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Noise Against the Bankers in Europe

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At least some in Europe are taking to the streets against the globalist bankers. Unlike here in America where we kneel  to our slavemasters and point our fingers at the wrong enemy.

Quite the coincidence that on the day of the strikes and protests it’s wall to wall ‘news’ of the al Qaeda “big deal plot” to terrorize Europe, personally signed off by Osama Bin Laden.  Even Adam Pearlman Gadahn comes out from his Mossad hiding place to release a new video. Plus the CIA just can’t seem to assassinate al-Awlaki so he too gets some face time in front of the camera to threaten the West.

The fear card is not working as well as the bankers would like so they try and try again with this continuous inundation of lies.

Bravo to those in the streets. We’ll see if they can make a difference.


Me Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling

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The Irish vote of yes to the EU just goes to show that by crashing the economy, an entire nation can be made willing to give up their independence for some vague notion of that as a collective group it will lead us back to prosperity. It seems as if the message now is ‘Big Brother’ will save us and if we have to bow down to the social engineering laws of the EU, well… it’s for our own good and so be it.

When will the U.S. have its own vote to enter a NAO or UN agreement and eventually a one world government? As the economy continues to fail, watch for the calls along these lines. Right now things aren’t bad enough and a vote wouldn’t pass. That could change or it could be forced upon us with the declaration of a ‘national emergency.’

My Irish ancestors would not be happy with this.


Lisbon Treaty referendum: Irish voters look to EU after death of Celtic Tiger

Ireland caves to NWO

Ireland caves in

The speculation is that war criminal Tony Blair will now become EU president instead of being imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Blair to be named EU President ‘within weeks’ if Irish ratify Lisbon Treaty

Who wants to live in this NIGHTMARE world THEY are creating?

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Adam I art: Scott Holloway

I’m an immutable Conservative. I dislike change and I dislike SUDDEN change intensely. It’s unacceptable to me. And I’m entitled to my opinion, just like everyone else; whatever their political leanings. That’s not to say that my mind is closed to new possibilities. If new ideas could bring about a safer, more civilized world in which our kids can grow up to become normal, healthy, well-balanced adults, then I’m keen to hear how it can be done. And maybe I’d ameliorate my views in the face of cogent argument for change, provided it’s workable and well-intentioned.

Unfortunately, however, and virtually without exception, the only change being promoted by our so-called ‘leaders’ and their mouthpieces in the Jewish-controlled media, continues to lead down the path of our cultural and moral disintegration and our eventual ethnic genocide. No one I know in my personal circle of friends, nor anyone I meet in the course of my travels, feels any differently. The broad mass of people DO NOT want it! This country is supposed to be a democracy, where the Will of the majority prevails. This Will, on the part of decent, ordinary, hard-working people like you and me, is being systematically circumvented by alien interests as indeed it has been now for far too long.

It’s a curious ‘democracy’ indeed where a group of people who constitute just 3% of the population get to call all the shots and invariably get THEIR way over the wishes of the vast majority, and to the latter’s very great detriment. The needs and wishes of true Americans (and Europeans in Europe) are being totally ignored and on top of that our noses are being rubbed in the dirt for our trouble. This is nothing new. It’s been going on like this for decades, but only since the advent of the Internet have we been able to compare our various, disparate experiences and draw the only possible conclusion: the forces behind those who govern us, and these ‘governors’ themselves have ‘done a number on us’ that in its scope, depth and extent simply defies belief.

A thoroughly scientific Agenda was drawn up to destroy us over 200 years ago, but it’s only very recently that we’ve even become aware of its existence. A powerful cabal of Jewish intellectuals, bankers, media magnates and politicians contrived a set of aims that would deliver us into their hands as their eternal slaves. Aldous Huxley exposed it in the 1930s, but at that time it was thought far too far-fetched to be deserving of serious consideration. But the intervening years have proved beyond doubt that writers like Huxley (all of whom were dismissed as “Alarmist” or “paranoid” or “sensationalist” at the time were in fact 100% correct in their vision of the future in which we now, through our collective indolence, are unlucky enough to live.

