% indicates that they have taken a cruise, with 22.7% having cruised in the past three years.

It is estimated that only 19.9% of the total US population has cruised ever and 9.9% have done so within the last three years.

Cruisers average age is 50 years of age with a household income of $109,000.

Impressive numbers if true. For how long they will hold up is anyone’s guess. In a world of ever increasing disparity I won’t bet on them for the long run. But what do I know?

Cruises seem to be a reflection of our materialistic society and could be looked at as an example of modern groupthink. Lemmings do like luxury.

Sea Cruise – Nothing to Lose (grin)


Say the Secret Word and Win …

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$666 taxable fiat dollars …..

By request, the secret word for today is “Usury.”

If you walk the streets and ask a hundred people at random “What is Usury,” you are likely to be met with blank stares from all of them.

It is never mentioned in the schools. Although usury and its use and prohibition has a long Christian history, have you ever heard a preacher talk about it? Politicians deny that word exists.  It scares the heck out of them because it is the backbone of their fraud. Even Ron Paul who for many years has been shouting from the rooftops about ending the Federal Reserve doesn’t go the big step forward and call for the ending of interest on money lending. The shills of islamophobia pound the pavement with their madness of  ‘sharia law’ is going to take over the world but will never mention another reason why we invade their lands. It’s not all for the resources.

Islam FORBIDS USURY and rejects financial systems which are built upon interest, debt and the exploitation of the poor, and promotes kindness and charity as the foundation of caring society.

The idea of forbidding usury is a threat to the international banking cartel, primarily jewish, whose purpose is to enslave the masses under the weight of debt. It can certainly be argued that all wars serve this purpose. Instead of fighting each other we should focus on the fight against usury.

Make no mistake. The bankers and their minions will stop at nothing to protect their ‘interest.’ You can bet your life on it. That doesn’t mean we are helpless. The first step is to say the secret word and to not be afraid to do so.



What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is –
an issue of government bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation
commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent,
then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan
borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty – treble, and all the while
the debt remains an unpaid debt.

From this calculation it is obvious that with any form of taxation per head the
State is baling out the last coppers of the poor taxpayers in order to settle accounts
with wealth foreigners, from whom it has borrowed money instead of collecting these
coppers for its own needs without the additional interest.

So long as loans were internal the goyim only shuffled their money from the
pockets of the poor to those of the rich, but when we bought up the necessary person
in order to transfer loans into the external sphere, all the wealth of States flowed into
our cash- boxes and all the goyim began to pay us the tribute of subjects.

musique contributed this image …..

veritas is up to his own challenge on the subject …

The Evil of Usury 

We’re trying to save lives here

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We finished up with a three day 7 family yard sale yesterday which was more than just a business venture, it was a large social gathering, a party, and good time was had by all.

With some exceptions, yard sales are a microcosm of a materialistic society gone mad. A large percentage of what was sold were things that should never have been bought to begin with. We accumulate and hoard until the walls are bursting at the seams and we scream enough is enough and hope to recoup maybe 10 cents on the dollar of what we originally spent.

Some of the sales were feel good moments. A old man with a granddaughter about to give birth pulled out every dollar he had and said “give me all the baby clothes this will buy.” He was given over 80 pieces of like new clothing for $20 bucks and left with a smile knowing this kid would be well covered for a long while without  the family having to set foot in Walmart. These sales are actually a blessing for some who can’t even afford Walmart or the Dollar Store and we saw a great number of these folks. It’s the rural south and poverty is growing.

What’s the deal with women and shoes? Over 60 pairs were sold, none over $1. One lady bought her elderly mother 15 pairs, many unused, and said this will make her very happy and will probably last her the rest of her days. I heard a few ‘aahs’ from those around.

The big ticket items, $100 and up, didn’t sell at all. Everything from guns to guitars were taken back home. A nice set of congas I had got the most attention of all. Every kid and many of the adults visiting took a turn at banging the drums but no buyer.The highest price paid for anything was $50 for a solid oak locally made entertainment center that cost $600 new but only held a 27 inch TV. The new 52 inch big screen bought by the owner made that heavy duty piece of furniture ‘obsolete.’ 

When you have about ten to twenty people sitting around at any given time, the conversion will take a turn to politics. Dems, repubs, teachers, preachers, farmers, retirees, young and old alike have their opinions and like to get them in. We heard it all. Everything from the hype of sharia law is gonna’ get us, defending and attacking Obama, the declining economy, when is someone going to take out the bought politicians and even praise of Rick Perry as who they said should be our next president. There was a lot of talk about illegal immigration even as it seemed that every Mexican family from 20 miles around came in to buy a lot of stuff. No one refused to take their money. No one talked about the deeper issues of  who really benefits. No one denied that most are good workers.