We have only days ago witnessed how far this usurpation of our voices has gone. The People of Ireland were the only ones permitted a free vote as to whether the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty (in part Europe’s equivalent of our Constitution) should or should not be enshrined into law. They alone had the chance to express their wishes, for it was believed by the Marxists and New World Order reptiles at the core of Europe’s administrative agencies, that they were the most Euro-friendly of all the 27 member states (which comprise some 500m people in all) and would surely give their overlords the green light for further Federalization and centralization of power.

For the sake of comparison, an equivalent scenario in the US would entail the government wanting to make a few tweaks to the Constitution which would never survive a full plebiscite of all our people because these ‘tweaks’ have far-reaching consequences for our freedoms. Perhaps Bush might want to eliminate the first and second amendments, for example. So rather than circulating ballot papers to every state and carrying out a properly organized popular vote, they simply print up enough papers for just one state alone – a small one, perhaps, chosen for its historical loyalty to the incumbent Administration, so the tables are heavily weighted in favor of a “YES” thereby enabling the changes to be forced through.

Incredible as it seems, this is what happened in Europe. The voices of 500 million people were gagged and the vote given to less than 3 million. And this notwithstanding that the result would effect the ENTIRE Union of half a billion people. This is the kind of blatant gerrymandering that is the hallmark of the NWO. THEY must get THEIR way above every other interest group. The base populations of the member states are just a nuisance; an obstacle to the Global Elite achieving their One World aims. The audacity of these malingering parasites simply beggars belief. And yet, if Ireland hadn’t stood up and said “NO!” last week, those very same forces, who control our lives here in the US too, would have been suitably emboldened to try the same stunt here at some time in the near future. YOU better believe they would! The Overlords of Europe are just as surely working against the interests of European people to line their own pockets as our own traitors on Capitol Hill.

Any differences between the two groupings are entirely illusory – they are complimentary faces of the same power base whose ultimate aim is world domination and the eternal slavery of mankind. There will eventually be nowhere to run to escape from the hell-hole of a planet that these entities are fashioning in their own image. We must continue to wake others up. To hell with causing offense to some minorities; this mission is WAY to important. We are being shunted into a world-wide dictatorship with the Jews finally achieving all the goals they ever dreamed of. And you, me and our few remaining freedoms will be finished for ever. As Huxley observed, “There is no reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.” Today in the Western world, we are rushing headlong like lemmings toward that catastrophic rubicon. The remaining window of time in which to reverse this suicidal trend is vanishing fast. If we don’t act with the utmost urgency NOW, then we’re done for. We’re dead.

Mike James sues German Jews for incitement to bear false witness

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Written by Michael James
Sunday, 15 June 2008

Please find below an invoice I sent to the B’nai Brith-related Central Council of Jews in Germany, a lobby group renowned for their vitriolic attacks on Christianity, which has, together with the efforts of the Marxist Frankfurt School of Social Sciences, turned almost all Europeans into Christ-hating atheists. Problem is, these Zionist non-Hebraic Jews and their feminist, Freemasonic and socialist allies among the deluded and highly remunerated Goyim elites decided to pick a fight with the wrong guy. Me.

They’re counting on an easy prosecution. They have no idea what’s coming to them, because if they [expletive deleted] with me they’re about to enter a whole new world of pain. I like Jews, because at school I always used to beat them at chess. I like Jews who are sincere in their beliefs and don’t consider themselves to be part of the Talmudic Master Race. But I very much resent those who waste my time with trivial complaints, insult my saviour Jesus Christ (who is God Almighty), burn Bibles in the streets, or force me to make statements that would make a liar out of me. I do not, never have and never will bear false witness against my fellow man.

I am a freeborn Englishman, uniquely created in the image of God. No man or woman on the face of this planet has the authority or the power to tell an Englishman what he must or must not think. My father told me: “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you read.” My Grammar School teachers, who were amongst the best educated post-graduate Oxford and Cambridge professors in the world, taught me the values of scepticism, critical thinking and empirical enquiry. These men meant a lot to me, and a damned-sight more than any two-bit Marxist-addled Zionist living on government hand-outs with a grudge against my own people.

If what the Zionist Jews say is true, then I feel awfully sorry for them, and I would also expect they would consider with some remorse the 27 million Christians allegedly murdered in the Marxist Soviet Union, the 60 million Christians who needlessly died during the Second World War, and the one million Iraqis who were murdered so that their oil could be piped direct to the Israeli port of Haifa. However, I myself have no way of knowing what really happened because I was not there. I trust my honourable old teachers in maintaining a very sceptical line of enquiry in everything I hear, read and see.

No policeman would ever ask someone born in 1959 to stand in the dock before a judge and swear on the Bible that he had witnessed a crime that allegedly took place twenty years before he was born. Such a policemen would soon find himself charged with corruption and the witness would be incarcerated for perjury.

The charge of “holocaust denial” is an outrageous attack upon my right not to bear false witness, measuring in equal value to the charge of “holocaust affirmation”. Both denial and affirmation of a past event not experienced at first hand is a form of self- deception; and where the self-deception includes the religiously enforced belief that a murder took place (and that the believer accepts this in his heart and professes it with his mouth) then God Almighty will call him to account, for he was sternly advised: THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS.

I shall not break this Commandment in order to appease some tin pot little European bureaucrat with a fixation on “history”. Her opinions are not my opinions. My country is not her country. My education is not her education. Her religion is not my religion. Just as the history of the fish in the sea is not the history of the bird in the sky, her history is not my history.

I am extremely angry by the way I was recently treated by these servants of the Zionist European Soviet Socialist Union. I will not stand for it and I want much more than a simple apology. I not only intend to sue by means of issuing a punitive invoice that fairly covers the costs incurred by this heinous attack on my person, I also demand and expect the swift abolition of the European Union, which is illegal by virtue of the invalid Treaty of Rome. The two are connected, as you will learn in my postscript.

Furthermore, I wish to hear no more about Asian Ashkenazi “Jews” being Hebrews, for as all DNA scientists have proved time and again, the Palestinian people are the direct descendants of the Children of Israel. Let’s hear no more about this “Diaspora”bullshit. Farmers and sheepherders stay close to the land and don’t abandon their livelihoods simply because an occupying power demolished one of their favourite temples.
I only ask that my editor formats the invoice as rendered in the Word Document I have already sent to the Ashkenazi non-Hebraic Zionist Israel lobby by post, or include it as an inline attachment.

I expect every single euro to be paid to the Rachel Corrie fund, as stipulated in my invoice as the penance I demand of my blasphemous accusers. If they don’t pay, I shall run them right through every single court in the land.

I shall simply no longer tolerate their insolence, impudence and mischief. Nor shall I any longer allow them to attack those who love Jesus Christ and live by the word of God. This is Europe, the land of the chosen, not the Idumeans, and it belongs to Jesus Christ. It may seem to millions that the Master has vacated the house and allowed the children to run riot. But his return is imminent, and my warning is not a threat to Zionist Jews and their Freemasonic and communist fellow travellers, but a compassionate enjoinder to them to listen to the Truth and change their hearts before it’s too late.

For English readers

The Bundesrepublikdeutschland (Federal Republic of Germany), having never signed a peace treaty (Friedensvertrag) with any of the four occupying powers or the United Nations since 1945 is still deemed to be at a “state of war” with the Besatzungsmächte (the war criminals who rewrote the history books). Three million Germans were systematically murdered by the occupying power between 1945 and 1948. The figure may be as high as four million.

The Federal Republic (BRD) is not a democracy. Most Germans call it a “Scheindemokratie” (illusory democracy). We do not have a constitution, but something called the “Grundgesetz” (Basic Law). This Basic Law was “sold” as a temporary constitution until German reunification. It was written by American, British, German and Jewish legal “experts”. We are still waiting for a real “Verfassung (constitution),” but don’t hold your breath.. The folks who have denied the German people a real constitution and a legal republic once believed that all Germans were genetically evil and should be castrated at birth, just like good old Mr (Moshe) Morgenthau advised Roosevelt, Truman and Winston “Dresden Holocaust” Churchill.

Germany is not the BRD, and the BRD is not Germany. The BRD is a reparations agency, not a state. Most German citizens HATE the illegal BRD, the unlawful European Union (and the euro) and yearn for the return of the old German Reich, founded by Bismarck in 1871. The return of the old dispensation is inevitable, because the BRD is bankrupt to the tune of 1.7 trillion euros. It cannot survive, and guess who’s raking in those fat interest payments before all hell breaks loose? Eskimo fisherman? Get outta here!