Also, no one wanted to debate the criminal wars, the foreign policy domination of Israel and how we need to bring all the troops home. Too touchy a subject for most.

There was some encouraging talk. A good friend of my grandson who is also a senior in high school was there and I asked him if the military reciters showed up on the first day of school to prey on them. He said no but they would soon and that as of now none of his friends are considering joining. I said “great” and since I’m crude I repeated my standard rant about the reciters. “There’s only two words you need to say to them … get f***ed.”

He said that the military guys have been pounding the pavement saying that it takes young men like them to finish the job and that they got bin Laden and would get the rest too. This gave me the opportunity to get in the points that the ‘killing’ of bin Laden was a fake and it was all lies all the time.

Then came a good surprise. He said that a lot of people believe that 9/11 was done by our government. Of course that gave me the chance to get in a quick narrative of the major discrepancies in the official story including the exploding towers and building 7, Israel and the Mossad and the traitors in our government and media and the trillions of dollars spent on the wars blamed on 9/11 so that only a miniscule few could profit. He listened. I think he may be getting it. I told him to tell his friends.

At that point someone said “Maybe you shouldn’t be telling him these things.” My reply …

“We’re trying to save lives here.” 

Kids will talk about these things when adults often will not. Since when are teenagers trapped in a politically correct bubble like so many of their parents are? The propaganda may be hard to overcome but I’m somewhat encouraged. The truth is about all we’ve got left.

We don’t owe the debt of criminals

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It’s redundant to say so. The so called debt that is being imposed upon the people is not just only illegitimate, it is the result of the actions of murderers, thieves and liars. For the self styled demigods of a fraudulent government to imply that we owe anything for their illegal and immoral deeds is nothing more than spitting in our faces while the gun is held to our heads.

We can go back further but for the sake of argument, 1913 and the introduction of the Federal Reserve and the income tax on labor was the beginning of the end. It’s been downhill ever since. You know the story. The voices of a few sane and honest people over the last hundred years have been silenced by the din of multi-frequency noise coming from heinous criminals who are equal to any in history.

Folks are waking up. I ran into an old guy the other day who without prompting said “They are destroying the middle class.” But he, like so many others with a job, is in a state of paralysis. Working out his last few years without rocking the boat and hoping that his pension will allow his salvation from the chaos. He may be in for a deadly surprise.

I don’t have a lot to say except that this false debt ceiling debate doesn’t often include, at least in the treasonous media, the ongoing criminality of those who decide what they are going to steal next and who they are going to kill.

No! We don’t owe the debt of criminals. The last question standing is are we going to do anything about it?

Will the meek inherit the earth? Not this time.

Reoccurring Questions

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A common theme that keeps coming up among those of us who are lacking in money and health insurance is what we can do to maintain our health at the lowest cost. A balanced and as organic as possible diet, exercise, proper breathing techniques, some sunshine and a good attitude are my first choices. I like the frequent addition of raw garlic, onions and chili peppers as supplements and a few standby common inexpensive herbs for fairly minor health issues that may arise.

There are many potentially valuable nutritional supplements in the natural and health food stores and online but a look at the prices often means they’re out of the question.

So in a world of ever declining cash flow and a medical and pharmaceutical industry that will steal both your money and your health, is there anything really anything cheap that the po’ folks can add to their arsenal? Maybe something so inexpensive and effective that the ‘health care’ industry feels that their income and control could be jeopardized? Nutrients that the FDA will demonize to protect their turf? Actually there are many.

A good friend, ex-nurse and therapist who has sold many expensive supplements over the years but in a failing economy found no one buying embarked on research to find something so cheap, readily available and yet effective with a long history of alleged success that it should be in every home. He thinks he found it … food grade hydrogen peroxide. After a year of taking it and even giving it to his dog, he thinks it’s the real deal.

This is not a promotion. It’s more about asking questions. He’s bringing me some the next time he comes down from his mountain so I’ll give it a try myself. If you’re interested there’s more info here and an 85 page pdf  The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide which gives a lot of background and details on its use which are many besides human consumption. If anyone has any experience with this nutrient or has any more relevant information, please let me know.

My friend has been selling food grade hydrogen peroxide for several months by word of mouth and through ads in some free newspapers but not much volume at all and with a slim profit margin because it’s so cheap. He has been bugging me to set him up a website for sales. He doesn’t have a computer and actually lives off the grid.  I’ve been very hesitant. The FDA is strong arming those who make claims as to anything with health benefits unless it’s from big pharma so having my IP address connected to a web site with claims could be iffy.