The European Union is also illegal. Forget a referendum. You don’t need one. The signature of the BRD on the founding Treaty of Rome was null and void because the BRD was not, and still isn’t, recognised as a legal nation state. All constitutional lawyers know this — and are TERRIFIED lest you discover the truth.

I am extremely angry with the Central Council of Jews for wasting valuable police time over trivial and imagined offences when young girls are being abducted and murdered daily all across this once beautiful country that formerly enjoyed peace, prosperity, stability, law and order.

I expect and DEMAND that the Central Council of Jews in Germany pay the full sum stipulated in my invoice to the Rachel Corrie fund. If they don’t, they will hear from some of the best lawyers a poor but righteously vindictive Englishman with a love of justice can always find for free.

I also intend to bring legal proceedings against the Zionist British and American occupying powers for the destruction of 200,000 innocent civilians in Dresden (mostly women and children who were burned to death in the firestorm — a “holocaust” according to the Jewish Dictionary) and the brutal genocide of 3,000,000 impoverished German civilians at the end of a war that was connived at by greedy banking interests. According to ‘After the Reich: A Brutal History of the Allied Occupation’ by Giles MacDonogh, an establishment British historian, the German holocaust was unprecedented in the scale of its inhumanity. It is something about which nothing is ever said in German schools or the media.

Almost 3,500,000 German citizens were sadistically murdered by the forces of Zionism. Let’s start talking about reparations for the German people, and let’s start talking soon. It’s time to phone the banks in Tel Aviv.

Satan has just played his last card. The fight back against Zionist tyranny and the illegal European Union begins right now.

Get off your asses and hit the streets.

Attachment Attendant to Invoice MJ-100608-397

“It remains the case that the German Reich survived the collapse of 1945 and did not cease to exist, neither through capitulation nor the exercise of foreign power in Germany on the part of the allies; it possesses today, as it always has, legal and judicial sovereignty. The BRD is not the legal successor of the German Reich.” – Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court), 31 July 1973 (Urteile 2 Bvl.6/56; 2 BvF 1/73; 2 BvR 373/83; BVGE 2,266 (277); 3, 288 (319ff; 5.85) 126; 6, 309, 336 und 363)

Source: Michael James

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Ireland referendum gives NWO the finger!

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Congratulations to Ireland on telling the EU’s Marxist bureaucrats where to get off.

Owing to the entirely Undemoctratic way the EU is run, the Irish were the only nation given a referendum on the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty into law. The other 26 countries were given no say, for it was feared by the powers that be that several of them would reject it. Under EU law, ALL countries must consent or the Treaty is thrown out – one single veto kills it. The Irish people were given a say only because it was expected that they would – as heavily pro-Europe – overwhelmingly vote YES.

But they haven’t! Thankfully, they weren’t conned by the lies of their leaders. So what will the One-Worlders in Brussels do now? The rules are clear that the Treaty must be thrown out, but don’t bet on it. The next 6 months will be a most revealing test of the true nature of Europe and exactly how democratic it really is. Phaedrus suspects the Jews and their cronies will figure out some way around this crippling result and that the Will of the Few will prevail over the Will of the many.

So now we shall see how the NWO reacts to this vote. My guess is that they’ll seek to play its effect down and push ahead for the Treaty to be passed on January 1st next year regardless of the wishes of Europe’s citizens. Then their true totalitarian agenda will be exposed for even the simplest-minded observer to see.

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Blokes to Watch Out For

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June 10, 2008

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation’.

-Jean Monnet (Founding Father Of The EU)

On Thursday the citizens of Ireland have an opportunity to tell the Fascists at the EU where to stick it: The Libson Treaty is up for a vote!

Due to the way it’s Constitution is set up, Ireland is the only country whose people get to vote on whether they want to be a part of the European Union. The rest of Europe was betrayed by it’s so-called “representatives,” who voted “yes” when the people clamored “no.” It sort of reminds me of the Democratic party taking impeachment “off the table:” Useless buggers, the whole lot.

The Irish are notoriously stubborn and contrary, so let’s hope they deal the fatal blow to the “union” prototyped by Hitler himself, the same style of governmental body later adopted by the Communist Politoburo in the USSR.

These planned “unions” are not your mother’s unions as they do nothing to help the ordinary worker. Rather, they represent “Superstates,” regional powers whose laws and regulations supercede those of it’s member countries. Frankly, the Superstate as conceived by the Powers that Be was an awful idea from the gitgo, as it is designed to wipe out national sovereignty in favor of unelected elites and is thus a precursor to the so-called “New World Order” . . . Which wouldn’t be so bad if We the People actually wanted a New World Order and had a hand in it’s construction, including the REAL (not contrived) choice of representatives. Inconveniently, We the People in General (worldwide) don’t want to give up our national sovereignty; hence the kind of Straussian statements you see at the top of this post.

(It’s really personal sovereignty the People are clinging to, but we’ll take what we can get. So who in the hell do these people pushing the Superstates think they are, anyway?)

The New World Order COULD be a wonderful thing if it were developed by the rank and file. For instance, I think a One World Currency, based on commodities such as metals, would solve a LOT of problems and be good for everyone, rich and poor, because commodity based currencies are relatively stable. However, I also think the use of particular currencies should be as voluntary as any other commercial vehicle. Straussian authoritarianism is for the birds, and fiat currencies eventually become worthless, so let the People decide what has value and what is dross.

Ireland has what may be its last opportunity to claim its sovereignty. They fought England all these years only to roll over and die for the EU? I sincerely hope not! I hope Ireland sees through all the EU marketing lies and drives a stake through the Libson Treaty once and for all. Let’s watch!

The End Of The Nation States Of Europe

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by Philip Jones in Copenhagen – June 3, 2008

‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation’.

Jean Monnet (Founding Father Of The EU).

On June 12th 2008, the fate of nearly 500 million people will be decided by a country whose population totals only 4.2 million. The people of the Republic Of Ireland will be the only `citizens` of the European Union given the opportunity to have their say on what is potentially the most fundamental piece of legislation in the history of the `Old Continent`. All the other member states have simply ignored the wishes of their people and left ratification to be `rubber stamped` by their respective parliaments. However, it is necessary for all twenty seven member states to complete ratification before the `Treaty` becomes legally binding.

So, if the Irish vote is `NO` then the treaty will not be able to be implemented, at least for the present. But, if the Irish people swallow the massive `Pro Treaty` propaganda and vote `Yes`, then the fate of, and inevitable demise of the Nation States of Europe will be sealed. There will be no more serious obstacles left to Federalisation. The long dreamed of (by the Federalists that is) United States Of Europe will become a reality.

Many, if not the majority of people on both sides of the Atlantic have been `duped` for decades into believing that the EEC/EU is about a `free trade` zone. This is not at all the case, as the above quote by Monsieur Monet illustrates very clearly. So what are the ramifications of a `Yes` vote by the Irish.

The European Union was founded on lies and deceit at the very highest levels of government. This trail of deception has continued since, and on Thursday 13th December 2007 stopped momentarily in Lisbon Portugal, where the `dignitaries` of the member states of this `trading bloc` signed the `EU Reform Treaty`.

This `Treaty` replaces the EU Constitution rejected in 2005 by both France and the Netherlands. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and the former French President `Giscard D`Estaing are among many European ministers who have confirmed that the `Treaty` is but the Constitution by another name. The only differentials being the dropping from the new document those articles relating to the EU Flag, Anthem and Motto. Yet only two days prior to the `Historic event` in Lisbon, sixteen member states `broke cover` and called for an amendment to the `Treaty `and the reinstatement of these three articles, thereby transforming the `Treaty` into the original Constitution. They also want to impose the `single currency` on all those member states still retaining their `indigenous` currencies and are suggesting that a `Europe Day` become a holiday for celebration.

The leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party `Nigel Farage` said, “The full treachery being imposed is at last fully out in the open. The pathetic attempts claiming this wasn’t the Constitution are now blown out of the water. Back comes the flag, the anthem and the motto. It means that what was 96% of the original constitution is now 100%. Let’s not hear anymore of the `Reform Treaty`. This is the rejected EU Constitution brought back in all it’s pomp’.

The Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has decided against any referendum on the Treaty, leaving it’s ratification to Danish MPs. He told reporters that the `Treaty` was ‘Good For Denmark’. Denmark had planned to hold a referendum on the Constitution back in 2005, but following the `NO` votes in France and Holland, the vote was dropped. The Danish Justice Ministry have concluded that the `Treaty` does not threaten Danish Sovereignty. Mr Rasmussen is quoted as saying “When sovereignty is relinquished, a referendum is needed, but when no sovereignty is relinquished, Parliament will ratify the text’. He also confirmed plans to hold another referendum on the `Single Currency` (EURO) and whether to end the `opt outs` agreed at Maastricht relating to defence, justice and home affairs.

So, no threat to sovereignty ? Well let’s consider the implications; If a Sovereign Nation State no longer controls it’s own Economy, Defence, Justice System and Home Affairs, can it truly be called a `Sovereign Nation State` any longer ? The answer is quite simply NO.

The Political and Financial Elite of Europe have been working towards this moment since the end of World War Two. In every member state, the personalities might differ, but the rhetoric is always the same; `No Loss Of Sovereignty, good for the people, good for the economy and so on`.

Alright’ let us take a look at what this `Treaty` is really about. What is the difference between this document and the original Constitution ? German Lawyer, Klaus Heeger, a researcher and legal advisor to the Independent Democratic group in the EU Parliament has drawn the following conclusions regarding the two documents:

According to his analysis, the Constitution granted the EU 105 new `competences`. The `Treaty` also grants 105 new areas of competence. Out goes the EU symbols (Flag, Anthem, Motto) in comes Climate Change. The remaining 104 areas remain the same.

Decision making by qualified majority replaces `unanimity` in 62 new areas in the Reform Treaty. One more than in the Constitution. Out goes `Intellectual property rights`, in comes energy and climate change. The other 60 stay the same.

His conclusion; The EU Constitution by another name.

This sixth and final `Treaty` is the `death knell` for the sovereignty of the member states of the EU. Do not be mistaken about this, and no matter what your `elected` leaders are telling you to the contrary, this is it. This is the culmination of years of plotting, deception and conspiring against the people of Europe. So what’s the big deal many will ask ? Read on and find out.

This `Treaty` is the EU’s most secret and quickest drafted document yet. Opposition to and recognition that the EU is a Police State in the making is growing and they (the conspirators) know that speed is vital. Tony Blair agreed to it in June 2007 as his final `Stab in Britains Back`. Foreign Ministers agreed it’s terms in September 2007 and on 13th December two months later, the representatives of each member state signed the document, and now, all that remains is ratification, and the deed will be done.

So, if the result of the Irish vote is a `Yes`and all other member states do as indicated, ratify this treasonous piece of infamy, how will our lives be affected ?

Our National Parliaments will become redundant as all power that still remains will transfer to Brussels. It will mean the formal end of those Historic Nations of Europe who are member states of the EU. National Embassies around the world will come under the auspicies of EU beauracrats. The ancient counties and provinces will be merged and combined into `EU Administrative Regions`. (The recent amalgamations of Kommunes in Denmark is a premptive example of this, along with the `devolved` parliaments of Scotland and Wales, to be soon joined by the eradication of `England` and the setting up of similar regional assemblies there).

The EU will take ownership of Police, Military, Nuclear Weapons, Currency Reserves and North Sea Oil as outlined in the Treaty document. Serving members of our Police and Armed Forces will be required to take an oath of loyalty to the EU. Refusal will result in dismissal. The EU will have complete control of all military matters, equipment and facililties.

Political parties will be abolished, phased out or realigned. Only Pan European parties will be allowed. Independence parties will effectively be outlawed as under the 1999 ruling of the European Court Of Justice (case 274/99), it is illegal to criticize the EU. (Even before the Irish Vote, News from Brussels indicates that plans are afoot already to eliminate any `Eurosceptic groups within the EU Parliament). The EU will have the legal right to close National Parliaments and Assemblies.

Many people will be made unemployed as the EU rule of `retraining` at a citizens own expense becomes universal (including the purchase of a Certificate confirming said retraining). Hundreds of thousands of small businesses will be forced to close due to the enforcement of endless numbers of impracticable and unworkable EU regulations.