I had him read Mike Adams  FDA unleashes end game scheme to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements formulated after 1994 to get a glimpse of what may be coming up and although hydrogen peroxide has been around for a long time and may not apply, there’s still that issue of making claims. I could set up a sales site without any claims at all or providing links but whether it would work would remain to be seen.

Anyway, I find the potential of food grade hydrogen peroxide to be interesting and with careful handling and dosage may be something to think about. It won’t break the bank to try. I’ll follow up later if I think it’s beneficial.


I just heard a bit on cable news that if the debt ceiling is not raised the government is thinking about selling assets.  We all knew this was coming. The international banking cabal wants it all and at fire sale prices.

I have some issues with Ron Paul but he did say the other day that in order to free up some money all we had to do is quit paying interest payments to the Federal Reserve. Maybe we should do that instead of selling gold reserves, if we have any, or anything else of value that ‘we the people’ actually own. The Fed wouldn’t like that and may get desperate and have its boys blow something up to prove a point but instead of threatening to cut off social security I’ll go with the idea of cutting off the Fed.


A comment from an anonymous poster on the last thread is worth repeating …..

The five fundamental steps to monetary independence:

(1) Outlaw usury.

(2) Outlaw currency speculation.

(3) Outlaw private ownership of banks.

(4) Declare all of the odious debt incurred under the old system to be null and void.

(5) Exercise caution when dealing with foreign countries that are still under the control of the Rothschild gang and implement appropriate countermeasures when necessary to thwart any attempted economic sabotage.

Since ‘we the people’ have no allies on these points in government at this time, I don’t know how we would accomplish this but at least we can plant the seed of thought.


Same old story. A kid goes to jail for protesting the criminal ‘elite.’ Bankers and their minions go on vacation.

Son Of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd Legend) Sentenced To 16 Months In Prison


Murdochalypse – News Corpse

New words for our vocabulary.

Austerity for Arms

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‘Can’t pay! Won’t pay!’

War criminal Dwight Eisenhower once in a moment of clarity or maybe it was in a moment of guilty delusion said every gun that is made is a theft from those who hunger.” If he were alive today, we might just respond with “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

A new report puts the Greece crisis in perspective. It all makes a lot of sense now that we know Greece is the 4th biggest arms importer in the world and that it was all bought on corrupt credit.

It turns out that throughout this crisis of Greek public debt, and under the direction of the same international potentates who are imposing cuts in spending on welfare, pensions, health care, the public sector and all of the other usual targets, the country’s ‘socialist’ government has continued to spend vast sums on armaments.

The fact that the principal suppliers of these arms are two of ‘austerity’s’ biggest proponents, the USA and Germany, should not surprise us. We have moved beyond a situation in which lying by leaders is not so much accepted as expected, into one in which reality plays no role whatsoever in their discourse.

Greece may, in the estimation of politicians and the mass media, be a badly-governed, corrupt kleptocracy populated by robber barons and a lazy, feckless class of reluctant workers, but it is at least armed to the teeth. The immediate cause of Greece’s financial crisis was a doubling, from 2005 to 2008, of the value of loans from western banks to the country’s government. By the end of that period, these loans amounted to $160 billion. {more}

Depending on who hands out the statistics, Greece may actually only be 5th  or so in the world’s arms market buying spree but there is no doubt who is the number 1 supplier. It’s just about the only thing we export but another fact is that we are also number 1 in using up the armaments we make and we borrow the money to deliver them to their target or give them away to Israel and to buy more. Bankers and war go hand in hand. Always have, always will. Their middle men, corporations and politicians, are lackeys in the game. The poor and working class are the pawns and are expected to pay the price.

Mark this on your calender. September in London brings the largest arms show in the world and it’s only a couple of days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11. War mongers can celebrate their favorite day of death and then party down with all of their friends and customers, making deals and planning more destruction.

It’s not all for killing folks in other lands either. Security of the homeland is a big focus this year. Gotta keep the slaves in line in case they jump on that ‘Can’t pay! Won’t pay!’ bandwagon.

And don’t you just love the DSEi’s headline theme …..

Infinite Opportunities. One world-leading event.

This is not OK …..

Forward We Stumble

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Family Life by Tanya Miller

As we stumble along our paths there are no doubts that we are encountering degenerative elements who with every move are attempting to see to it that we are the ones that fall.

War is a proven control mechanism for the empire and the degenerate General Petraeus tries to soften us up for a difficult summer ahead in Afghanistan.

“Many intelligence estimates say that it will be as violent or perhaps even more violent” than 2010, Petraeus said at his office in Kabul.

“They will come back in force. There is some concern that there will be sensational attacks that could be indiscriminate in nature,” he warned.