Around 107,000 EU laws will criminalise many, as adherence to this amount of legislation is impossible. We will be subject to frequent fines and even arrest as a result of what will be our inevitable ignorance. Take the following as examples: From January 2006, it became illegal to repair your own domestic plumbing, electricals or even your own car. If you buy a boat over six feet long, built after 1999, you will be required to pay the equivalent in Euros of £4000, or face six months in prison. As the EU `Police State` flexes it’s muscles ever more, each of us will live under the fear and threat of arrest or prosecution for any one of a myriad of offences, even minor ones.

The Large Corporations will do well of course, utilising massive immigration from within and without the EU, paying minimum wages to immigrants at the expense of the indigenous population, thus forcing salaries downwards. Futhermore, these Corporations will have a near Monopoly on employment (along with Government), and will be able to dictate conditions and terms of employment withour fear of contradiction.

Top Government Jobs and the inevitable corruption which will accomapany this monopoly, will create a new `Class Divide` ensuring the rich and their `fellow travellers` get richer, whilst the majority decline into poverty. Taxes will increase in order to pay for the massive growth in beaurocracy.

There will be no `redress of grievance` through local `democratic` channels because there won’t be any local democracy. Or any democracy at all for that matter. The `EU Administrative Regional Governments` will be unelected (See the EU Regionalisation plan on the EU Website). Our only vote will be to the powerless EU Parliament. We will be ruled by the unelected EU Commisioners, who have no `accountability to the people` at any level.

If we demonstrate or protest, we can be seized and relocated to another EU Region. The EU Arrest Warrant and the various legislation introduced across the EU since 9/11 will give the Authorities absolute power over us. The shootings of innocents `Philip Prout` and `Jean de Menezes` were entirely legal under EU Law. The intimidation and growing `Anti Muslim` vitriol across the EU is becoming reminiscent of the treatment of Jews in pre war Germany. A Federal European State will become a very unpleasant place to be.

Following Federation, in and around 15 years hence, Europe could collapse under the weight of it’s own Beaurocracy and Corruption. There will be so little production, that no amount of taxation will be able to support the vast, inept, corrupt and wasteful government machinery. Many will be reduced to poverty on the brink of starvation. The complete lack of any `checks and balances` will leave the door open for any would be dictatorship.

The EU as monstrous as it is, is nothing more than a `stepping stone` to `World Government`. Before you dismiss this article as `Scare Mongering` or `Conspiracy Theory`, find out how many of your own country’s leading politicians are members of such `Secret Organisations` as the Biderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Club Of Rome, and the Royal Institute For International Affairs.

Each and every one of the above are totally dedicated to a `One World` Government and see a Federal Europe as a necessary evolution towards that goal. Their memberships read like a who’s who of the planet’s `power players`. Danish readers for example, might be very surprised to discover which of their country’s Political and Financial Elites attend the Bilderberger meetings, which has been in the forefront of machinations to further European Federalisation. To find out which of your elected representatives are members of any of the above groups, just type in the organisation’s name on any recognised search engine. Then sit back and prepare to be shocked.

We live in an age where people seem to have abdicated all responsibilty for their own lives to Government. This has been going on since the end of World War Two, but has accelerated markedly since the 1980’s. This `social irresponsibilty` led us to Lisbon on 13th December 2007, where our so called leaders signed away our ancient rights and freedoms in the name of their `great plan`. If we sit back and do nothing, the rest of our lives will become a nightmare of our own making, because in the final analysis, it is we who will have handed over our rights and liberties into the hands of `wolves`.

The future well being of a whole continent lies in the hands of the Irish people. They need our support. They need to know they are not alone. It’s time to start writing to your `elected` representatives, time to find the time to research what this EU thing is really about. Time to switch off the TV and pick up a book about the EU, or check out the many internet sites relating to this `Superstate in the making`. Do something, speak to your friends, neighbours, family. Just do something. Before it is too late, and it almost is.

Philip Jones

Postscript: Anyone who cares about liberty should visit and sign the online petition and also use the email link asking an Irish citizen to vote no on your behalf.
Post by way of: News From the West