Sensational attacks? Another good reason to never leave. If need be we’ll create our own ‘new sensations.’ As Peter Chamberlin points out in “If the Script Calls for Credible ‘Bad Guys,’ Then Create Some:”

The best-laid plans of America’s sickest minds are unraveling before their bloodshot evil eyes. The further the CIA mind-twisters stretch in trying to make their crazy “militant Islamist” scheme work somewhere in the Muslim world, the more the edges ravel on the magnificiant whole-cloth of lies that they have so lovingly woven for us. We should all be allowed to smile just a little when the CIA’s dumbest “mind-fuck” plans fail, if it were not for the fact that they have gambled our futures on their plots.

The great thing about “al-Qaeda” is that they are the terrorist group that has something to offer for anyone who needs a patsy to fulfill a task, whether that be to cover a political assassination of an annoying individual, a military incursion into an innocent country, the suppression of national civil rights, or even the use of martial law tactics against unarmed citizens. {more}

Then there’s this creepy CONgressman Peter King who wants us to see a Muslim ‘terrorist’ behind every tree and make sure the police state rolls on. Visible nails the clown and gives us the real reason why these degenerates do as they are told … blackmail.

The reason that Peter King is holding these hearings is the same reason that Guantanamo is all over the news and that is to obfuscate the information that is revealed in places like this, in order to counteract against the information revealed in places like this. What you get is a bunch of nonsense about Muslim terror percentages and for that you need to send in SWAT teams of TSA agents to hand rape people in Thobes and Hijabs, or anything really. You get to hear the name, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, over and over and over and over again, juxtaposed with 9/11, which he had nothing to do with because 9/11 was done by Neo-Pharisees and corrupt members of the American and Crown Colony fascistos. {more}

To try and prop up the King hate fest, some in the media will resort to the CIA/Mossad talking points of al-Qaeda’s American-bred leadership. Since there’s no law against the media lying to the public, these people have no problem calling themselves journalists.

The Islamophobia hearings can be viewed here if you’re into self torture.

While King moves his blackmailed lying lips, Hillary Clinton ‘testified’ before before a House Appropriations Subcommittee seeking ‘mo money.’ Her claws scratch the surface of deceit while spewing her ‘excitement’ of the developments in the Middle East, our national interests and “putting al-Qaeda on the run.” The state department’s $47 billion, or is it $59.5 billion using some slight of hand, budget includes exceptional wartime overseas contingency operations. Temporary of course. A good return on the investment in blood and treasure she proclaims.

Moving right along in the land of the degenerates, we come to one of the most despicable of so called humans, Abe Foxman. Whenever this fat genetically challenged mammal comes up for air to call for an apology, you know he is attacking some sort of truth. Otherwise he would leave it alone. Nodding in agreement to the statement that jews run the media, as former NPR money beggar Ron Schiller did, gives Foxman the opportunity to attack.

“No matter the circumstances, raising false stereotypes about Jewish control of the media is dangerous and inappropriate. Mr. Schiller’s remarks were offensive and he should acknowledge his mistake and apologize.” {more}

The continuing degenerate behavior of Israel will take much more cash from the U.S. Israeli blackmail once again for the Palestinian peace process as well as for what Israel calls themselves … a ‘stabilizer in such a turbulent region.’ It sounds like a joke but the punch line never comes.

The Israeli military continues to pound the Iran drum. This time it’s that Iran is supplying direct assistance to Gaza including a “very big arsenal” of rockets that can strike deep inside Israel. One might wonder why Hamas doesn’t use them instead of the ‘bottle rocket’ supposedly fired yesterday into an Israeli open field. No injuries or damage but an excuse for Israel to drop a few bombs on several targets in the Strip.

Israeli zionist propaganda is pushed into middle school ‘education’ here in the U.S. Some parents take exception to the lies being taught their kids and are calling out the system on it. It’s something to applaud as we stumble forward.

The stumbling of America is not by chance but by design. Now it’s a major push for the decimation of the middle class in Wisconsin and then it will be on to the rest of the country.

A corporate asset-grab not seen since robber baron capitalism.

But who is one to steal from? Most wealth in history has been acquired either by armed conquest of the land, or by political insider dealing, such as the great US railroad land giveaways of the mid 19th century.

So Walker’s war is not only against the Democrats and labour, it is against Wisconsin’s Progressive Era institutions. His policy threatens to pauperise the state and deal a coup de grace to Progressive Era institutions and impoverish the state’s middle class. Contra John Maynard Keynes’s gentle suggestion of “euthanasia of the rentier”, it is the middle class that is being euthanised – throughout North America and Europe. {more}